Who is Ben Miller from Fundrise: The Real Estate Innovation Leader

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August 1, 2023August 1, 2023


“Who is Ben Miller from Fundrise?” This question might have crossed your mind if you’ve ever ventured into the fascinating world of real estate investing. If this is the first time you have heard the name, now’s the time to get acquainted with the man who has revolutionized how people invest in real estate.

Benjamin Miller, more commonly known as Ben Miller, is a pioneer in the real estate sector and the co-founder of Fundrise. Fundrise is an innovative platform that has turned traditional real estate investing on its head.

Miller’s vision for Fundrise was simple but transformative: to open up the real estate market to everyday investors, not just the elite. His unique approach combines technology and real estate expertise, allowing people from all walks of life to participate in an industry that was once out of reach for many.

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Ben Miller: From Washington DC to Fundrise

Ben Miller

Based in Washington, D.C., Miller’s passion for real estate started at an early age, watching and learning from his real estate developer father.

Miller studied at the University of Pennsylvania, where he acquired his knowledge in economics. However, his drive to learn and innovate continued after formal education. He sought various work experiences, each building upon the other, to comprehensively understand real estate investing.

Before co-founding Fundrise, Ben Miller worked with his brother Dan in their WestMill Capital Partners company. It was a real estate company where the Millers garnered years of experience developing, buying, and managing real estate in the nation’s capital.

However, something was still missing. Miller saw the vast potential in real estate but was acutely aware of the barriers that kept everyday people from investing.

“Who is Ben Miller from Fundrise?” you asked. He is a visionary who dared to challenge the status quo and make real estate investing accessible and profitable to anyone. This led him to the innovative idea of creating Fundrise, a breakthrough platform in real estate investing.

Fundrise: The Idea Worth Billions

“What is Fundrise?” The company where Miller’s vision truly comes to life.

Fundrise is a revolutionary platform that allows people to invest in real estate for as little as $10. That’s right – you no longer need to be a millionaire to start investing in real estate. Thanks to Ben Miller and Fundrise, ordinary individuals can become real estate investors.

The business model of Fundrise is what sets it apart from traditional real estate investment methods. It uses the concept of crowdfunding, a process where many people pool their money together to fund a project or business. Fundrise applies this concept to real estate, where investors collectively own high-quality commercial real estate.

This strategy opens up opportunities previously reserved for wealthy investors or large institutions. Additionally, Fundrise allows for investments in various property types, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use properties.

Another standout feature of Fundrise is its transparency. Unlike traditional real estate investments, where details may be hard to find, Fundrise provides investors with thorough information about the properties. It includes data on location, valuation, and even projected returns.

The story and success of Ben Miller are not just about the person but also the innovative platform that he co-founded. With Fundrise, Ben Miller has truly democratized real estate investing, making it accessible to everyone.


From the beginning, Ben Miller saw challenges in the traditional real estate industry that he could address. He noticed it was mostly an exclusive club, where only those with significant wealth could participate. This barrier prevented everyday people from reaping the benefits of investing in real estate.

Miller wanted to change this. He envisioned a world where anyone could invest in and benefit from the lucrative real estate market regardless of their financial background. And that’s where the concept of Fundrise was born.

Fundrise was a solution to democratize real estate investing. Miller wanted to make it as simple for people to invest in real estate as it is to buy a share of a company on the stock market. By leveraging technology and the power of crowdfunding, Fundrise opens up the real estate market to everyone.


In its decade of existence, Fundrise achieved significant accomplishments under Miller’s guidance. Let’s take a look at some of these milestones:

  • Fundrise launched in 2012, making it one of the first companies to offer real estate crowdfunding. This innovative move allowed ordinary people to invest in real estate projects.
  • By 2014, Fundrise had already funded more than $15 million in real estate projects, which proved that their new real estate investment model resonated with investors.
  • In 2015, Fundrise introduced eREITs, a type of real estate investment that allows anyone to invest in a diverse portfolio of properties.
  • By 2020, Fundrise had raised over $1 billion for real estate projects. This milestone demonstrated the widespread acceptance and success of their model.
  • By 2023, Fundrise had more than 385,000 active investors and $3.3 billion under management.


It’s crucial to recognize the profound impact that Fundrise has had on the real estate industry and individual investors.

Fundrise’s pioneering model of real estate crowdfunding has been a game changer. It opened the doors to real estate investing for ordinary people who didn’t have the large sums of money traditionally required to invest in this market. This democratization of real estate investing is arguably one of Fundrise’s most significant contributions to the industry.

Moreover, Fundrise’s introduction of eREITs, or electronic Real Estate Investment Trusts, has allowed even more people to invest in a diversified portfolio of real estate properties.

Not only has Fundrise impacted how people invest in real estate, but it has also influenced the industry itself. The success of Fundrise’s crowdfunding model has spurred other companies to adopt similar approaches. This trend toward more inclusive investment methods is a testament to Fundrise’s influence and Miller’s ingenuity.


With his unique approach, Ben Miller founded Fundrise intending to democratize real estate investment. The platform has since made significant strides, transforming the real estate industry landscape and opening doors for countless individual investors.

Looking ahead, Ben Miller’s vision for Fundrise is a beacon of change and innovation in the real estate sector. As for the future, it is safe to say that the scope is vast, promising more developments to make real estate investment more accessible and rewarding for all.

So if you’re interested in being a part of this revolution? Visit Fundrise and remember a world of intelligent investment possibilities is just a click away.

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