A Basic Guide to Investing on Motif

Are you ready to invest? With all the investment options available, it’s hard to know where to start. And there are so many different opinions about which assets are better that it can be difficult to decide who is telling the truth. Some people may choose to make a “leap of faith” on a specific strategy without making sure it works.

While they are a far cry from the norm, investing in Motif makes it easy for someone who is new to the market to build a lasting portfolio over the long term. The company has a collection of stocks and exchange-traded funds (what they call “motifs”) that follow specific trends. And investors can also build their own motifs based on their own criteria.

With no account minimum, Motif Investing makes it easy to get started. You will, however, have to have at least $250 in your account to start trading. If you want to buy on margin, you will have to have at least $2000 in your account.

Getting Started

Once you go through their simple sign-up process, you’ll need to fund your account before you can start trading. You can search for motifs based on certain criteria, but most of them are grouped by industry. For example, if you want to find investments that are in the energy sector, you can search for motifs related to that industry. You can also organize your search based on investment performance and even popularity.

Each motif costs $9.95, and with that price you’ll be able to get a group of 30 stocks. Considering what you’re getting, this is a pretty good value. Some motifs even offer ETFs, which will be automatically managed by the company. These investments seem to be performing strongly on Motif Investing, so they would make a great addition to your portfolio.

Going Social

One of the great things about Motif Investing is that it makes it easy to connect with other people on the platform. Young Millennials will see this as a “breath of fresh air,” as it uses a concept similar to many popular social networking platforms.

Investors can send “friend requests,” and they can even communicate with other members to receive investment advice or to talk about anything. As you’re analyzing each motif, you will be able to consult with other investors to see if it’s a worthwhile investment. You can even sell your motifs to other members for $4.95 a trade.

Portfolio Management

Once you build a portfolio, the next step is to know how to manage it. And Motif Investing makes it easy. Not only do they offer solid ETF management, but they will also automatically rebalance your motifs every quarter. This can be a tremendous asset for someone who doesn’t have the time to look at the details of each individual asset.

Still, you will have to keep a close eye on the performance of your investments, and you will have to play a role in its management. After all, no one else will care more about your assets than you.

Final Thoughts

It should be clear to you by now that this company is not suited for the short-term investor, but it’s good for establishing a long-term portfolio that will be easy to manage. However, you shouldn’t consider this to be a “one-stop shop” for investing because it doesn’t use the business model that’s found in many online investment platforms. But you shouldn’t let this “outside the box” method of investing discourage you. It is still a very effective platform that seems to be proving itself in the market. At the very least, it can be a supplement to some of the traditional financial investments you might have in your portfolio.