Best Funded Stock Trading Accounts 2023

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Sep 28, 2023
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In the vast financial universe, having ample capital to trade is often a limiting factor for many aspiring traders. While talent and strategy are essential, capital plays a pivotal role in realizing one's trading potential.

Funded stock trader accounts have emerged as a beacon of hope, allowing traders to harness significant trading capital without the burden of personal financial risk. These accounts provide an avenue to prove one's trading skills and earn a spot trading real money.

This article embarks on a journey to explore the top funded stock trader accounts, shedding light on their benefits, platforms, and the essence of each company, ensuring both novices and experienced traders make informed choices.

Quick Breakdown

Best Funded Stock Accounts

  • Best overall, and known for its flexibility across various markets.

  • Premier choice for forex trading aficionados.

  • Renowned for in-depth real-time market data.

  • Ideal for those prioritizing educational resources.

  • Celebrated for swift funding post-evaluation.

  • Tailored for traders seeking the narrowest spreads.

The Best Funded Stock Trading Accounts in 2023

Cost From $165/month
Evaluation Phase Yes
Minimum Requirements 15 trading days
Best For Flexibility
  • Embraces a multitude of trading strategies
  • Zero one-time fee for evaluations
  • Expansive variety of markets
  • Intuitive trading platform
  • Generous buying power for funded traders
  • Comprehensive educational tools
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TopStep, a distinguished prop trading firm, prides itself on its adaptability and broad spectrum of markets. The firm’s hallmark, the Trading Combine, is a two-phase evaluation designed to vet traders before granting them funded accounts.

This ensures that only the most skilled and disciplined traders get access to significant trading capital. With a platform that champions user-friendliness, even trading novices find the transition smooth. Coupled with a vast reservoir of educational materials – TopStep not only offers a platform to trade but also fosters the growth of trading skills.

Founded with the vision to democratize access to the financial markets, TopStep has carved a niche for itself on the global stage. With its roots firmly anchored by a team of seasoned traders, the company is on a mission to nurture and elevate the future stalwarts of trading.
Cost €99 - €5,998
Evaluation Phase Yes
Minimum Requirements 10 trading days
Best For Forex
  • Specialized in forex trading
  • Quick evaluation turnaround
  • Access to global financial markets
  • State-of-the-art trading platform
  • Diverse educational resources
  • Robust customer support
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At the forefront of forex trading, Fidelcrest stands as a beacon for currency trading enthusiasts. The firm's evaluation process is streamlined, ensuring that traders can swiftly transition from the assessment phase to live trading.

With its fingers on the pulse of global markets, Fidelcrest offers traders a platform that’s both advanced and intuitive. Their commitment to education further ensures that traders are always abreast of the latest strategies and market trends.

Established with a focus on forex, Fidelcrest has quickly climbed the ranks to become one of the most sought-after prop trading firms. Their dedication to trader success and continuous innovation is evident in their offerings and global trader community.
Cost Variable
Evaluation Phase Yes
Minimum Requirements 20 trading days
Best For Market Data
  • Vast array of asset classes.
  • No hidden charges.
  • Advanced real-time market data.
  • Comprehensive educational content.
  • Versatile trading platform.
  • Quick funding upon evaluation success.
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Elite Trader Funding, with its name echoing its ethos, is designed to cater to traders who aim for the zenith. The firm's extensive asset offerings mean that traders aren't restricted in their strategies, making it a haven for diverse trading styles.

Their standout feature remains the access they provide to advanced real-time market data, a treasure trove for data-driven traders. This, combined with a platform that emphasizes functionality and agility, makes it a preferred choice for many.

With a vision centered around excellence, Elite Trader Funding was conceptualized to bridge the chasm between traders' ambitions and their means. The company's steadfast commitment to fostering talent and ensuring traders have the requisite tools and data has solidified its reputation in the market.
Cost $150 - $550
Evaluation Phase Yes
Minimum Requirements 14 trading days
Best For Education
  • Emphasis on trader education.
  • Realistic evaluation parameters.
  • Seamless platform interface.
  • Access to leading financial markets.
  • Regular webinars and training sessions.
  • Prompt customer support.
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Earn2Trade is an emblem of learning as much as it is of trading. Recognizing that a well-informed trader is often a successful one, they've intertwined educational resources into their platform. While traders can engage in various markets, they can also dip into webinars, training sessions, and a curated list of resources. Their evaluation process respects real-world trading conditions – ensuring that those who make the cut are truly prepared for the challenges of live trading.
Born out of the need to harmonize education with live trading experiences, Earn2Trade's genesis was inspired by traders' aspirations. The company thrives on its mission to cultivate informed traders who are not just skilled but also discerning in their strategies.
Profit Split Variable
Evaluation Phase Yes
Minimum Requirements 15 trading days
Best For Quick Funding
  • Instant funding after successful evaluation.
  • Access to global exchanges.
  • User-friendly trading platform.
  • Diverse asset classes to explore.
  • Competitive evaluation fees.
  • Strong trader community.
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E8 Funding, while being one of the newer entrants, has rapidly established itself as a heavyweight. Their most lauded feature is the lightning-quick funding post-evaluation, which means successful traders can dive right into the action.

