Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Jan 03. 2024

American Bullion Review 2024

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
Jan 03. 2024


Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
Disclosure: This page may contain affiliate links. This means we earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you) if you purchase a product through our links.
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In a Nutshell: In the ever-evolving landscape of personal investment and retirement planning, American Bullion stands out as a beacon for those seeking stability and growth through precious metals. Since its inception, American Bullion has carved a niche in the precious metals IRA market, consistently delivering reliable and comprehensive services to investors across the nation.

Whether it’s diversifying investment portfolios or safeguarding retirement funds against market volatility, American Bullion has proven itself as a dependable partner for investors.

This detailed review of American Bullion will delve into the intricate offerings of the company, including its pros and cons, the process of working with them, and the unique benefits they offer to their clients. If you’re contemplating diversifying your investment portfolio with precious metals or looking to roll over your existing retirement account into a gold IRA, this review will provide you with essential insights to make an informed decision.

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Pros & Cons
  • A dedicated team of Gold IRA experts offering personalized guidance.
  • Known for its prompt and knowledgeable customer service.
  • A wide range of products, including American and European coins.
  • Competitive pricing and quick payments for members.
  • A solid track record with high ratings and positive customer reviews.
  • Offers educational resources to help investors make informed decisions.
  • No administrative costs for the first year for new customers.
  • Storage options include home delivery and secure depository facilities.
  • Relatively longer delivery times for physical gold.
  • High minimum investment threshold of $50,000.
  • Limited variety in precious metals other than gold and silver.
  • A fee structure that may be slightly higher compared to competitors.

What is American Bullion? website

American Bullion is a renowned dealer in the precious metals industry, specializing in Gold IRAs and the rollover of existing retirement accounts into gold or silver IRAs. Established with a vision to guide investors through the process of safeguarding their retirement savings against market fluctuations, American Bullion has emerged as a leader in the industry. The company offers a range of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, in various forms like coins and bars.

The cornerstone of American Bullion’s service is its Gold IRA, which allows investors to hold physical gold in a tax-advantaged retirement account. Recognizing the importance of diversification in investment portfolios, American Bullion provides investors with an opportunity to balance their holdings and potentially increase their returns by investing in precious metals.

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Company Overview

Founded in 2009 by experienced commodity traders Nevtan Akcora and Orkan Ozkan, American Bullion quickly established itself as a pioneer in the Gold IRA sector. The company’s mission is to offer exceptional service and reliable investment options in precious metals to both new and seasoned investors. American Bullion’s partnership with reputable custodians like STRATA and Delaware Depository ensures the secure storage and insurance of clients’ investments.

American Bullion prides itself on its seasoned team, led by CEO Nevtan Akcora and Director of Marketing Erman Ebren, who bring a wealth of experience to the table. The company has been recognized for its outstanding services with various awards and high ratings on customer review platforms, further solidifying its reputation in the precious metals market.

How American Bullion Works

Account Setup and Rollover Process

Setting up a Gold IRA with American Bullion involves a streamlined process, ensuring a hassle-free experience for investors. The first step is a consultation with one of their knowledgeable staff members, who will guide you through the various investment options and the rollover process.

This includes completing necessary paperwork and coordinating with your current IRA custodian to transfer funds to your new Gold IRA.

Selection of Precious Metals

Once your account is set up, you can choose from a variety of precious metals products. American Bullion offers a range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, all of which comply with the IRS standards for IRA-approved precious metals. Their experts are available to assist in selecting the right products that align with your investment goals and strategy.

Storage and Insurance

After purchasing your precious metals, American Bullion coordinates with trusted depositories for secure storage of your assets. Clients have the option to store their metals with STRATA or Delaware Depository, both of which provide high-security storage facilities and comprehensive insurance coverage for your investment.

Account Management

American Bullion offers ongoing account management and support. This includes regular market insights, portfolio reviews, and assistance with any additional purchases or sales of precious metals within your IRA. Their commitment to exceptional service ensures that clients have a seamless and satisfying investment experience.

