Are We Entering Into The Age Of Tablet Money Management?

Managing finances has been a concern consumers have had since the days beer was a form of currency. Although, money doesn’t buy happiness, it sure does help us to eat! Anyway, we’ve gone from trying to budget in our heads to budgeting with pen and paper, to budgeting through spreadsheets and other new age computer software. Now, it seems that there is a new, easier way to manage your finances that is really taking hold.

As I read around the personal finance blogosphere, I see more and more people talking about managing their finances on their tablets. Even Google Play has an entire store based around money management apps. With so much going on around this topic, being a financial writer, I decided to dig deeper into the concept and see what all the fuss is about.

Believe it or not, I didn’t have a tablet. I love my computer, and I’ve used tablets in the past that just didn’t jive with me. But, I had a buddy of mine had a Nexus 7 tablet that he let me use to manage money on a hypothetical basis. First off, like I said, I’ve used tablets before and, I wasn’t impressed, but that wasn’t the Nexus. That thing was pretty neat…I might even get my own soon. Anyway, we sat for about an hour checking out the different apps available.

After looking at the amount of available apps for money management, I was flabbergasted! There was no way we would get through all of the apps in an hour, let alone a year. So, we did the next best thing, we looked at as many apps as we could that had completely different qualities. Here’s what I found as we played around…

The first app we downloaded was Daily Expense Manager. It was a very simple app to use. The daily expense manager tracked your expenses of course, and it tracked your income! It also gives reminders for you to make your regular purchases. This incredibly light weight app was a gem as far as I’m concerned.

I was very happy with the Daily Expense Manager. So, I was naturally excited to see what else I could find. The next app we came across was Check – Bill & Money. I though the incredibly poor choice of name was going to be a prelude to a poor application, but I clicked on it anyway. Shockingly enough, I found out that CNN called it the Cadillac of money management apps. After reading that, I was pretty excited to download the app. This app reminds you when your bills are due. When you’re reminded you have the option to pay on the spot with no fee directly through your app! My buddy ended up keeping this one.

As we surfed through tons of other apps, I was hard pressed to find something that really grabbed my interest that is, until I came across the Make Money Fast: Easy Cash Bank app. This is a neat, light weight app that pays you to watch videos or play video games. I don’t mean pay you with gold coins on the screen, you actually get money sent to you through PayPal! So, not only can you manage your money with a tablet, you can make money too….it keeps getting better!

I’m a stickler for budgets, and that’s exactly what I looked for next. I went on the hunt for a budget app that would help to control a household budget. I quickly found the app, Monthly Budget. This was another that tracked income and expenses. What I really liked about this one was the analytics that it came with. It was very easy to look at a colorful graph and see where the budget could be improved.

Overall, I was pretty surprised with the entire process. The apps were designed to be easy to use, and basically do everything you need for you. I’m still pretty surprised about the make money on your tablet app. That was really neat. Personally, I don’t think I would give up my computer for a tablet, but I’ll definitely get one soon to use side by side. Thanks for reading everyone!

Reader Question

Do you use a tablet to manage your finances? If you could only use one machine to manage your money, which would it be, a tablet or a computer?

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