buddhamoney-by-Pot Rush Down Under

Pot Rush Down Under

Marijuana has already been legalized, mostly for medicinal purposes, in twenty-nine American States and D.C., Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, the Netherlands, and Uruguay. Now, the Australian government is positioning to further break down the pot taboo.Following the lead of these other countries, Aussies have amended laws and regulations to allow … [Read more...]

buddhamoney-by-Marijuana ETF to Light Up Toronto Stock Exchange

Marijuana ETF to Light Up Toronto Stock Exchange

The first marijuana Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) opens for trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (“TSE”) on April 5, 2017.Horizons Medical Marijuana Life Sciences ETF, (proposed ticker symbol - TSE:HMMJ) is an index ETF with a 0.75% management fee. Comprised of eleven Canadian and four American publicly listed companies, HMMJ offers risk taking investors the opportunity to … [Read more...]

buddhamoney-by-Investors Panic: Pot Stocks Go up in Smoke

Investors Panic: Pot Stocks Go up in Smoke

Marijuana investors are stampeding for the exit these past few days. Why? Well, in keeping with herd-like behavior, there isn’t a rational explanation. Rather, this is a classic example of investor anxiety running rampant. Stoking Fear Here’s what stoked the run for the exit: Bill Blair, leading the Federal government’s legalization effort in Canada, commenting in the Globe … [Read more...]

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