Banktivity vs Quicken 2024: Which financial app is better?

Jeremy Biberdorf
By: Jeremy Biberdorf


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Choosing the most suitable personal finance software can be tricky. Banktivity and Quicken are both leading contenders in the industry, but each one offers distinct features and advantages that may be better suited for your particular financial requirements.

Continue reading, as I compare Banktivity vs Quicken side-by-side, so you can determine which is best for your financial goals.

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Banktivity is Better for:Quicken is Better for:
Mac users seeking a budgeting-focused toolBanktivity has a detailed interface designed for Mac users
Users who prefer interactive budgeting toolsQuicken provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface across all platforms
Basic expense tracking without additional featuresIts intuitive and cross-platform interface.

Banktivity vs Quicken: Your Brief Introduction

Banktivity: Financial Budgeting For Mac Users

Banktivity, formerly known as iBank, was launched in 2003 by IGG Software, a company named after its founder Ian G. Gillespie. With a strong background in biology and a passion for technology, Ian has been developing software for Mac for over two decades.

Specifically designed for macOS and iOS users, Banktivity provides interactive tools that allow users to manage their financial reports and securely store important documents. Although it offers many advantages, Banktivity has some limitations in investment tracking and bill management compared to solutions like Quicken.

Banktivity excels by delivering a platform that is perfectly aligned with the needs of Mac users, ensuring a seamless integration with their operating systems for effective financial management.

Quicken: A Time Tested Personal Finance Tool

Quicken has been a trusted name in personal finance management for over 35 years, serving more than 20 million users. Today, it stands as the best-selling personal finance software in the US, continuously evolving under the leadership of CEO Eric Dunn, a longtime team member since 1986.

Quicken’s offerings include the Quicken Classic web platform, the Quicken Classic Companion App for iOS and Android, Quicken Home & Business and Quicken Simplifi—a modern solution for digital natives introduced in 2020.

Known for robust features, Quicken excels in budgeting, investment tracking, and bill management, providing a comprehensive toolkit for managing your finances efficiently. Whether you’re new to financial software or seeking an all-in-one solution, Quicken offers the necessary tools to keep your finances in check.

Read more about it here.

Banktivity Quicken
Type of Service Personal Finance Software Personal Finance Software
Best Use Budgeting and Expense Tracking Comprehensive Financial Management
Customer Support Email and Chat Phone, Chat, and FAQs
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More Info

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Modest Money Overall Rating
4.1 rating based on 5 ratings
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Factor 1: Banktivity vs Quicken: Budgeting Tools To Keep Your Spending In Check

Quicken provides advanced budgeting tools and a more intuitive interface

  • Banktivity offers interactive budgeting tools.
  • Quicken is better for its advanced and more user-friendly budgeting tools.Ne

Banktivity: Interactive Budgeting Tools

Reap the powerful benefits of Banktivity’s interactive budgeting tools – from creating budget plans to managing funds. Fine-tune finances with this software, however, the interface might appear overwhelming to novices or individuals less versed in financial tech.

Quicken: Advanced Budgeting Tools

Quicken offers advanced budgeting tools with a more intuitive interface, making it easy for users to plan and manage their budgets. This user-friendly approach makes Quicken a preferred choice for individuals who want an easy-to-use yet powerful budgeting tool.

Factor 2: Banktivity vs Quicken: Tools To Track Your Investments

Quicken provides comprehensive investment tracking tools

  • Banktivity does not offer investment tracking.
  • Quicken is better for its investment tracking features.

Banktivity: Lacks Investment Tracking

Banktivity is great at helping users manage their expenses and plan budgets, but there is one feature it currently lacks –– investment tracking. For individuals that would like to keep track of their investments together with their budget, this can be an unfortunate gap.

Quicken: Comprehensive Investment Tracking

Quicken shines with its comprehensive investment tracking tools. Users can track their investment portfolios, monitor performance, and make informed decisions based on real-time data. This makes Quicken an excellent option for individuals who want to manage both their budgeting and investment needs within a single platform.

Factor 3: Banktivity vs Quicken: Bill Management Features

Quicken provides robust bill management tools

  • Banktivity does not offer bill management features.
  • Quicken is better for its ability to manage and pay bills directly within the platform.

Banktivity: Lacks Bill Management

Banktivity does not offer bill management features, which can be a drawback for users seeking a comprehensive financial management solution. This limitation means users must use separate tools or platforms to manage and pay their bills.

