All You Need to Know About Your Business Phone Lines

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It’s virtually impossible to consider any business, however large or small, being able to operate without an effective and efficient telecommunications system, and whatever the size of your business, the benefits of having such a system are immeasurable.

Firstly, when it comes to running a business, you need to know that you can stay in constant contact with your customers, clients, suppliers and partners – not to mention your staff and any contractors you might employ. Without effective and reliable business telecoms this is simply unthinkable – and the system works both ways. Without said telecoms, how can those people, groups or individuals possible contact you?

Now that we’ve dealt with the benefits of having a system of some description, it’s time to consider why such a system needs to be designed with a business in mind.

Additional Lines

For a customer, there’s nothing more irritating than trying to contact a business you need to speak to only to find an engaged tone. At least with an automated answering service, the customer knows that they have some chance of being able to speak to the business in question, whilst an engaged tone simply means that they have to hang up and try again. The benefit for both you and your customers with a business line is that you can have more than one line on the same telephone number – enabling you to answer and keep up to ten callers at a time.


Although some at home telephones might have an answering machine and even a mute button, many don’t have the features which would add to your professionalism. Normally business telephones will come with functions such as hold and call transfer. Taking advantage of modern communications such as Skype could really revolutionize the way you meet with clients and customers.

Increase Your Professionalism

The key with both of the above benefits is that they add to the professionalism that you and your business are able to demonstrate, and that’s why so many businesses, both large and small, choose business telephone systems as a key way to manage their telecoms. Or better yet they sign up for their own 800 business number.

Additional Support

A further benefit is the support which can be given in the event of something going wrong. At one point or another, we’ve all had a phone line break down. As a home owner it’s frustrating enough however, as a business owner it could cost you money. Using a business telephone though means having customer support as and when things go wrong – with the aim of getting you back online as soon as possible.

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