About Modest Money

Do you want to learn how to make your money grow?

This isn’t magic – it’s investing.

Let’s face it, you and I both know that what separates people who are financially successful from those who aren’t isn’t luck…


It’s knowing how to invest well.

Whether you already invest or you’re thinking about it, at Modest Money you’re going to learn the most time-tested and no BS strategies.

Who’s Behind Modest Money?


Bob Haegele

Bob Haegele

Bob Haegele is in charge of content at Modest Money. He has a bachelor’s degree in information from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His degree put him in a somewhat unusual place at the time as it was a part of the business school. That had him studying finance, economics, and accounting.

For the first several years of his career, he worked various IT jobs in the healthcare sector. He used that time to save up money and aggressively pay off his student loans, allowing him to be debt-free before the age of 30. All this despite the high cost of attending a private university and having received minimal financial aid.

In early 2019, he left the world of IT to pursue a career of his own. Now, he helps run Modest Money and has written for major finance websites such as Bankrate, Insurance.com, and GoBankingRates. He also loves to travel and pet sits (just for fun!).

Connect with him on LinkedIn and view his portfolio on Muckrack.

Jeremy Biberdorf

Jeremy is the original blogger behind Modest Money.

He’s decided to step back from blogging and focus on managing the site.

With his interests in investing he hasn’t ruled out jumping back into writing eventually.