James Pollard-by-Waddell and Reed Stock Set to Soar?

Waddell and Reed Stock Set to Soar?

In the past few months I wrote about oil being at low levels and how I was buying up stocks like Chevron. Oil was at 2003-low levels and now oil company stock prices are steadily increasing, and I’m glad I locked in their dividends at great prices.Now I’m going to do the same thing with another sector: financials. Last month I wrote about American Express stock and Wells … [Read more...]

James Pollard-by-Why I Just Doubled Down On GPS Stock

Why I Just Doubled Down On GPS Stock

Let me begin this post by explaining that I am a long-term investor, not a trader. I am well aware that averaging down on a stock is not an optimal strategy for someone who is trend-following (duh) or following any technical analysis school of thought.Some people chastise me for “sending good money after bad” or not cutting my losses. However, I’m a firm believer that if … [Read more...]

James Pollard-by-I’m Keeping My Eye on This Bank Stock

I’m Keeping My Eye on This Bank Stock

Wells Fargo (WFC)As a rule, banks and financial-services companies tend to significantly under-perform during bear markets. Due to marketplace fears and pressures, they often get driven to irrationally low prices. Because I like to buy when there’s “blood on the streets”, I always keep a few bank stocks on my watch list.Take JPMorgan Chase & Co. for example. The … [Read more...]

James Pollard-by-Is It Too Late to Buy Ford (F) Stock?

Is It Too Late to Buy Ford (F) Stock?

For the past few weeks, I’ve kept hearing about Ford (F) stock. Since February 15th, the stock is up almost 16%. However, since this time last year, it’s down nearly 20%. I decided to take a look at the details to figure out if it’s worth your time (and money).I like Ford. It has an incredibly strong brand. In the marketplace, perception is reality, which means that a … [Read more...]

James Pollard-by-Why Seadrill (SDRL) Should Be on Your Watch List

Why Seadrill (SDRL) Should Be on Your Watch List

I currently have stock market alerts linked to my phone, so whenever a stock on my watch list has a big swing or meets my wanted price, I get an instant ping. This morning, right after 9:30 a.m., I got one of these alerts.Buzz, buzz! “SDRL down 15.97%” What a way to start the week!While I don’t own any Seadrill Ltd (SDRL) stock, I have been watching it. It’s up over … [Read more...]

James Pollard-by-Why I Like American Express (AXP) Stock

Why I Like American Express (AXP) Stock

Of all the Dow stocks, American Express (NYSE: AXP) has taken the biggest beating so far this year. It’s down 20% since January 1st and down over 40% since the all-time high in July 2014.Management has released weak projections for the next few years, and there is the possibility of further downside risk. American Express missed its earnings prediction for 2015, and the … [Read more...]

James Pollard-by-Is It Time to Load Up on Netflix (NFLX)?

Is It Time to Load Up on Netflix (NFLX)?

Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) hit an all-time high of $130.93 on December 4th, 2015. Since then, the price has gone downhill, losing over 30% of its value.Does this mean that, because of this pullback, there is an opportunity to make a substantial investment?I wrote a short post about Netflix in October 2014 when it was experiencing trouble. I said that the long-term prospects … [Read more...]

James Pollard-by-Is Chevron (CVX) Stock a Buy?

Is Chevron (CVX) Stock a Buy?

Chevron Corporation (NASDAQ: CVX)Chevron stock is down over 35% from its high in 2014… but is it a buy?Let me start by saying that I’m partial to dividend stocks, and Chevron offers a juicy dividend. Chevron’s next quarterly dividend will be paid on March 10th, and it represents a 5% yield.High dividends mean high risk, right? Not necessarily. Chevron received an … [Read more...]

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