Best Dividend Tracker App 2023

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Dec 06, 2023
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For any serious dividend investor, keeping tabs on one's portfolio is of paramount importance. With the upsurge of the fintech sector, a multitude of apps have burgeoned – designed explicitly for tracking dividends. However, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. In this guide, we sift through some of the best dividend tracker apps to help you make an informed decision.

Dividends offer a way for companies to share a slice of their profitability with shareholders. They provide passive income, thus making dividend stocks particularly attractive. Monitoring these dividend payments, future values, and upcoming payouts is made seamless with dedicated dividend tracker apps.

This article showcases the pros and cons of some top dividend tracker apps. We take a look into their features, overview, and the companies behind them. By the end, you should have a clear picture of which app best caters to your dividend tracking needs.

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Quick Breakdown

Best Dividend Trackers

  • Best overall, especially for their comprehensive dividend portfolio analysis.

  • Ideal for managing foreign shares and multi-asset class.

  • Excellent for dividend safety scores and alerts.

  • Best for automatic dividends and limited reporting.

  • Ideal for a wide range of financial tools.

  • Optimal for individual stocks and price alerts.

Best Dividend Tracker App


4.6 stars
Cost Structure Freemium with many plan options
Best For Dividend portfolio analysis
  • Comprehensive dividend portfolio analysis.
  • Track dividends over time.
  • Real-time progress alerts.
  • Dividend calendar integration.
  • Wide range of online tools.
  • Dividend yield and growth rate metrics.
  • Key features for informed decisions.
  • Portfolio base currency options.
Sharesight emerges as a top player in the dividend tracking realm. Boasting comprehensive portfolio analysis, it offers a bird's eye view of your entire portfolio, with a particular emphasis on dividends. Its ability to track dividends over time ensures that users understand the growth and stability of their passive income.

Real-time progress alerts keep users abreast of any changes, ensuring timely decisions. The integrated dividend calendar is a boon for those looking to keep a meticulous eye on upcoming dividends. With a wide range of online tools, Sharesight ensures all aspects of dividend investing are covered.

Additionally, the app's focus on dividend yield and growth rate metrics provides a clear snapshot of potential returns. It's peppered with key features that aim to assist in making informed decisions. Lastly, its ability to set the portfolio base currency comes in handy for international investors.

Sharesight, as a company, has positioned itself as a frontrunner in the investment tracking domain. They pride themselves on their dedication to providing dividend investors with top-tier tools. Their emphasis on real-time data, coupled with a commitment to user-centric features, has earned them a reputable standing in the financial community.


4 stars
Cost Structure From $12.50/month
Best For Multi-asset classes
  • Tracks dividends over time.
  • Simplified portfolio base currency conversions.
  • Asset class categorization.
  • Efficient dividend calendar.
  • Real-time portfolio performance metrics.
  • Supports foreign shares.
  • Secure data storage.
  • Financial models for informed decisions.
Kubera brings a holistic approach to dividend tracking, allowing users to view their dividends over a specific period of time. This longitudinal view can be invaluable for understanding the impact of dividends on one's overall financial health. The platform also simplifies conversions by supporting various portfolio base currencies, ensuring accuracy in dividend calculations.

The categorization of asset classes allows users to diversify their investment portfolio, balancing between high-risk and low-risk assets. With the dividend calendar, users can anticipate upcoming dividend payments, planning their cash flow accordingly.

Kubera's emphasis on security is evident with its commitment to secure data storage. Coupled with its financial models, it provides users the tools needed to make informed decisions, be it for short-term gains or long-term dividend investing.

Kubera prides itself on offering a well-rounded financial tool, not just limited to dividend tracking. The company's mission revolves around simplifying financial management, ensuring every user, whether novice or seasoned, can navigate the financial markets with ease. Their dedication to user security and data integrity sets them apart in the crowded financial tool space.

