Best Crypto Prop Trading Firms 2024

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May 30, 2024
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Best Cryptocurrency Prop Firms

The cryptocurrency market, with its allure of substantial gains, has become the focal point for many traders worldwide. However, as the adage goes, "high reward comes with high risk." While the opportunities are boundless, not everyone has the capital or the risk appetite to venture headfirst into the crypto universe.

Enter Crypto Prop Trading Firms – a bridge that connects the potential of the cryptocurrency market to both novice and professional traders. These firms offer traders the platform, resources, and funding needed to navigate the crypto market, armed with advanced tools and a safeguarded capital pool. This article delves deep into the realm of the best crypto prop trading firms, breaking down their benefits, what they offer, and an overview of the companies themselves.

The Best Crypto Proprietary Trading Firms in 2024

E8 Funding

4.6 stars
Tradable Assets Major Cryptos
Profit Split Up to 80%
Best For Seasoned traders
  • Focus on major cryptos.
  • Generous profit split.
  • Simple trading rules.
  • Quick funding programs.
  • Advanced trading tools.
  • Provides real market conditions.
  • Excellent customer support.
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E8 Funding strikes a balance between offering simple trading rules and providing access to major cryptos, allowing traders to focus on what they do best – trading. Their platform emphasizes flexibility, both in terms of the assets available and the trading strategies permitted.

The firm offers a generous 75-25 profit split, ensuring traders reap the fruits of their labor. Their funding programs are notably quick, ensuring traders can delve into the market without unnecessary delays. E8 Funding's commitment to providing real market conditions during the evaluation phase ensures traders are well-prepared for the real deal.

For those seeking advanced tools, E8 Funding does not disappoint. Their suite of tools is designed to give traders a cutting edge in the crypto market. Moreover, their customer support stands out, always ready to assist traders in their journey.

E8 Funding has firmly rooted itself in the crypto prop trading landscape, with a vision of offering unmatched flexibility to traders. Recognizing the dynamic nature of the crypto market, they've built a platform that evolves in tandem, ensuring traders always stay a step ahead. Their reputation is synonymous with simplicity and efficiency – making them a go-to for many in the crypto trading community.


4.5 stars
Tradable Assets Crypto, Forex, Stocks
Profit Split Up to 90%
Best For Rigorous evaluation criteria
  • Offers a two-phase evaluation period.
  • Extensive range of tradable crypto assets.
  • Impressive 90-10 profit split.
  • Access to real market conditions.
  • Comprehensive educational resources.
  • Advanced proprietary trading software.
  • Continuous trader support.
FTMO comes forth as a game-changer in the crypto prop trading space. Their unique two-phase evaluation period is designed to mold traders and assess their prowess before moving to live trading. This approach ensures that only skilled traders manage the company's capital, minimizing potential losses.

The firm stands out with its vast range of tradable crypto assets, ensuring traders have an extensive playground to choose from. Their 90-10 profit split is one of the industry's most generous offers – allowing traders to retain a significant portion of their earnings.

By granting access to real market conditions during the evaluation phases, FTMO guarantees an environment where traders can harness their skills against actual market movements. They also provide a plethora of educational resources and proprietary trading software, ensuring traders are always a step ahead. Continuous support for traders further accentuates their commitment to trader success.

FTMO's emergence in the prop trading industry has been marked by innovative solutions and a focus on trader growth. Their vision is clear – to nurture traders, allowing them to realize their full potential. By continually refining their processes and platforms, FTMO has positioned itself at the forefront of the prop trading domain, with a rapidly expanding community of traders who vouch for their services.

Crypto Fund Trader

4.5 stars
Tradable Assets Crypto futures
Profit Split 80-20
Best For Crypto futures
  • Specialized in crypto futures.
  • Impressive 80-20 profit split.
  • Progressive evaluation phases.
  • Access to crypto prop trader community.
  • Tailored educational content.
  • Advanced risk management tools.
  • Supports various trading styles.
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Crypto Fund Trader emerges as a niche player, specializing in crypto futures. The firm understands the intricacies of futures trading and equips traders with tools and strategies to navigate this complex space. Their 80-20 profit split is a testament to their confidence in their traders and the platform they've built.

