Asia Forex Mentor Reviews & Ratings: A Highly Regarded Forex Mastery Program

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September 12, 2023September 12, 2023

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Interested in Forex trading? It’s not as simple as depositing money with a broker and hoping for profits. Proper education and training are vital. Enter Asia Forex Mentor, a platform founded by Ezekiel Chew in 2008.

Ezekiel Chew is more than just the founder; he’s a seasoned forex trader who has trained professionals in banks, investment companies, and numerous individual traders. But with many trading courses available today, what makes Asia Forex Mentor stand out? This Asia Forex Mentor review aims to provide clarity on its offerings and help potential traders decide if it aligns with their needs.

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Asia Forex Mentor Reviews & Ratings

Asia Forex Mentor reviews & ratings from users are stellar. It has an incredible 4.9/5 star rating on TrustPilot. Lets see what users like so much:

Jeffer Largosa,

Aug 24, 2023

Best Training Course

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for Mr. Chew’s One Core Program just purchased earlier. His teaching style and the way he delivers the content have made a significant impact on my learning experience.
His dedication to providing high-quality training is evident, and I’m thoroughly impressed with the depth of knowledge he shared. I also wanted to mention that the price of the course is completely justified given the immense value it provides. It’s rare to come across a program that offers both affordability and quality, and I’m grateful to have found such a gem in his One Core Program. Cool? Yeah ;D

Date of experience: August 24, 2023

Sheak Abdul Shukur

Jul 6, 2023

Asia forex Mentor course is really…

Asia forex Mentor course is really good. Before this training, I use to lose more & make little. After learning from Ezekial I am making consistently profitable trades. He also teaches to use MT4 platform, risk-to-reward ratio, backtesting & forward testing.I took part in AFM one core program, It is really worth it. I made the course fee within 2 months of finishing the course.Now I am looking forward to doing the golden eye course.

It means only one thing: Happy returning customer. That means Eziq is doing a good job & I am making money.

Definitely 5 Stars from me.

Date of experience: July 07, 2023

Ann S.

Mar 8, 2023

Ezekiel Chew’s One Core Program is A Game Changer!

Ezekiel Chew’s, Proprietary One Core Program, is the most instructional trading program I’ve been through thus far. It’s 19 hours worth of Trading Basics, Price Action, Entries and Exits, Risk/Reward, Chart Reading, Strategies, Trade Management, Trade Psychology and a Roadmap to Success. Lots to digest and is worth going through again and again to sharpen your skills. In the training modules, Ezekiel even shares his own rags to riches story. It’s inspirational! You can tell he has a passion for trading and wanting others to succeed at it. The value that you will receive from his program is well worth the investment!

Date of experience: March 08, 2023

What is Asia Forex Mentor?

Asia Forex Mentor, based in Singapore, was established in 2008 by Ezekiel Chew. Initially, Chew shared his forex trading strategies with a small circle of friends. As interest grew, this circle expanded into a community, leading Chew to formalize and refine his teaching methods.

The increasing demand for his expertise led him to hold live classes, and eventually, trading institutions and banks sought him out for training. This culminated in the creation of the AFM Proprietary One Core Program.

Now, who exactly is Ezekiel Chew? Hailing from Singapore, Chew has an inspiring journey from a modest background to becoming a prominent figure in the forex world. With over 20 years of trading experience, he started with limited capital, dedicating long hours to mastering the market. His resilience and ability to overcome numerous challenges, from financial setbacks to personal hurdles, resonate with many.

Today, his success story, combined with his vast knowledge, has positioned him as a go-to forex trainer, especially for beginners worldwide.

Asia Forex Mentor Features

  • Course Spectrum: Asia Forex Mentor provides a wide range of online courses suitable for both beginner and experienced traders. These courses focus on crucial aspects such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis, risk management, and trading psychology, essential for a successful trading career.
  • Ezekiel Chew’s Mentorship: The personal touch in teaching stands out here. With Ezekiel Chew’s mentoring, traders receive one-on-one guidance. His rich trading experience helps in refining strategies and addressing challenges, setting you on the path to become a successful trader.
  • Practical and Relevant Lessons: The forex market is vast, and to navigate it, one needs a hands-on approach. Asia Forex Mentor emphasizes real-world examples, providing live trading demos and insight into price action. This real-world focus sharpens trading skills, making one ready for profitable trades.
  • Weekly Video Series – The Golden Eye Group: Led by Ezekiel Chew, this weekly video series offers insights and predictions about the forex market. With a track record dating back to 2018, these videos are invaluable to both retail and professional traders.
  • Community and Engagement: Engaging with other forex traders can be a rewarding experience. Asia Forex Mentor hosts an online forum, fostering community interaction. Trading sessions, webinars, and the shared passion for trading make this community vibrant.
  • Resource Library: This extensive library complements the main study program. It’s packed with articles, trading tools, and videos on the MT4 platform. From basic concepts to advanced trading methods, this library is a treasure for traders at all stages of their trading journey.
  • One Core Program: A comprehensive program, it breaks down forex trading to its core. The course encompasses various trading patterns, trade setups, and market analysis. Whether it’s understanding resistance levels or exploring trading approach nuances, this program has it all.
  • Ezekiel Chew’s Blog and Vlogs: On top of the course offerings, Chew regularly updates a blog with valuable tips. Additionally, his trading vlogs on YouTube offer insights from his vast trading experience.


Asia Forex Mentor offers an introductory free forex trading video for those interested; simply provide your email to gain access. This video gives a glimpse into Ezekiel Chew’s teaching methodology.

For those considering the One Core Program, there are two payment options: either prepay at $940 or choose a 7-day trial. While the trial doesn’t have an initial charge, if you decide to continue, a fee of $997 is applied after the trial period.

Final Thoughts

Asia Forex Mentor, spearheaded by the seasoned Ezekiel Chew, offers comprehensive insight into the world of forex trading. With its structured programs, tailored mentorship, and real-world trading examples, it’s designed for both newcomers and experienced traders.

If you’re contemplating a deeper dive into forex and seeking guidance from a trusted source, this might be your gateway. Eager to explore? Click here to begin your journey.

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