Are JM Bullion Prices Worth It?

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September 25, 2023September 25, 2023

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JM Bullion is an online precious metal products retailer based in Texas. They deal in physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. Since 2011, they’ve provided individuals with the ability to buy and sell precious metals directly.

JM Bullion offers gold and silver bars, rounds, and coins at competitive prices. Their selection includes products from major mints like the U.S. Mint and Royal Canadian Mint. They frequently run special deals and promotions with reduced premiums over the spot price of metals.

JM Bullion also provides secure storage options for your precious metals. For orders over $3,000, they’ll store your gold and silver in their vaults for up to 6 months free of charge. Here is a JM Bullion review of their prices and offerings.
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How JM Bullion’s Prices Compare to Other Precious Metals Dealers

When it comes to precious metals dealers, JM Bullion’s prices are very competitive. Compared to major competitors like APMEX and Money Metals Exchange, JM Bullion’s prices are often slightly lower on a wide range of popular gold and silver bullion products.

JM Bullion and APMEX offer free shipping on all orders over $199. However, APMEX charges $9.95 for orders under $199, whereas JM Bullion offers free shipping on all orders. JM Bullion only ships within the U.S., so if you need international shipping, APMEX may be better.

When you factor in JM Bullion’s lower product prices, free shipping on all orders, and regular promotions, their prices are very competitive and often hard to beat.

Factors That Make JM Bullion’s Prices Competitive

JM Bullion can offer competitive prices on their precious metals products for several reasons.

Bulk Purchasing Power

As one of the largest precious metals retailers in the U.S., JM Bullion leverages its sizable buying power to get the best deals from suppliers and mints. They can pass on these savings to customers through lower prices.

Low Overhead

JM Bullion operates primarily as an online retailer, keeping their overhead costs low. Without the expenses of physical storefronts and an abundance of sales staff, they can focus most of their resources on acquiring precious metals at the best prices.

Investing In Technology

JM Bullion has invested heavily in e-commerce technology and analytics systems to streamline their operations. Automated systems and data analysis help them predict market movements, manage inventory, and optimize their supply chain.

High Product Demand

The high demand for JM Bullion’s products, especially gold and silver bullion, allows them to buy and sell large volumes. This constant activity and inventory turnover helps JM Bullion offer competitive pricing to meet customer demand.

JM Bullion Ratings and Reviews

JM Bullion has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and 4.5 stars on Trustpilot from over 1,000 reviews. The high ratings are largely due to the company’s excellent customer service. You can contact them via email or phone, and past customers report quick, professional help in resolving any issues.

For the most part, JM Bullion helps customers solve problems promptly. They have also received positive reviews on Sitejabber (4.8 stars), Shoppers Approved (4.8 stars), Gold Dealer Review (4.5 stars), and CreditDonkey (4.4 stars). With overwhelmingly positive reviews, you can buy from JM Bullion confidently, knowing you’ll receive great service and prices.

Other JM Bullion Offerings

In addition to bullion products, JM Bullion offers other useful services for precious metals investors.


JM Bullion provides an educational section on their website, covering topics related to investing in precious metals, understanding market dynamics, and how to start buying and selling bullion. They offer insights into the factors influencing precious metal current spot prices so you can make informed decisions.


They offer precious metals IRAs, including gold IRAs that provide sales tax benefits for retirement. You can fund your IRA-eligible precious metals with gold bars, silver, platinum, or palladium to diversify your retirement portfolio. JM Bullion handles all the IRA-approved metal setup and administration.

Referral program

JM Bullion offers a referral program where you earn $5 for each friend you refer who makes a precious metal purchase. Referrals are an easy way to earn credit with JM Bullion to use on future orders.

Buyback program

JM Bullion will buy back any precious metals products they sell at the current market price. This provides liquidity if you need to sell gold or silver bars, rounds, or bullion coins. Their buyback program ensures you get a fair price for any items you want to sell.

Is JM Bullion Worth It?

So, is JM Bullion worth it? In short, yes. JM Bullion has become a trusted and reputable dealer of precious metals. Their purchase prices are very competitive, often beating other major precious metal dealers. They frequently run sales and promotions offering the lowest prices on gold coins and silver coins and bars.

Investing in precious metals can be risky as current prices fluctuate. However, gold and silver have stood the test of time and historically hold their value during economic uncertainty and inflation. JM Bullion’s selection of gold and silver coins and bars provides options for any investment level.

With competitive pricing, a wide selection, and dedication to customer satisfaction, JM Bullion is a dealer worth considering for precious metal investments. For the casual or serious investor, they offer an easy and affordable way to diversify your portfolio. Click here to start your precious metal trading journey today.
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