The Advantages of Car Finance

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Buying a new car is exciting, that’s for sure. Paying for that excitement can be confusing however, with so many car finance options available.

If you’re lucky enough to have the cash, you might think that a cash purchase would be the best option, but actually, there are several significant advantages to taking out car finance.

Future Savings

Using car financing services means that you can buy a better car than you would otherwise get. Clearly this leads to a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling, but it’s not just the emotional satisfaction which matters.

Buying a cheaper car can be a false economy, especially if you’re buying used. By the time you’ve spent money on repairs down the line, you may well have spent more than you’ll end up paying with car finance. Buying a more expensive car may also mean that you’re buying into future fuel efficiency, which again, will save you money in the long term.

Investing in a decent car can also be an investment in your own future. If you’re looking to improve your career for instance, you’ll be better equipped to travel or to apply for jobs over a wider geographical area.

Better Budgeting

Car finance is typically easy to apply for and a reputable agreement will spell out exactly what is expected of you. You will often know exactly how much you’ll be paying, every single month, which makes it much easier to budget your future expenses. This will also help you negotiate a finance deal on your terms, a clear head when going into any meeting will help you get a deal that you know yourself can afford.

Good for Your Credit History

Car finance is often available even if you have poor credit. However, if you’re trying to fix a less than stellar credit history, or if you’re just starting out with credit, having a successful car finance agreement on your credit record is a very good thing.

Added Value

Car finance deals often come with perks. These days, these type of loans can give you anything from a free tank of fuel to a year’s servicing or free road tax. The perks in themselves are not a reason to take out the deal, but they’re certainly not to be sneezed at either.

Of course, we all like to have cash in the bank too, so even if you have the cash to purchase outright, a good car finance deal can be a sensible option, leaving you with the cash for emergencies or other major purchases.

Know the process well

Have a look online and research up to date car finance deals (payment schemes, insurance policies, interest rates, etc.) and what the process will be when you get round to applying. This will make the process as smooth as possible and put to bed any fears or hesitations about hidden costs or add ons. If you are opting to finance your car through a dealer, shop around and again compare prices dealership to dealership for the car and money you are willing to spend. Also make sure that the lender is registered to the authorized body.

So whatever type of finance you’re considering, whether it’s leasing, hire purchase, a personal loan or a personal contract purchase, don’t rule it out until you’ve thought about the advantages.

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