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Jun 23, 2024
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Best Alternatives to FTMO

  • Excellent for traders in search of straightforward, flexible trading conditions.

  • Ideal for traders looking for high profit splits and a variety of trading instruments.

  • Best for those emphasizing personalized trading strategies and forex trading.
In the fast-paced world of proprietary trading, platforms like FTMO have made a significant mark by offering traders substantial capital to trade with. While FTMO has its distinct advantages, the dynamic nature of prop trading means that different traders have varying preferences and needs. This article delves into the core aspects of FTMO, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.

Additionally, it explores notable alternatives to FTMO – Fidelcrest, City Traders Imperium, and SurgeTrader – each bringing unique attributes and opportunities for traders. Understanding these platforms is key for traders in choosing the one that aligns best with their specific trading style and objectives.

FTMO Company Background

FTMO is a renowned name in proprietary trading. The firm was established in 2015 and headquartered in Prague. They offer up to $400,000 in funding, FTMO is celebrated for its challenge-based model that allows traders to showcase their skills without an upfront investment.

Traders enjoy a great deal of flexibility in their strategies, whether it be scalping, day trading, or other methods. With an attractive 90% profit split and a focus on community and education, FTMO is a top choice for many traders worldwide. Its integration of modern trading tools and technology further cements its position as a leader in the prop trading space.

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Pros & Cons of FTMO


● Substantial funding up to $400,000.

● Favorable 90% profit split for traders.

● No need for initial investment.

● Flexibility in trading strategies.

● Strong community and educational support.


● The challenge model may be intimidating for some.

● Limited suitability for long-term investment strategies.

● Restrictions on trading instruments and markets.

● Pressure to meet challenge criteria.

● Geographical limitations for certain traders.

Why Seek FTMO Alternatives?

FTMO is an excellent platform, but it may not be the perfect fit for every trader's style and requirements.

Alternatives to FTMO could offer different funding models, less stringent challenge conditions, or a focus on trading instruments other than what FTMO specializes in.

Traders with various risk appetites, strategies, or those seeking educational aspects in their trading journey may find these alternatives more aligned with their needs. Exploring different platforms broadens a trader's horizon, enabling them to find a platform that closely matches their trading philosophy and goals.

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Top Three FTMO Competitors


4.4 stars
Tradable Assets Futures, Forex, Options, & more
Best For Flexible strategies
  • Simple and transparent trading conditions.
  • Flexibility in adopting various trading strategies.
  • Up to 90% profit share potential.
  • Autonomy with no mandatory trading days.
  • Access to a broad array of trading instruments.
  • Direct and adaptable funding options.
  • Emphasis on trader empowerment and independence.
  • User-friendly platform catering to all trader levels.
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SurgeTrader emerges as a straightforward and adaptable platform, designed for traders who value freedom and a variety of trading approaches. The potential for a high profit share and a range of trading instruments make SurgeTrader an appealing choice for traders across different career stages.
SurgeTrader, initiated in 2021 by a team of experienced traders and finance experts, aimed to demystify the process of obtaining trader funding. Their focus on trader needs has quickly established SurgeTrader as an influential entity in the prop trading world.


4.3 stars
Fees Forex, Stocks
Best For 2-step challenge
  • Funding options up to $400,000.
  • High 90% profit split for traders.
  • Wide selection of trading instruments.
  • Clear, upfront fee structure.
  • Advanced and user-friendly trading technology.
  • Opportunities for ongoing account growth.
  • Comprehensive resources for trader education.
  • Transparent, trader-centric policies.
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Fidelcrest offers an environment conducive to ambitious trading, with a high funding capacity and a lucrative profit split. The platform caters to both new and seasoned traders with its diverse trading instruments and advanced technological features. Its emphasis on transparency and trader growth, coupled with educational resources, make Fidelcrest a robust platform for those looking to elevate their trading career.
Fidelcrest, established with the vision of transforming prop trading standards, has garnered a global presence. It is committed to nurturing trader talent and equipping them with essential resources, emphasizing its dedication to the trading community's success.

City Traders Imperium

4.6 stars
Fees Forex, Indices
Best For Personalized approach
  • Personalized trading strategies for individual traders.
  • Customized proprietary trading program tailored to each trader.
  • Specialization in Forex and Indices trading.
  • Encouragement of trader individuality and diverse trading styles.
  • Lucrative profit splits, reaching up to 100% for top performers.
  • Strong focus on trader education and growth.
  • Access to performance coaching and strategy courses.
  • A mentorship hub fostering a community of skilled traders.
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City Traders Imperium is renowned for its personalized approach to trading, offering traders the flexibility to use diverse strategies. With funding ranging from $20,000 to $70,000 and leverage up to 1:100, it caters to a wide range of traders. The platform is not just about providing capital; it's a comprehensive educational and mentorship hub, dedicated to fostering trader development and success.
Founded in London by experienced traders Daniel Martin and Martin Najat, City Traders Imperium focuses on rectifying the unrealistic promises often made in the prop trading industry. They offer structured education, expert guidance, and proper funding, making CTI a beacon for beginners and seasoned traders seeking a reliable and educational trading experience.

Final Thoughts

FTMO offers a robust platform for traders seeking significant capital and community support. Click here to explore FTMO further.

However, alternatives like Fidelcrest, City Traders Imperium, and SurgeTrader present unique advantages, catering to different trader needs. Fidelcrest is a great choice for varied trading options and high profit shares, CTI suits those focusing on personalized strategies and forex trading, while SurgeTrader is ideal for a straightforward, flexible trading environment.

Choosing the right platform depends on individual trading objectives, risk tolerance, and desired support level. Each platform provides distinct benefits, empowering traders to select one that aligns with their specific trading journey and aspirations.

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