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Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf
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In the dynamic world of rental property management, two prominent platforms, TurboTenant and Avail, offer landlords a digital helping hand. These platforms aim to simplify various aspects of property management, from tenant screening to rent collection, each with its unique approach and toolkit.

While TurboTenant is celebrated for its comprehensive suite tailored to landlords’ specific needs, Avail also brings valuable services to the table, particularly for those who prefer a do-it-yourself approach to managing rentals.

This comparison will dive into the features, usability, and services offered by TurboTenant and Avail, providing insights into how each platform can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of rental property management for different types of landlords.

Avail is Better for:TurboTenant is Better for:
Great for DIY landlords who prefer a hands-on approach.Ideal for landlords seeking comprehensive tenant screening.
Simplifies creating and advertising rental listings.Best for streamlined online rent collection and accounting.
Enables direct tenant communication and application management.User-friendly for those less tech-savvy.
Provides detailed tenant profiles and renter history.Offers free property listings on multiple platforms.

Introducing the Platforms


Avail champions the DIY landlord with its intuitive platform, empowering users to take full control of their rental management process. Avail simplifies finding tenants, conducting background checks, drafting leases, and managing rent payments, all through a seamless online interface.

With Avail, landlords are equipped with the tools, guidance, and educational content necessary to manage their rentals confidently and professionally, all while fostering positive landlord-tenant relationships. Avail is now part of realtor.com – learn more on their main site.


TurboTenant revolutionizes rental property management for independent landlords with its all-encompassing software solution. Designed to ease every step of the landlord’s journey, TurboTenant offers an array of features, from advertising vacancies and screening applicants to facilitating lease signings and ensuring timely rent collection.

What sets TurboTenant apart is its dedication to creating a user-friendly experience that demystifies property management, making it accessible to landlords regardless of their technological prowess or portfolio size.

Full TurboTenant Review

Avail TurboTenant Logo
Type of Service Landlord Software Property Management Software
Best Use DIY Landlord Management Comprehensive Property Management
Customer Support DIY-Focused Support and Resources Extensive Support and Resources
Tenant Screening Comprehensive Tenant Profiles and History Detailed Tenant Screening Reports
Rent Collection Direct Bank Transfers for Rent Payments Efficient Online Rent Collection
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More Info

More Info

Modest Money Overall Rating
4.0 rating based on 5 ratings
4.4 rating based on 5 ratings

Factor 1: Tenant Screening and Reporting

TurboTenant excels in offering detailed tenant screening reports

  • Avail provides comprehensive tenant profiles and history.
  • For thorough background checks, TurboTenant is the preferred choice.

TurboTenant stands out for its in-depth tenant screening capabilities, providing landlords with extensive reports on credit, criminal background, and eviction history. This ensures that landlords can make informed decisions about prospective tenants.

Avail, while also offering tenant screening, focuses on building complete renter profiles, giving a broad overview of applicants. However, TurboTenant’s emphasis on detailed screening reports offers landlords a higher level of scrutiny and peace of mind in the tenant selection process.

Factor 2: Lease Management

TurboTenant offers customizable, state-specific lease agreements

  • Avail simplifies lease drafting with state-specific templates.
  • TurboTenant takes the lead in lease customization and legal compliance.

TurboTenant’s lease management feature is notably robust, providing landlords with customizable lease templates that are tailored to specific state regulations. This ensures that leases are not only comprehensive but also legally compliant.

While Avail offers similar state-specific templates, TurboTenant’s ability to customize and adapt leases to individual property needs gives it an edge, offering landlords greater flexibility and legal assurance.

Factor 3: Rent Collection

TurboTenant ensures efficient online rent collection

  • Avail facilitates direct bank transfers for rent payments.
  • For streamlined and reliable rent collection, TurboTenant stands out.

When it comes to rent collection, TurboTenant’s platform is designed for efficiency and reliability, offering features like automatic withdrawals and payment tracking.

Avail also supports online rent payments, including bank transfers, but TurboTenant’s dedicated rent collection tools provide a more streamlined process, ensuring landlords receive their payments promptly and securely.

Factor 4: Maintenance and Repair Tracking

Avail offers transparent maintenance request handling

  • TurboTenant enables easy tracking of maintenance requests.
  • Avail shines in maintenance and repair tracking, providing clear communication channels between landlords and tenants.

While both platforms offer features for handling maintenance and repair requests, Avail’s approach to this aspect of property management is particularly user-friendly. Its transparent tracking system keeps both landlords and tenants updated in real time, fostering better communication and quicker resolutions to property issues. This focus on clarity and efficiency in maintenance handling makes Avail the preferred choice in this category.

Factor 5: User Experience and Accessibility

TurboTenant is known for its intuitive, user-friendly interface

  • Avail caters to the DIY landlord with easy-to-navigate tools.
  • For superior user experience and platform accessibility, TurboTenant has the advantage.

TurboTenant’s platform is designed with the user in mind, offering an intuitive interface that simplifies property management tasks. Its emphasis on accessibility ensures that landlords can easily manage their properties, regardless of their tech skills.

Avail, while also user-friendly, is tailored more toward landlords who prefer a hands-on approach. TurboTenant’s focus on ease of use and comprehensive features makes it more appealing to a broader range of landlords, from novices to seasoned professionals.

The Verdict

In the competitive landscape of rental property management platforms, TurboTenant and Avail both offer valuable services to landlords. However, TurboTenant’s comprehensive tenant screening, customizable lease management, efficient rent collection, and user-friendly interface give it a notable edge.

While Avail excels in maintenance and repair tracking, TurboTenant’s overall suite of features and accessibility make it a more versatile and appealing choice for landlords seeking to optimize their property management processes.

For landlords looking to streamline their rental operations with a reliable and comprehensive platform, TurboTenant emerges as the favored option. Click here to explore TurboTenant and elevate your property management experience.

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