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August 4, 2021August 4, 2021

“Big data” is a trendy phrase used in practically all intellectual communities nowadays. The term is used to describe situations where volumes of data are too complex or too large to be treated by traditional computer software, let alone an individual human-being.

Big data has many applications, including healthcare, education, media, insurance, and information technology. Literary critic Franco Moretti has even argued for its application in the scholastic humanities, championing what is called “distant reading,” a process that entails “the computer-assisted crunching ofthousands of texts at a time.”

And big data is used in the world of stock trading to forecast future performances, and many other useful things. Atom Finance is a stock analysis solution on the forefront of this revolution in knowledge. By bringing institutional-level investment data to all investors, it is a real game-changer.

Established in 2016 by honcho Eric Shoykhet, Atom Finance bills itself as a low-cost alternative to more exclusive services like Bloomberg. Shoykhet’s mission was to bring big data tools, previously horded by Wall Street insider types, to the average Joe.

Does Atom Finance succeed? How does it compare to other stock analysis solutions out there, such as TradingView and Yahoo! Finance?

We’ve found that Atom Finance offers a ton of information that is simply not available through other services. What’s more, most of its features are entirely free of charge. Though the company plans to offer an even more advanced solution under the name Atom+, as it stands Atom Finance is big data brought to the average consumer.

Let’s take a closer look at Atom Finance’s revolutionary application and see how it stacks up to its more conservative peers.

Atom Finance – A New Standard

Operating as a freemium model, Atom Finance is changing the way we see market data. Not only is the Atom Finance app intuitive, fast, and robust, it also brings big data’s ability to capture, store, and analysis huge chunks of data, breaking them down into manageable, intelligible segments. Some of Atom Finance’s features are a customizable news feed, stock alerts, in-depth stock analysis, and stock screeners.

  • Customized News Feed: Atom Finance gives you full control over which stories are presented on your news feed. It also allows you to manipulate the feed in order to only see updates about companies with a particular market cap, or specific industries in specific countries. There is the added bonus of opening, midday, and closing reports.
  • Stock Alerts: Atom Finance’s stock alerts allow you to keep track of the stocks that you are interested in. Instead of combing through huge piles of data, you can set watch lists, price alerts, and other parameters so that you get only the information you need.
  • Company Analysis: by offering morning, afternoon, and nightly briefs, Atom Finance gives you complete stock reports at a simple click of the button.
  • Stock Screeners: stock screeners are one of the fruits of big data; allowing you to filter through virtually thousands upon thousands of stocks, you can quickly get in touch with the stocks that concern you. There is also the ability to set parameters based on industry, market cap, and return criteria.

TradingView – Web-Based Charting

Founded in 2011, TradingView is the tool for users obsessed with charts, graphs, and all things objectively defined. Offering everything you would expect from a premium level, professional charting suite, TradingView democratizes information with low prices and accessibility. Their “free” membership level gives you access to TradingView’s thriving online community, as well as a variety of international stock data.

  • HTML5 Charts: using the latest version of HTML technology, TradingView brings you charts which are not only interactive, but ones that look great and stay responsive no matter the sort of device you are using them on.
  • Chart Variety: one of TradingView’s calling cards is variety: gain access to candlestick and bars baseline, Heikin Ashi, Renko and Kagi charts, just to name some of the more popular ones.
  • Active Trading Community: TradingView is noted for its community. Driven by peer review, TradingView is a bustling social hub of inter-connectivity and interaction. Thousands of streams are presented daily, and it’s easy to start your own streaming channel.
  • Stock Alerts and Screener: like Atom Finance, TradingView offers both stock alerts and stock screeners on their desktop and mobile applications.

Yahoo! Finance – Worth the Price?

Yahoo! Finance is another standout option in the world of stock analysis solutions. Many reviews note it’s difficulty to use and obtuse interface; in fact, if you are not somewhat tech-savvy, Yahoo! Finance may not be the best option. What it does give you is a plethora of tools, especially if you are a premium subscriber, a service which runs $39 per month.

Take note that many of these premium boons are found on Atom Finance and TradingView for free, such as enhanced charting, advanced portfolio analytics, and daily trade ideas. What Yahoo! Finance Premium offers is a more comprehensive suite, and the added bonus of live chat support.


All of these charting and analysis solutions are legit, serving as much-needed tools for any individual just starting out with stock investing or the veteran making a livelihood through day trading. Knowing the market is a key ingredient to sustained success, and each of these platforms, in their own way, gives you this sort of know-how.

If you are looking for no-cost technical analysis, Atom Finance is hard to beat. In addition, we can recommend its software to just about every user: it is easy to use, looks great, and maintains reliability across devices.

Sign up today and start knowing the market.


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