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The financial market today presents numerous opportunities for both experienced and novice traders. Proprietary trading firms are essential players in this landscape.

Among these firms, Bespoke Funding Program has carved out a unique niche. Based in London, it offers various challenges and services that cater to a broad spectrum of traders. The firm’s dedication to creating a stress-free environment for traders and an emphasis on rapid funding and fast payouts make it a prime choice globally.

And thanks to our Bespoke Funding Program coupon code, you can save 10% on your first challenge. This is an incredible chance to dive into the thrilling world of prop trading and embark on a path of potential financial growth and success. Act now, as this exclusive offer won’t last forever!

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Understanding Bespoke Funding Program

Bespoke Funding Program is a revolutionary platform in proprietary trading. It offers unique opportunities for traders to manage substantial capital without personal risk. This London-based firm has swiftly gained prominence for its innovative approach and commitment to its traders.

Bespoke Funding Program’s partnership with Eightcap, its sole broker, enables it to facilitate trading in various markets. Traders can choose from forex pairs, commodities, indices, and even cryptocurrencies, diversifying their trading portfolio. This wide range of offerings ensures traders can tailor their strategies to their preferences and risk tolerance.

Bespoke Funding Program prides itself on having no time limit regarding maximum trading days. These unique features and commitments make Bespoke Funding Program a front-runner in the proprietary trading industry.

Key Features and Services of Bespoke Funding Program 

Bespoke Funding Program review shows several unique features and services designed to support traders at every skill level. They offer a blend of challenge accounts to cater to different trading styles, thus ensuring a comprehensive suite of services.

One of the primary services is the Classic Challenge account, designed to evaluate traders’ skills and performance over two phases. It starts at $129 for a $10,000 account, offers an 80% profit split, and leverages up to 1:60. The challenge uses a balance-based drawdown and provides a more forgiving environment for beginners.

Another prominent service is the Rapid Challenge, which offers relaxed trading rules without any minimum trading days requirement. This feature allows a dynamic forex trading style. A two-phase evaluation is also part of this challenge, each with distinct objectives and similar profit splits as the Classic Challenge. Rapid Challenge accounts range from $99 to $1849 for the $400,000 funded trading account and 10% less when using our Bespoke Funding Program discount.

Finally, the 1-Step Challenge Account. An innovative addition to the Prop Trading industry. It is more suitable for talented traders who can demonstrate their trading skills in a single-phase challenge. It allows traders to aim for a 10% profit target while tolerating a 4% maximum daily loss and a 5% overall maximum loss. The 1-Step Challenge Account can reach an impressive $500,000, enabling traders to yield higher profits.

Each of these challenges offered by Bespoke Funding Program caters to different types of traders and strategies, ensuring that every trader finds a suitable challenge.

Advantages of Bespoke Funding Program 

Bespoke Funding Program stands out among proprietary trading firms with a rewarding and efficient trading experience. One of the many advantages of Bespoke Funding Program is its balance-based drawdown. Unlike other firms focusing on equity-based drawdown, Bespoke’s balance-based drawdown approach prioritizes risk management. It helps protect traders’ investments by preventing a complete wipe-out of their balance, offering a safety net to traders’ capital.

Another innovative feature is the auto-close functionality. This automatic system closes positions before the maximum loss limit is breached. It’s an intelligent feature that supports traders in managing their risk effectively.

Bespoke Funding Program also offers instant challenge credentials, allowing traders to start their challenge immediately after payment. There’s no waiting period, which means traders can dive right into the trading world, saving valuable time and speeding up the process of earning potential profits.

Lastly, Bespoke Funding Program offers fast payouts, ensuring traders can access their earnings swiftly. With quick profit withdrawals, traders enjoy greater financial flexibility and better cash flow management.

You can now access these advantages and save 10% with our Bespoke Funding Program discount.

Exploring Bespoke Funding Program Coupon Code 

Bespoke Funding Program discount presents a golden opportunity for traders to tap into the promising features of this proprietary trading firm.

Using the ‘modestmoney’ coupon code offers an exclusive deal, providing a substantial discount on the various challenges Bespoke offers. Whether you want to take the Classic, Rapid, or 1-Step Challenge, this coupon code saves you 10% on your registration fee.

To apply the Bespoke Funding Program coupon code, traders must enter ‘modestmoney’ in the coupon code field when signing up for a challenge. After the code is applied, the discounted price will automatically be reflected in the total, making the process straightforward.

The ‘modestmoney’ coupon code makes Bespoke Funding Program more affordable and allows traders to enjoy features and services at a reduced cost. This exclusive deal is an opportunity for every discerning trader seeking top-notch proprietary solutions.


Concluding this exploration of Bespoke Funding Program, it is evident that the firm stands out in the market with its innovative and trader-friendly offerings. Whether it’s the Classic Challenge, Rapid Challenge, or the 1-Step Challenge, each service provides a unique trading experience.

The firm’s standout features differentiate Bespoke from its competitors and enhance the user experience for its traders. It helps them to trade more effectively and efficiently.

The ‘modestmoney’ coupon code further sweetens the deal, offering exclusive discounts on these exceptional services. This coupon code is more than just a price reduction; it’s an open door to a world of trading possibilities with Bespoke. The application process is quick and straightforward, giving every trader easy access to the program’s benefits at reduced costs.

In summary, Bespoke Funding Program provides an unbeatable combination for traders aiming for success in the trading landscape. Get the best Bespoke Funding Program discount today and embrace a new trading journey with Bespoke Funding Program.

Join today and save 10% with the Bespoke Funding Program

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