Stock Rover

4.4 stars
Cost Structure $7.99/Month (Essentials) to $27.99/Month (Premium Plan)
Best For Dividend safety
  • Comprehensive dividend safety scores.
  • Alerts for key dividend dates.
  • Detailed dividend screener.
  • Portfolio analysis tools.
  • Dividend yield and performance metrics.
  • Upcoming dividend payout notifications.
  • Integration with brokerage accounts.
  • User-friendly dashboard.
Stock Rover, with its advanced features, caters to both beginner and seasoned dividend investors. Its dividend safety scores are comprehensive, offering insights into the reliability of dividends. The alert system, which notifies users of key dividend dates such as Ex-Dividend Date, ensures one is always on top of their game.

The platform's dividend screener is a standout, allowing users to filter out stocks based on their dividend performance and other key metrics. This feature, combined with the portfolio analysis tools, makes it easier for users to assess and optimize their entire portfolio.

Stock Rover doesn’t stop at just dividend tracking – it allows users to integrate their brokerage accounts for a holistic financial management experience. The user-friendly dashboard presents all the information in an easily digestible manner, enhancing the overall user experience.

Stock Rover is recognized for its dedication to providing cutting-edge financial tools. Their emphasis on detailed analysis and user-centric design has garnered them respect in the investment community. With a team that's constantly innovating, they're at the forefront of transforming the way people approach dividend investing.


4.4 stars
Cost Structure $8/month
Best For Automatic dividends
  • Automatic dividend tracking.
  • Simplified limited reporting.
  • Key metrics at a glance.
  • Real-time progress of dividends.
  • Risk level assessment.
  • Mobile-friendly interface.
  • Monthly dividend income summary.
  • Passive income optimization tools.
Empower aims to simplify the dividend tracking process, making it accessible for all. It shines with its automatic dividend tracking feature, ensuring users never miss out on any dividend payment. The limited reporting is a boon for those who prefer a less cluttered, more streamlined approach to financial tracking.

Key metrics are presented in a straightforward manner, ensuring even the novice investor can make sense of their dividend history and upcoming dividends. The app's real-time progress feature ensures users are constantly updated about their dividend performance, and any changes in the market are promptly reflected.

The risk level assessment, integrated into the platform, allows users to gauge the safety of their investments, making it easier to make informed decisions. Additionally, the user-friendly mobile interface ensures dividend tracking on the go, making it a favorite among many users.

Empower is known for its commitment to simplifying financial management. The company's mission revolves around empowering individuals to take charge of their financial future. By providing intuitive tools and a user-centric platform, they've made dividend management straightforward and hassle-free.

Snowball Analytics

4.6 stars
Cost Structure Varies based on plan type
Best For Financial tools
  • Offers a wide range of financial tools.
  • Dedicated dividend tracker software.
  • Future payments prediction.
  • Dividend safety score integration.
  • Portfolio performance metrics.
  • Dividend tracking for foreign shares.
  • Risk assessment features.
  • Monthly dividend income updates.
Snowball Analytics provides a holistic approach to dividend tracking. The platform integrates a wide range of financial tools, making it a one-stop-shop for dividend investors. It stands out with its dedicated dividend tracker software, which ensures every detail is at the user's fingertips.

The app's prowess in predicting future payments gives investors an edge in planning. Snowball's integration of dividend safety scores is a game-changer, ensuring users are well-informed about potential risks. Their platform doesn’t just stop at local shares – it extends its dividend tracking capabilities to foreign shares as well.

Performance metrics give a clear picture of how the portfolio is faring. Coupled with monthly dividend income updates, users are always in the loop. Furthermore, its risk assessment features ensure users understand the volatility and stability of their investments.

Snowball Analytics is all about providing a detailed, analytical approach to dividend investing. They've harnessed the power of technology to offer a platform that's both intuitive and comprehensive. Their emphasis on data-driven insights has made them a go-to for many seasoned and newbie dividend investors alike.


4 stars
Cost Structure Freemium
Best For Individual
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP).
  • Real-time price alerts.
  • Instant access to dividend earnings.
  • Wide range of stock options.
  • Mobile and web platform availability.
  • Free stock trading with no commissions.
  • Dividend calendar for scheduled payments.
Robinhood, widely known for democratizing finance, also offers robust features for dividend investors. Its intuitive user interface makes it easier for newcomers to navigate the world of dividend stocks. With the dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP), users can automatically reinvest their dividend earnings, amplifying the compounding effect.