Quicken: Robust Bill Management

In contrast, Quicken provides robust bill management tools. Users can track, manage, and even pay their bills directly within the platform, offering convenience and streamlining financial management. This all-in-one approach makes Quicken a comprehensive and user-friendly solution for managing personal finances.

Factor 4: Banktivity vs Quicken: Your User Experience

Quicken provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface across all platforms

  • Banktivity has a detailed interface designed for Mac users.
  • Quicken is better for its intuitive and cross-platform interface.

Banktivity: Detailed Interface for Mac Users

Banktivity’s user interface is detailed and comprehensive, making it a good option for Mac users who appreciate a Mac-oriented design. However, this level of detail can be overwhelming for some, especially those new to personal finance software.

Quicken: Intuitive and User-Friendly Interface

Quicken, on the other hand, boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It’s designed to be easily navigated by users of all tech levels, making it a more accessible tool for a broader range of users. Plus, it’s available on both Mac and PC platforms, making it a flexible choice for any user.

Factor 5: Banktivity vs Quicken: A Pricing Comparison

Quicken’s pricing offers greater flexibility and value, especially with exclusive discounts.

  • Banktivity: Offers a 30-day free trial and multiple subscription tiers ranging from $4.17 to $8.34 per month.
  • Quicken: Provides plans ranging from $3.99 to $10.99 per month, with an opportunity to save 50% off through an exclusive link.

Banktivity’s pricing structure is designed to accommodate various user needs with its tiered subscription model. Users can choose from three main plans: Bronze at $49.99/year, Silver at $69.99/year, and Gold at $99.99/year, translating to monthly costs of $4.17, $5.84, and $8.34 respectively.

Each tier offers different levels of access to features, allowing users to select the plan that best suits their financial management requirements. Additionally, every new user can explore Banktivity’s offerings through a comprehensive 30-day free trial, providing ample time to assess the software’s value.

Check Banktivity website to confirm current pricing and full terms.

Quicken’s pricing, on the other hand, is structured to provide a range of options suitable for varying financial management needs, all billed annually for convenience.

The plans include Quicken Simplifi at $3.99 per month for basic budgeting and financial tracking; Quicken Deluxe at $5.99 per month for more extensive budgeting tools and investment features; Quicken Premier at $7.99 per month for advanced investment tracking and wealth management tools; and Quicken Home & Business at $10.99 per month for those running a business alongside personal financial management.

What makes Quicken particularly appealing is the exclusive discount available through my link, where users can save 50% on their membership, significantly enhancing the value offered by Quicken’s comprehensive financial tools.

Check Quicken website to confirm current pricing and full terms.

This pricing flexibility combined with the discount opportunity makes Quicken a highly attractive choice for those seeking detailed and extensive financial management capabilities.

Factor 6: External Customer Reviews & Ratings

External Banktivity Reviews & Ratings

Trustpilot4.2 from 17 reviews

External Quicken Reviews & Ratings

Best Wallet Hacks4.6 from 615 reviews
PC Magazine4.5
Top Ten Reviews4.5

My Verdict: Quicken For The Win

When weighing the advantages and features of both Banktivity and Quicken, it’s clear that both offer distinct benefits for different user needs. Banktivity is a solid choice for Mac users who need intuitive budgeting tools and basic expense tracking. However, for those looking for a more comprehensive and advanced approach to financial management, Quicken is undoubtedly a stronger contender.

The investment tracking and bill management features within Quicken set it apart, providing users with the ability to manage all their financial affairs in one place. It’s user-friendly, well-designed, and has powerful tools that can handle just about any financial task.

If this is what you’re looking for, click here to get started with Quicken today.

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How Good is Banktivity?

Ultimately, how good Banktivity is will come down to personal preference. Many Mac users are very satisfied with the features Banktivity delivers. Banktivity has a 4.1 out of 5 overall rating on TrustPilot. 

Can I use Banktivity Without a Subscription?

Banktivity gives a generous 30-day free trial with all of its subscription plans. Also, once you pay for your subscription, you will still have access to your account, you just won’t be able to access new features. 

What Can I Use Quicken For? 

Quicken assists individuals, families, and businesses in monitoring their account balances, investments, budgets, and various other expenses. 

Are Quicken and Quickbooks The Same?

No, Quicken and Quickbooks are not the same. Quicken is tailored for personal finance management, whereas QuickBooks is intended for small business accounting. Both applications can monitor income and expenses, set up budgets, and produce reports. Despite their similarities, there are notable differences. Quicken is more affordable and simpler to operate compared to QuickBooks.

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