The firm's progressive evaluation phases ensure traders grow at every step, gradually preparing them for larger funding. By providing access to an exclusive crypto prop trader community, they ensure peer learning and shared strategies become an integral part of the trading journey.

Crypto Fund Trader has curated educational content tailored for futures trading, bridging any knowledge gaps traders might have. Additionally, they offer advanced risk management tools – ensuring traders can safeguard their positions effectively in the volatile futures market.

Crypto Fund Trader is a beacon in the realm of crypto futures prop trading. Their vision is clear-cut: to provide a specialized platform where futures traders can thrive and grow. Their focus on innovation, paired with a deep understanding of the futures market, sets them apart in the prop trading space. With a growing community of satisfied traders, their footprint in the industry is undeniable.


4.7 stars
Tradable Assets Crypto, Forex
Profit Split Up to 90%
Best For Diverse profit splits
  • Diverse cryptocurrency assets.
  • Competitive profit-sharing structure.
  • Swift payout processes.
  • Stringent risk management policies.
  • Comprehensive trader support system.
  • Access to advanced trading platforms.
  • Lucrative challenges and bonuses.
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Fidelcrest, as a prop trading firm, aims to streamline the trading experience for crypto enthusiasts. They offer an array of cryptocurrency assets, catering to varied trader preferences. A standout feature is their competitive profit-sharing structure, ensuring traders are aptly rewarded for their skills and strategies.

Their swift payout processes mean traders don't have to wait endlessly to see the fruit of their efforts. As trading can sometimes be a precarious journey, Fidelcrest emphasizes its stringent risk management policies, ensuring traders have an added layer of security.

Their comprehensive trader support system and access to advanced trading platforms mark a significant advantage for traders. These platforms are integrated with tools and analytics that assist in making informed trading decisions. Additionally, Fidelcrest continually rolls out challenges and bonuses, adding a competitive edge to the trading experience and rewarding proficiency.

Originating as a response to the rising demand for crypto trading platforms, Fidelcrest quickly became a household name in the prop trading arena. Their dedication to fostering a trader-centric environment, coupled with their commitment to innovation, has allowed them to build a vast network of satisfied traders. Their ethos revolves around trust, transparency, and timely delivery, making them a preferred choice for many.

City Traders Imperium

4.6 stars
Tradable Assets Crypto, Commodities
Profit Split Up to 100%
Best For Evaluation programs
  • Diverse asset selection.
  • Competitive profit share of up to 100%.
  • Advanced evaluation programs.
  • Offers News Trading.
  • Access to elite traders community.
  • Comprehensive educational suite.
  • Encourages all types of traders.
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City Traders Imperium transforms the crypto trading space by offering a robust platform backed by an advanced evaluation program. This ensures traders align with the firm's strategies while benefiting from their resources. Their diverse asset selection, including crypto and commodities, provides traders with a vast horizon to expand and diversify.

The firm has taken a novel approach by supporting News Trading, which gives traders an edge in leveraging market trends. A defining feature is their competitive 70-30 profit share, which aligns well with the benefits they provide. Furthermore, they've established a rich community of elite traders. This community acts as a goldmine of strategies, experiences, and insights for both seasoned and beginner traders.

Their educational suite is both comprehensive and interactive, ensuring traders, regardless of their experience level, have the tools and knowledge to succeed. With a keen focus on nurturing traders, City Traders Imperium stands tall among its peers.

Hailing from the United Kingdom, City Traders Imperium has swiftly climbed the ranks in the prop trading industry. Their philosophy revolves around trader empowerment, ensuring each member feels valued and equipped. Their commitment to providing a holistic trading environment has garnered them a respected reputation, making them a top choice for many crypto traders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is prop trading?

