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Jun 20, 2024
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Best Alternatives to Empower

  • Best for comprehensive financial management, including budgeting, investment tracking, and retirement planning.

  • Ideal for users seeking a highly customizable budgeting solution integrated with Google Sheets.

  • Suitable for individuals focused on detailed retirement planning and wealth management.
Empower, known for its innovative approach to personal finance management, has carved out a niche in the fintech industry. It's known for offering tools that automate savings, facilitate subscription management, and provide personalized budgeting solutions. However, as diverse as Empower's offerings are, they might not meet every individual's financial management needs. This article will explore some of the top alternatives to Empower, delving into their unique features and benefits. We will consider why these alternatives might be a better fit for certain financial management styles or specific user requirements.

Empower Overview

Empower stands out in the personal finance management space with its suite of automated features designed to simplify the process of saving money and managing subscriptions. Its platform offers customizable budget categories and efficient expense tracking, tailoring the personal finance experience to individual habits and goals. Empower's bill negotiation services and financial insights provide users with practical tools to reduce expenses and understand their spending patterns better. The platform's user-friendly interface and comprehensive account aggregation capabilities make financial management accessible to a broad range of users. Founded as a fintech company, Empower focuses on providing tools that assist in savings, budgeting, and expense management, making it a comprehensive and user-friendly financial assistant for those seeking a holistic approach to managing their finances. For more information, read my Empower review article.

Empower Pros & Cons


● Automated savings features simplify money-saving processes.

● Unique subscription cancellation service helps manage monthly expenses.

● Customizable budget categories and detailed expense tracking.


● Limited investment tracking capabilities.

● May not cater to advanced financial planning needs.

Why Explore Other Options?

While Empower offers a streamlined approach to budgeting and saving, some users may seek more comprehensive financial planning tools, including investment tracking and retirement planning. Others might prefer platforms with more traditional budgeting methodologies or those offering a different user experience. Exploring alternatives to Empower can provide users with options that might be more aligned with their personal financial management style or specific needs, such as more in-depth analysis, investment advice, or a broader range of financial services. To dive a little deeper into the industry and all the options, check out my article covering the best net worth trackers.Get Started With Empower

Top Three Empower Competitors


4.8 stars
Fees Varies
Best For Overall personal finances
  • Veteran status in personal finance software with a comprehensive approach.
  • Integrates with a wide range of financial institutions.
  • Advanced features for investment and retirement tracking.
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Quicken is a renowned personal finance software that offers a comprehensive approach to financial management. It excels in providing users with an integrated platform for budgeting, tracking expenses, and managing investments.

Quicken allows seamless connectivity with a wide range of financial institutions, enabling users to consolidate all their financial data in one place. Its advanced features include detailed investment tracking, retirement planning, and a budget planning calendar, helping users to set and achieve their financial goals.

The platform's real-time data ensures users have up-to-date insights into their financial situation, aiding in making informed financial decisions. Quicken's versatility makes it suitable for a variety of users, from individuals managing personal finances to small business owners handling complex financial tasks.

Quicken began its journey in 1983, co-founded by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx. The idea originated from Cook's observation of his wife's struggle with household finances and the potential for software solutions in personal finance management.

Quicken has evolved significantly since its inception, adapting to changes in technology and user needs. Now led by CEO Eric Dunn, the company continues to innovate, offering products like Quicken for Windows, Quicken for Mac, and the Simplifi by Quicken mobile app.

With over three decades of experience, Quicken has established itself as a trusted name in personal finance software, dedicated to helping users effectively manage and grow their financial assets.


4.4 stars
Tiller revolutionizes personal finance management by integrating seamlessly with Google Sheets, offering users a customizable and flexible platform for tracking their finances. The service provides automatic bank feeds, updating financial data directly into Google Sheets.

This integration allows users to take advantage of Google Sheets' powerful features and Tiller's financial data to create personalized budgets and track expenses effectively. Tiller's advanced financial reporting capabilities make it an excellent choice for users who are comfortable with spreadsheet tools and seek a high degree of customization in their financial management.

The platform's Tiller Money Feeds feature ensures that users have real-time access to their financial data, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date financial overview.

Tiller was founded by Peter Polson in 2014, with a mission to provide a more personalized and flexible approach to personal finance management. Polson's background in technology and finance, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit, led to the creation of Tiller.

The company is based in Seattle, Washington, and has focused on leveraging the power of spreadsheets to make financial tracking and budgeting more accessible and customizable. Tiller's commitment to user-friendly financial tools has made it a popular choice for those seeking an alternative to traditional budgeting apps, offering a unique blend of personalization and automation in finance management.


5 stars
Fees Varies
Best For Retirement planning
NewRetirement offers a comprehensive retirement planning tool that caters to individuals looking to take control of their retirement planning. The platform features real-time data tracking for retirement accounts, enabling users to monitor their retirement age and savings progress accurately.

One of the key strengths of NewRetirement is its wealth management and advisory services, which offer expert guidance in retirement planning. The platform allows users to create personalized retirement plans using customizable rules and advanced forecasting features.

With tools that account for various factors such as taxes, real estate, and medical expenses, NewRetirement provides a holistic view of retirement planning, ensuring that users have a thorough understanding of their future financial needs.

NewRetirement was founded in 2005 by brothers Stephen and Tim Chen. The idea for the company stemmed from Stephen's personal experience in seeking affordable retirement planning tools for his mother. Recognizing the need for accessible retirement planning resources, the Chens aimed to fill a gap in the market.

Since its inception, NewRetirement has grown into a platform dedicated to providing trustworthy retirement planning tools at an affordable price. The company has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is known for its commitment to quality, transparency, and providing valuable educational content.

NewRetirement's platform has become a valuable resource for individuals seeking informed and confident retirement planning.

Final Thoughts

Empower is a great tool for individuals seeking an automated, user-friendly approach to budgeting and expense management. If you think it sounds like a great option and would like to explore Empower further, click here.

For people looking for more comprehensive financial planning tools, platforms like Quicken, Tiller, and NewRetirement offer compelling alternatives. Quicken provides an all-in-one solution for budgeting, investment, and retirement planning, Tiller caters to those who prefer a high degree of customization in their budgeting process, and NewRetirement offers in-depth retirement planning services.

Depending on their specific financial management needs and preferences, users may find one of these alternatives more suitable to achieve their financial goals and enhance their overall financial well-being.

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