American Bullion Features

Diverse Range of Precious Metals

American Bullion offers a wide selection of precious metals products, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These are available in various forms like coins and bars, catering to different investment preferences and budgets. The company ensures that all its products meet the purity standards set by the IRS for IRA eligibility.

Educational Resources

Understanding the importance of informed investment decisions, American Bullion provides a wealth of educational materials. These resources include investment guides, market analysis, and insights into the precious metals industry, empowering clients to make well-informed decisions about their retirement investments.

Exceptional Customer Service

One of the key features of American Bullion is its dedicated customer service. The company’s staff is known for their expertise and willingness to assist clients in every step of their investment journey. Whether it’s setting up a new IRA, rolling over an existing account, or making additional investments, the team at American Bullion is always ready to provide support and guidance.

Benefits of American Bullion

  • Portfolio Diversification: By investing in precious metals through American Bullion, investors can diversify their retirement portfolios, potentially reducing risk and increasing the stability of their investments.
  • Hedge Against Inflation: Precious metals, particularly gold, have historically been a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation, offering protection during economic downturns and market volatility.
  • Tax Advantages: American Bullion specializes in precious metals IRAs, which offer tax advantages such as tax-deferred or tax-free growth, depending on the type of IRA.
  • Access to Rare and Valuable Coins: The company provides access to a variety of gold and silver coins, including rare and collectible options, which can be a valuable addition to any investment portfolio.
  • High-Quality Customer Service: American Bullion’s commitment to exceptional customer service ensures personalized attention and support for each client’s individual needs and financial goals.
  • Secure Storage Options: With options for secure storage facilities, including home storage and depositories like STRATA and Delaware Depository, investors can be confident in the safety and security of their physical assets.
  • Easy Rollover Process: The company streamlines the process of rolling over existing retirement accounts into precious metals IRAs, making it easy for investors to transition their investments.

Who is American Bullion Best For?

  • Retirement Savers Seeking Diversification: Investors looking to diversify their retirement portfolios with precious metals.
  • Investors Looking for a Hedge Against Inflation: Individuals seeking protection against inflation and economic instability through gold and silver investments.
  • Experienced Precious Metals Investors: Those with prior experience in precious metals investing seeking a reliable and knowledgeable partner.
  • New Investors in Precious Metals: Beginners in precious metals investing who can benefit from the company’s educational resources and customer support.
  • Investors with Larger Budgets: Individuals able to meet the $50,000 minimum investment requirement and looking for a significant addition to their retirement funds.

Final Thoughts

American Bullion emerges as a strong contender in the precious metals IRA industry, offering a comprehensive range of services and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Their focus on educating clients, coupled with exceptional service and a variety of investment options, makes them a solid choice for anyone looking to diversify their retirement portfolio with precious metals.

The high minimum investment requirement may be a barrier for some, but for those who can meet it, American Bullion provides a dependable and enriching investment experience.

If you’re considering a precious metals IRA, American Bullion’s blend of expertise, variety, and client-focused approach could be the perfect match for your financial goals. Click here to explore the opportunities with American Bullion and take the first step towards diversifying your retirement investments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, American Bullion specializes in the rollover of traditional, Roth, and self-directed IRAs into Gold IRAs, with a straightforward and guided process.

American Bullion offers a range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars, all meeting the purity standards set by the IRS for IRA investments.

Yes, American Bullion requires a minimum investment of $50,000 for new customers.

You have the option to store your precious metals in secure depositories like STRATA and Delaware Depository, or choose home storage for personal control over your assets.

Yes, the company provides a wealth of educational materials, including investment guides and market analysis, to help investors make informed decisions.

American Bullion charges an annual fee for account maintenance and storage, with first-time customers enjoying a fee waiver for the first year.

Yes, American Bullion also offers silver, platinum, and palladium options for inclusion in your IRA.

The company partners with trusted depository services for secure storage, and all precious metals are insured for added security.

American Bullion offers a buyback commitment, allowing clients to sell their metals back to the company with no additional liquidation fees.

To begin investing with American Bullion, simply call their team of experts or visit their website to learn more about their services and start the IRA rollover process.

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