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October 27, 2023October 27, 2023

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Real estate crowdfunding has gained immense popularity, with many investors seeking a hands-off approach to delve into property investments. While most platforms emphasize REITs and commercial real estate, Arrived Homes stands out, offering investors a unique opportunity.

Instead of the typical offerings, Arrived Homes focuses on residential properties, allowing you to draw quarterly dividends from these homes. Through an innovative process, Arrived Homes identifies suitable properties, forms an LLC, and invites investments.

As a result, you don’t just invest, but you become a stakeholder in a property, reaping the benefits of rental income without the usual hassles. If you’re seeking a more passive avenue into real estate investments, our Arrived Homes review is tailor-made for you, shedding light on its operations, fees, and viability. To get a broader picture, we also dive into various Arrived Homes reviews and ratings available online, ensuring you make an informed decision.
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What is Arrived Homes

Arrived Homes, founded in 2019 by Ryan Frazier, Kenny Cason, and Alejandro Chouza, represents a fresh approach in the real estate crowdfunding arena. Rather than concentrating on the commercial sector, like many of its counterparts, Arrived Homes has honed in on the residential market.

By allowing individuals to invest in shares of residential rental properties, it paves the way for both accredited and non-accredited investors to participate in the real estate market. The firm’s vision is straightforward: democratize rental home ownership.

By breaking down barriers and offering fractional shares, Arrived Homes ensures that wealth-building through real estate isn’t reserved solely for the affluent. Their portfolio is diverse, including properties bought outright and others acquired via long-term loans.

Through this model, the benefits of real estate investment become available to a wider audience, reinforcing their commitment to simplifying and broadening access to this lucrative sector.

Arrived Homes Reviews and Ratings

Let’s take a look at some of the most telling Arrived Homes reviews and ratings from the Better Business Bureau:

Review from D


Pretty great concept and execution! Highly recommend. I invested so I guess that answers most questions.

Review from Adam Q


I’ve wanted to find an accessible way to invest in real estate and Arrived has helped me do just that! Super simple website to use and I’m already enjoying the dividends!

Review from Eli R


Trustworthy company, looks after their customers, and follows the SEC guidelines to the tee. They allow you to invest in single family rental homes through their website, not to be confused with another website who is trying to sell AirBnB properties.

Review from Mike


The entire Process was very easy and straightforward. Great way to get into real estate.

Review from MARIE B


Arrived Homes has made it really easy to invest in rental properties. The registration was easy and I have already have received my first dividend. Thank you Arrived Homes!

Review from T J


As a new company they are exceeding expectations for customer experience. Website was great, I was able to get one-on-one help quickly when I had a question and I am looking forward to seeing some returns.

How Arrived Homes Works

This is how your investment journey with Arrived homes will typically look:

  • Starting Your Investment Journey: Firstly, you’ll have to set up an account. This process is straightforward, requiring you to sign up on the Arrived Homes platform, which takes approximately five minutes. You’d provide basic information like your email, personal details, and how you intend to fund your investments. The platform has a low entry barrier, with an investment minimum of just $100.
  • Navigating Through Properties: Once logged in, it’s time to explore available properties. Near the “Arrived” logo on their website, there’s an “Invest” option which leads you to their list of properties. This list displays available properties and ones that have already been fully invested in, marked as “Sold Out”.
  • Making Informed Decisions: Every property listing is detailed, giving potential investors a deep insight into the property’s specs. This includes the property’s name, address, size specifications, and the year of construction. Financially, you can view the purchase price, the number of current investors, monthly rent, and more. There’s also transparency on the tenant leasing process, which provides details about rental status, expected first dividend date, and initial dividend yield.
  • Choosing How Much to Invest: Decide how much you wish to invest. The platform clearly states the price per fractional share for every property. Once you meet or exceed the minimum investment, you’re good to go. If you’ve got some funds left or wish to add more, you can invest in multiple properties.
  • Investment & Returns: After selecting your desired properties and deciding the number of shares, the next step is purchasing these shares. Investing in rental properties via Arrived Homes isn’t just about the immediate returns. Such investments are known to stabilize portfolios, acting as a buffer against market volatility. However, remember, this isn’t a short-term game. Arrived Homes usually suggests a holding period of 5-7 years for each property. Once you’re set, you’ll sign the necessary documents, transfer funds from your bank, and then sit back and earn passive income.

Arrived Homes Fees

Arrived Homes allows you to invest in real estate with a starting point of just $100. While this platform offers an affordable entry into property investment, it’s essential to understand the fees involved:

  • Agent Rebates: When Arrived Homes buys a property, they get a rebate from the real estate agent. This fee is paid by the former property owner.
  • Sourcing Fee: This one-time fee ranges from 3.5% to 5%. It covers the costs of finding and preparing properties for investment. Details are provided in each property listing.
  • Property Management Fee: For regular rentals, there’s an 8% fee based on the rental income. Vacation rentals have a higher fee, between 15% and 25%.
  • Annual Asset Management Fee: A yearly fee of 1% is charged for managing the asset. Details are listed under each property’s “Offering Details” section.
  • Other Fees: Occasionally, there might be extra charges from property managers for specific services, like lease renewals or property upkeep.

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Arrived Homes Alternatives

Arrived Homes is a trusted fractional real estate ownership platform, Arrived Homes is even backed by Jeff Bezos, but it isn’t the only show in town. One of the other few, reputable, fractional real estate investing companies open to non-accredited investors is Fundrise.

Check out this Arrived Homes vs Fundrise article for comparison.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Arrived Homes offers a unique and accessible approach to real estate investment, allowing individuals to tap into the property market with minimal capital. By breaking down the barriers to entry and providing a transparent fee structure, they have garnered a solid reputation in the investment community.

If you’re considering diversifying your portfolio, it’s essential to do your due diligence. Checking Arrived Homes reviews and ratings is a great starting point.

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