Judith Plunkett

About Judith Plunkett

Jude Plunkett is a full time writer with a thirst for knowledge. Research is a passion as well as a necessity. Having come from the world of management Jude has extensive knowledge in the areas of business and finance but is equally at home writing on topics as diverse as home improvements and tech innovation. Away from the keyboard, Jude enjoys the creative side of life, performing stand-up comedy and drawing still life and portraits.

Tips for Managing Your Budget

May 9, 2019May 9, 2019

My parents did try to teach me the value of money when I was a kid. They set up a savings account for me and I was encouraged to put some of my allowance away each month. But, I di..

How to Save Money When YouR

March 6, 2019March 6, 2019

Just from the fact you searched for save and broke in the same sentence, I’m guessing that you want to do one of two things. You’re either sick of your lifetime savings..