Becoming a CPA Takes a Real Commitment

Deciding on a career choice is not always difficult, especially if you excel in something and have a passion for it. Being good in math can lead to many different options in careers. Being an accountant is always a good career choice, but becoming a certified public accountant is the ultimate desire for a mathematics major. Some people are good with numbers, and exhibit a true talent for working with figures. These are the people who choose to become an accountant. Every accountant is not a CPA. To be a CPA means going a little more in-depth with the career.

A person can be an accountant with a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. This will get your feet in the door, usually with small businesses. To be an accountant with a large, major corporation, a master’s degree is usually required. Accountants work with money and figures all day, sometimes for very long hours. Being hired for such a position means that your qualifications must be of the very highest standards. You must be capable of showing precision in your work, and able to show sustainability. Becoming a CPA takes some preparation, like studying for the cpa exam.

After working as an accountant in the industry, you now know for certain that you want to become more skillful, work in different facets of the industry, and increase your earning potential. You must apply for CPA prep courses, the exam, schedule your testing dates, and last but not least: study. The exam is in four sections, with the fourth section being the most difficult. Being a Certified Public Accountant will allow you to work as a private accountant where you have your own clients, and set your own fees. You can also continue to work in the public sector, with an accounting firm, where the fees are already determined.

Now that the test has been taken, you wait for your letter stating whether or not you managed to pass the test. You receive your letter, and you were able to pass the CPA exam with flying colors. Congratulations, you are now a certified public accountant. Now you must go through the licensing process in the state in which you live. After obtaining the license, you are now duly qualified to be among the higher ranks of accountants. Some candidates for CPA license are more fortunate than others, they only have to take the exam once, but there are large numbers that take the test more than once. This is the norm because the test is not the easiest to pass.

The earnings of a certified public accountant will vary depending on the company you are with, and the state that you are in. In large cities, certified public accountants tend to earn more than in small cities. The salaries run into the six-figure bracket. In New York, for instance, the average annual salary for CPA is $99,600. Salary also depends on years of experience. Entry-level CPAs began at a base starting salary, which can be very lucrative in comparison to other entry-level positions. Certified public accountants tend to earn around ten to fifteen percent more than accountants without certified credentials.

Certified public accountants can be thought of as the bloodline of the nation. They keep all of the finances in order. These are the federal, state, local. and personal finances of the country. CPAs with private practices will work with no more than the average clients per CPA as determined by CPA work ethics. The economy thrives on accuracy, and certified public accountants keep an accurate account of the financial structure of the world. This position takes a real commitment to the profession.

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