Real-time price alerts keep users updated about any price fluctuations, ensuring they're well-informed to make strategic investment decisions. Furthermore, Robinhood provides instant access to dividend earnings, meaning users can utilize or reinvest their dividends without delay.

The platform’s wide range of stock options ensures users have diverse choices, from high-yield dividend stocks to growth-centric ones. Whether using the mobile or web platform, the experience remains seamless, further boosting its popularity among the masses.

Robinhood stands out as a disruptor in the financial industry. Launched with the aim of offering commission-free stock trading, the company has grown exponentially. With its commitment to making financial tools and resources accessible to everyone, Robinhood has carved a significant niche for itself in the brokerage world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a dividend tracker app?

A dividend tracker app is a dedicated tool that allows investors to monitor and manage their dividend investments. It provides insights into dividend payments, upcoming dividends, dividend history, and more. The primary goal is to help users stay informed and make data-driven decisions about their dividend portfolio.

Why is tracking dividends important for investors?

Tracking dividends helps investors to understand their passive income flow. By monitoring dividend performance, investors can gauge which stocks are consistent in payouts and which ones might be underperforming. Regular tracking also assists in planning future investments based on the dividend yield and performance.

How do dividend safety scores work?

Dividend safety scores assess the likelihood of a company cutting its dividend in the future. These scores are derived from financial models that evaluate a company's financial health, payout ratio, and other key metrics. A higher score typically indicates a more reliable dividend.

Can I use dividend tracker apps for foreign shares?

Yes, many dividend tracker apps, like Kubera, support foreign shares. They convert dividends from various currencies to the portfolio base currency, allowing users to have a consolidated view of their global dividend income.

What is the dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP)?

A dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP) allows investors to automatically reinvest their dividends back into more shares of the stock. This aids in compounding growth, as investors increase their holdings without additional cash investment.

How do dividend calendar features benefit investors?

A dividend calendar offers a schedule of upcoming dividend payments. This helps investors anticipate cash inflows, aiding in cash flow planning and ensuring they don't miss any dividend payouts.

Is monthly dividend income better than annual dividends?

Monthly dividends provide more frequent cash inflows, which can be advantageous for those needing regular income. However, whether monthly or annual dividends are "better" depends on an investor's financial goals and cash flow needs.

How do dividend tracker apps ensure data security?

Reputable dividend tracker apps prioritize user data security. They employ encryption protocols, secure data storage practices, and regular security audits to safeguard users' financial information.

What are dividend yield and growth rate?

Dividend yield is a percentage that shows how much a company pays out in dividends relative to its stock price. The dividend growth rate, on the other hand, indicates how much the dividend payment has grown over a specific period of time.

Can I link my brokerage accounts to these apps?

Many dividend tracker apps allow users to link their brokerage accounts for real-time data syncing. This ensures that the portfolio information is always up-to-date and reflects the latest transactions.

How do dividend tracker apps differ from regular stock portfolio trackers?

While both tools offer insights into investments, dividend tracker apps are specialized for dividend investments. They provide features like dividend calendars, dividend safety scores, and dividend reinvestment options, focusing on maximizing dividend income.

Is there a cost to using dividend tracker apps?

While some dividend tracker apps offer free versions with limited reporting, many have premium versions with advanced features. Costs can vary based on the tool and the range of services provided.

How do dividend trackers help in tax planning?

Dividend trackers maintain a record of all dividend payments, aiding in accurate tax calculations. They ensure investors have all the necessary data when filing taxes, minimizing any discrepancies.

What's the significance of the Ex-Dividend Date in dividend investing?

The Ex-Dividend Date is the cut-off date after which new shareholders are not entitled to the next dividend payment. It's crucial for investors who want to receive the upcoming dividend to own the stock before this date.

Can these apps help in making informed decisions about future dividend investments?

Absolutely. Dividend tracker apps offer insights into dividend yields, performance, safety scores, and more. This data aids investors in making informed decisions, ensuring they choose stocks aligning with their financial objectives.
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