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Jun 18, 2024
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Best Alternatives to Bookmap

  • Best for traders seeking comprehensive visual tools and real-time market insights.

  • Ideal for traders who balance technical and fundamental analysis.

  • Suitable for traders focusing on options markets and seeking user-friendly interfaces.
In the world of trading, having the right tools at your disposal can make a significant difference in decision-making and overall success. Traders constantly seek platforms that not only provide real-time data and in-depth analysis but also align with their unique trading strategies and needs. Bookmap is one such platform that has carved a niche in the trading community.

However, the dynamic and diverse nature of trading means that what works for one may not suit another, leading traders to explore Bookmap alternatives.

This article delves into the world of Bookmap, examining its features, pros and cons, and why traders might seek alternatives. We'll also provide a quick breakdown of some of the best alternatives to Bookmap, including Jigsaw, Market Chameleon, and Cheddar Flow, each offering unique features and benefits.

What is Bookmap?

Bookmap is a comprehensive trading platform renowned for its detailed visual representations and live volume dots tracking. It caters predominantly to day traders, offering a fusion of simulated and real money trading options. This unique feature allows traders to practice and refine their strategies in a risk-free environment before diving into real trades.

Bookmap's comprehensive volume profiles and advanced technical indicator integrations offer traders deep insights into market dynamics and real-time market depth. The platform specializes in day trading, with one-click trading capabilities enhancing the speed and efficiency of trade execution. Read my Bookmap review for a more exhaustive coverage of the platform.

Bookmap Pros & Cons


● Detailed visual representations enhance market understanding.

● Live volume dots provide real-time trading activity insights.

● Options for both real money and simulated trading.

● Comprehensive volume profiles for deeper market analysis.

● Advanced technical indicators for sophisticated strategy development.

● Real-time market depth insights aid in precise decision-making.

● Specialization in day trading with efficient one-click trading capabilities.


● May be overwhelming for beginners due to its advanced features.

● The focus on day trading might not suit long-term investors.

● Requires a steep learning curve to fully utilize its advanced tools.

● The subscription model might be costly for casual traders.

● Limited asset classes compared to more diverse trading platforms.

Why Seek Alternatives to Bookmap?

While Bookmap offers a suite of advanced features tailored to day traders, it may not meet the needs of every trader. Its intricate visual tools and focus on minute market details might overwhelm beginners or those who prefer a simpler interface.

Additionally, its specialized nature makes it less suitable for traders interested in long-term investments or a broader range of asset classes. These factors, coupled with the potential cost and the steep learning curve, prompt some traders to seek alternatives.

Different platforms offer varying features, such as simpler interfaces, focus on other trading styles, or inclusion of additional asset classes. Exploring these alternatives allows traders to find a tool that aligns more closely with their individual trading strategies, skill levels, and financial goals.

For a deeper dive into the top platforms in this industry, check out my list of the best order flow trading software.

Top Three Bookmap Competitors

Jigsaw Trading

4.8 stars
Fees Varies
  • Comprehensive visual tools for an in-depth market view.
  • Real-time insights into market depth and price movements.
  • Advanced order flow training for skill enhancement.
  • Seamless integration with major brokers for efficient trading.
  • Designed specifically for active traders across multiple markets.
  • User-friendly interface catering to traders of all skill levels.
  • Robust community support for collaborative learning and strategy sharing.
  • Regular updates and new features keeping pace with market changes.
Jigsaw Trading has established itself as a formidable platform in the trading community, recognized for its detailed visual tools and real-time market insights. The platform excels in providing traders with a comprehensive view of market depth, helping them understand the nuances of price action and trading volumes.

Jigsaw's advanced order flow training is a key feature, offering in-depth knowledge and skill enhancement for traders. This is complemented by its integration with major brokers, simplifying the trading process for its users.

Founded by a group of seasoned traders, Jigsaw Trading's inception was driven by the need for a platform that provides a deeper understanding of market mechanics. The company's ethos is centered around empowering traders with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the complex world of trading. The collaborative community support and ongoing updates to the platform further demonstrate Jigsaw's commitment to its user base.

Market Chameleon

4.5 stars
Fees $0 - $99/mo
  • A blend of technical and fundamental analysis for comprehensive market understanding.
  • Algorithmic trading strategy insights to enhance trading approaches.
  • Support for proprietary trading techniques and unique strategies.
  • Active tracking of stock market trends and movements.
  • In-depth market statistics for informed trading decisions.
  • Access to balance of trade data for broader market analysis.
  • Regular updates on trading activity and market changes.
  • Comprehensive analysis of market trends and potential trading opportunities.
Market Chameleon stands out for its balanced approach to trading, providing a blend of technical and fundamental analysis. This makes it a versatile platform for traders looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of the markets.

The platform supports proprietary trading techniques, making it a valuable tool for traders developing unique strategies. Market Chameleon's algorithmic insights and depth of market statistics offer a detailed view of market dynamics, crucial for making informed trading decisions.

Market Chameleon was founded by experienced traders with the vision of creating a platform that offers a holistic view of the markets. The company's focus on combining technical and fundamental analysis has attracted a diverse group of traders. With regular updates and a commitment to providing comprehensive market insights, Market Chameleon has become a go-to platform for traders seeking a well-rounded trading tool.

Cheddar Flow

4.5 stars
Fees Varies
  • Flow charts that offer clear trading insights and identify hidden price patterns.
  • Real-time block trade alerts for timely trading opportunities.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for traders of all experience levels.
  • Powerful algorithmic trading strategies to enhance trading success.
  • Seamless integration with various trading platforms.
  • Active community support for sharing strategies and insights.
  • A comprehensive suite of tools for diverse trading needs.
  • Continuous updates to adapt to changing market conditions.
Cheddar Flow is renowned for its intuitive flow charts that provide valuable insights into trading patterns. The platform's real-time block trade alert system is a crucial feature for traders, ensuring they are always informed about significant market movements.

Cheddar Flow's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to traders of varying experience levels, while its robust algorithmic trading strategies cater to more advanced traders seeking to refine their trading approach.

The inception of Cheddar Flow was driven by a group of passionate traders aiming to democratize trading insights. The platform was designed to level the playing field, providing retail investors with tools and information typically reserved for institutional traders. Cheddar Flow's mission is to provide a powerful yet accessible trading tool, fostering a community of informed and successful traders.

Final Thoughts

Bookmap is a highly specialized tool catering to day traders who value detailed visual representations and real-time market insights. Click here if you’d like to explore the Bookmap platform further.

However, for traders seeking a different set of features or a broader range of trading styles, platforms like Jigsaw, Market Chameleon, and Cheddar Flow offer compelling alternatives.

Each of these platforms brings unique strengths to the table. Jigsaw is ideal for traders who prioritize comprehensive visual tools and real-time insights. Market Chameleon appeals to those who seek a balance of technical and fundamental analysis, while Cheddar Flow is suited for traders focusing on options markets and looking for a user-friendly interface.

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