8 Characteristics of Successful People

Have you ever looked at Steve Wynn’s profile and wondered what makes him and other entrepreneurs so successful? While there’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, there are a number of characteristics that many successful people share. By learning how successful people think, you can start becoming more successful in your own career, too.

  1. They’re excited about what they’re doing and they think of money after they think of creating. Making a difference starts with action; if you build a quality product or service, money will follow. You can’t expect people to pay for what you offer if you don’t believe in it yourself. Many entrepreneurs don’t even expect to make money at first; instead, they create because they feel they have to.
  1. They leverage social media to create a network of nurturing relationships. When you run a business, there are a number of contacts to make, including customers, suppliers, advertisers, related businesses, stakeholders, etc. Social media can be used to gather, organize, and leverage these contacts. Using the right platforms for the right type of networking is key to making social media work for you.
  1. They create products and services that have value. People who truly love business understand that anything that is sold has to provide value. Sometimes, that value is a necessity, like food and shelter. Other times, that value is something that people don’t necessarily need, but that they still want. Either way, successful entrepreneurs put their customers ahead of the goal of making money.
  1. They don’t try to do it all alone. There’s strength in numbers and a variety of resources can be used when building a business. This includes crowd funding, sharing ideas with social communities, using technology to build networks, and more. Talent has to be found and leveraged in order to build a business. Even connecting with other people to simply trade stories and ideas is a great way to feel less alone when self-employed.
  1. They truly want to make a difference. Successful entrepreneurs don’t just want to sell something that looks good, they want to create something that really makes a difference, too. Positive press and credit is great, but they base their value on how much of a positive impact they make in other people’s lives.
  1. They feel they have something to offer. So much goes into being an entrepreneur, beyond a drive to work and a clever idea. Experience, perspective, and background play a major role in an entrepreneur’s success, too. An entrepreneur’s past is often the jumping off point for offering something of value to others.
  1. They’re constantly learning. Today is a great time to be an entrepreneur because there’s an endless amount of information out there. It’s so easy to gather information, learn more about a craft, and share that knowledge. Entrepreneurs are always learning as much as they can in order to evolve their business and to better serve customers.
  1. They want to leave the world in a different way than they found it. Entrepreneurs love progress and they hope to change how people do things. They feel that there’s nothing more valuable than finding a more productive way to live life. This is why so many entrepreneurs focus on technology or, at least, use technology in their daily life.

Entrepreneurship is constantly expanding and changing. Originally, entrepreneurship focused on simply making money. Today, goals are so much more unique, defined, and personalized than before. While many of the methods may be the same, the goals of entrepreneurship are vastly different than they used to be.

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