Proprietary trading, commonly referred to as prop trading, involves financial firms or institutions trading stocks, forex, bonds, commodities, or other financial instruments with their own money, instead of using clients' funds. The primary aim is to achieve a direct profit for the trading company, separating it from regular client-driven trades.

Why choose a crypto prop trading firm?

Crypto prop trading firms allow both novice and professional traders to navigate the volatile cryptocurrency market using the firm's capital. This offers traders the opportunity to enhance their trading skills, access better resources, and trade without risking their own money. Given the high risk in the crypto world, these firms offer a safer environment for traders to learn and grow.

How do profit splits work in prop trading firms?

Profit splits refer to the division of profits earned from trading between the trader and the prop trading firm. For instance, an 80-20 split would mean that the trader receives 80% of the profits, while the firm gets 20%. The exact ratio varies among firms and can be influenced by factors like trader experience, the firm's policies, and the initial agreement.

Is there a risk involved with crypto prop trading firms?

While trading with a prop firm reduces the personal financial risk since you're using the firm's capital, trading itself always carries inherent risks. This is especially true in the crypto market, known for its volatility. However, most firms have strict risk management strategies in place to mitigate potential losses.

What are trading evaluations?

Trading evaluations are assessments conducted by prop trading firms to gauge a trader's skills, strategy, and potential. Often split into stages, these evaluations require traders to meet certain criteria, such as profit targets or maximum drawdowns, within a specific period. Successful completion typically leads to the trader receiving a funded account from the firm.

Can beginners join crypto prop trading firms?

Absolutely. Many prop trading firms cater to traders of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned pros. Beginners can benefit from educational materials, trading software, and communities offered by these firms to hone their skills in real market conditions without risking their own capital.

How do prop trading firms benefit from traders?

While traders use the firm's capital to generate profits, the firms themselves benefit from the profit splits, taking a percentage of the earnings. This allows them to earn without actively trading, and the risk is somewhat offset by having multiple traders and stringent evaluation processes.

What's the significance of daily drawdowns?

Daily drawdowns refer to the maximum amount a trader can lose in a single trading day. Prop trading firms set these limits to manage risks. If a trader hits the daily drawdown limit, their trading might be halted for the day to prevent further losses.

Do prop trading firms offer only cryptocurrency trading?

While this article focuses on crypto prop trading firms, many of these companies, offer a mix of assets, including forex, stocks, and commodities. Diversifying the trading assets allows traders to hedge risks and exploit opportunities across different financial markets.

Why is the crypto market considered volatile?

The crypto market is relatively young, and its valuation is often driven by speculation, news, regulatory changes, and technological advancements. These factors, combined with the market's 24/7 nature, lead to sudden and significant price movements, marking its volatility.

How do prop trading firms handle News Trading?

News Trading is a strategy based on trading financial assets based on news releases that might influence their prices. Prop firms usually have guidelines around trading during high-impact news events. Some might restrict trading during these times due to the unpredictability and heightened risk, while others might allow it with specific conditions.

Are crypto prop trading earnings taxable?

Yes, earnings from crypto prop trading are generally considered taxable income in most jurisdictions. However, the exact taxation rules vary by country. Traders are advised to consult a tax professional to understand their obligations.

What sets crypto prop trading apart from traditional trading?

Crypto prop trading specifically focuses on the cryptocurrency market, which operates 24/7 and is known for its volatility. Traditional trading, on the other hand, might refer to trading stocks, forex, or other assets with regular market hours and different volatility levels.

Is there a fee to join prop trading firms?

Many prop trading firms require a one-time fee or a monthly subscription to access their platform, tools, and resources. This fee often covers the evaluation process, training materials, and other operational costs of the firm.

How do I choose the best crypto prop trading firm for me?

Choosing the right prop firm depends on individual preferences and trading goals. It's essential to consider factors like profit splits, tradable assets, support, evaluation criteria, and the firm's reputation. Engaging with other traders, reading reviews, and trialing platforms can provide insights to make an informed decision.
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