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Andrew Black is a personal finance and investment writer from Baltimore, Maryland. He specializes in creating passive income and financial security through value investing and real estate. Also check out his contributions to Inside Bitcoins.

Top 3 Books on House Flipping

August 28, 2019August 28, 2019

Successful house flipping is an art and a science. Some house flippers perfect it and go on to flip dozens of houses a year. Others have more modest goals but make a profit on each..

Motif Investing – Getting Be

October 25, 2017October 25, 2017

   For several years, we’ve enthusiastically recommended Motif investing for new and experienced investors for its affordable approach to social portfolio building..

How to Tell If a Cryptocurrenc

August 17, 2017August 17, 2017

Over recent years, blockchain technology has revolutionized the supply chain in industry and the financial markets. Today, money continues to pour into cryptocurrencies, both for B..

Are Index Funds Wrecking Capit

August 5, 2017August 5, 2017

Passive investing is all the rage, with more than $500 billion torrenting into companies like Vanguard and Blackrock. Passive investing is typically accomplished with ETFs and/or i..

Is Peter Schiff Full of It?

June 3, 2017June 3, 2017

Who is Peter Schiff?If you don’t know who Peter Schiff is, feel free to stop here and continue your life blissfully ignorant of his place in the investing and macroecon..

3 Ways Swing Trading is Better

April 27, 2017April 27, 2017

Even for non-investors, day trading has quite a reputation. Though it doesn’t quite exist in this form any longer, we tend to imagine day traders as they appeared in the 1990’s..

Finding Valuable Stocks in Com

February 9, 2017February 9, 2017

Stock market analysis websites are packed with data. New investors get overwhelmed with the onslaught of information available instantly through the internet, but comparatively few..

Long Term Investing: Understan

February 7, 2017February 7, 2017

When most of us start investing for the first time, we don’t know what to expect. When we allocate money for investments that are meant to grow over decades, it can be like saili..

3 Ways to Pay Less in Investin

August 18, 2016August 18, 2016

Making investments through a broker can be expensive. This is true whether your broker sits across from you at a desk, or if you trade stocks through online brokerage firms. In som..

Vanguard Vs. Betterment, Two D

August 11, 2016August 11, 2016

Vanguard and Betterment are two of the industry’s leading brokerage solutions specifically designed for long term retirement investing. Vanguard has been around a lot longer,..

Why a Betterment Portfolio Bea

August 4, 2016August 4, 2016

Betterment is pretty cool. We’ve covered this retirement savings robo-broker many times, and we’ve talked about its strengths and weaknesses. For people who are looking for a m..

What Are Penny Stocks and Are

July 28, 2016July 28, 2016

Penny Stocks – everybody’s heard of them, few have ever bought or sold them, and most people don’t quite know what they are. For the greenest of green investors, Penny St..

Our LendingClub Review (A Must

July 25, 2016July 25, 2016

Modest Money’s LendingClub ReviewLendingClub in a NutshellLendingClub is America’s most recognizable name in Peer to Peer (P2P) borrowing. American P2P has had some dif..

Personal Capital Review – Ta

July 21, 2016July 21, 2016

Personal Capital in a Nutshell Personal Capital is an online platform and mobile app to help you understand your money and invest it more wisely. Personal Capital is really two ser..

P2P’s Not Dead! – The

April 27, 2016April 27, 2016

So what’s the best way to get a P2P Business Loan? Step 1: Live in Europe. Alas, most of you do not. The reason I say this is because P2P is robust in the UK. Lots of competition..

Does Prosper Really Work? A 20

February 9, 2016February 9, 2016

Peer to peer lending (P2P) is the fastest way for regular people to get affordable loans online. Prosper is one of a number of P2P services that have sprung up in the United States..

Is Prosper a Good Investment?

January 26, 2016January 26, 2016

Now entering its 10th year, Prosper looks like it is here to stay. America’s most recognizable name in peer to peer lending (with Lending Club in close second), Prosper offers fi..

The Pros and Cons of LendingCl

January 26, 2016January 26, 2016

Peer to Peer lending giant LendingClub is one of two major American P2Ps that borrowers have to choose from when seeking out fast-approved loans with reasonable interest rates, out..

Modest Money’s Top 3 Investm

January 15, 2016January 15, 2016

To be a good investor, you must marinate your mind in investment information. The world of investment is impossibly complex. It is linked to every facet of worldwide economic and p..

For New Forex Investors, It’

October 7, 2015October 7, 2015

Investment brokers all over the world are trying to reach the Millennial generation. As always, traditional investment options like mutual funds and ETFs are there, if you know wha..

Different Approach to Mortgage

September 16, 2015September 16, 2015

Housing is at the center of the forces which enable people to attain wealth. This is true everywhere in the world, and you see powerful influences coming from all corners: policy a..

The Best Three Books About War

February 20, 2015February 20, 2015

Warren Buffett is America’s wealthiest folk hero. A natural investor since his childhood enterprises selling Coca-Cola and leasing pinball machines to barber shops, Buffett grew ..

The Best Books For New Investo

February 13, 2015February 13, 2015

 Your very first year as an investor is the most important. The decisions you make your first year of investing will determine a lot about how you will invest for the rest of ..