With doors open to global exchanges and a diverse range of asset classes, E8 ensures its traders have the world at their fingertips. Moreover, a robust community means traders can exchange ideas, strategies, and insights, further enriching their experience.

E8 Funding's journey began with a singular aim: to democratize access to trading capital while nurturing a community of insightful traders. Their rapid ascent in the industry testifies to their commitment and the trust they've garnered from traders globally.
Profit Split Variable
Evaluation Phase Yes
Minimum Requirements 10 trading days
Best For Tight Spreads
  • Ultra-narrow spreads for traders.
  • Comprehensive range of trading instruments.
  • Cutting-edge platform technology.
  • Expedited evaluation process.
  • Access to elite trading tools.
  • Dedicated support team.
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Bulenox, while exuding an air of exclusivity, has rooted its foundations in delivering unparalleled value to its traders. Known for offering some of the industry's narrowest spreads, it ensures traders retain a sizable chunk of their earnings. Their vast array of trading instruments and a platform infused with the latest technology make every trading endeavor an enriched experience. vWith Bulenox, traders aren’t just accessing capital but stepping into an ecosystem designed for their success.

Carving a niche in a competitive market, Bulenox was envisioned to offer traders an environment where conditions are optimal for success. With a relentless focus on refinement and innovation, the company stands tall as a beacon of excellence in the world of funded trading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are funded trader accounts?

Funded trader accounts offer aspiring traders an opportunity to trade with significant capital provided by proprietary trading firms. The firms typically have an evaluation phase where traders demonstrate their skills. Once they pass, they're given access to larger trading capital.

The appeal of these accounts lies in their ability to grant traders the leverage to make significant profits without risking their own money. However, the firms take a percentage of the profits, which varies from one company to another.

How do prop trading firms benefit?

Proprietary trading firms, or prop firms, primarily benefit from profit splits. When traders succeed and make profits, these firms take a percentage. This model allows them to harness the skills of numerous traders without having to pay fixed salaries.

Moreover, the rigorous evaluation process ensures that only skilled traders get access to the firm's capital. This minimizes risks and aligns the interests of both the trader and the firm.

Is there a risk with funded trading accounts?

Funded trading accounts come with set rules and guidelines. Traders are expected to respect daily loss limits and other stipulated conditions. If breached, they risk losing their funded account status or even facing penalties.

However, the primary advantage is that traders aren't risking their own capital. The onus is on ensuring that they adhere to the firm's guidelines, trade responsibly, and make consistent profits.

Why are profit splits essential?

Profit splits represent the division of profits between the trader and the prop firm. It's essential because it determines how much a trader earns from their successful trades.

It also aligns the interests of both parties. The firm is incentivized to support and provide resources to the trader, knowing they benefit directly from the trader's success.

How long is the typical evaluation phase?

The evaluation phase varies among firms but typically spans a few weeks to a month. During this period, traders are tested on their trading skills, strategies, and risk management techniques.

The duration ensures that the firm gets an accurate representation of a trader's capabilities. It filters out luck-based successes and identifies consistently skilled individuals.

Do traders need their own software?

Most prop firms provide traders with a specific trading platform and real-time data. This ensures that everyone uses uniform tools and receives the same quality of information.

However, traders can often integrate their preferred analysis tools or software, provided they are compatible with the firm's primary platform.

Can beginners try funded trader accounts?

Yes, beginners can apply for funded trader accounts. However, the evaluation phase challenges their trading skills, and experience often plays a crucial role.

Many prop firms also offer educational tools and resources. Beginners are advised to leverage these resources before attempting the evaluation phase.

Are there asset restrictions with funded accounts?

Asset offerings vary among prop firms. Some may offer a wide variety of financial instruments, while others might focus on specific markets like forex or stocks.

It's crucial for traders to research and pick firms that align with their trading style and preferred asset classes.

What happens after passing the evaluation?

Once a trader successfully completes the evaluation, they're transitioned to a funded account. This means they can start trading with the firm's capital and work towards their profit targets.

As traders progress and show consistent success, they might receive access to more substantial capital and better profit splits.

Do traders get educational support?

Many prop firms emphasize trader growth and provide a suite of educational tools. These could include webinars, training sessions, and curated resources.

Education, coupled with hands-on trading, equips traders with a holistic skill set, increasing their chances of consistent success.

How important is risk management?

Risk management is paramount in trading, especially with funded accounts. Prop firms have guidelines in place to protect their capital, like daily loss limits and maximum drawdowns.

Traders who excel in risk management are more likely to have prolonged success and maintain a good standing with the firm.

Are there any hidden fees with funded accounts?

While most firms are transparent about their fees, traders should always read the terms and conditions. Some might charge for platform access, data feeds, or other services.

Due diligence is crucial to ensure there are no unexpected costs down the line.

Can traders withdraw profits anytime?

Withdrawal procedures and timelines differ among firms. While some allow monthly withdrawals, others might have specific thresholds or dates.

It's essential to be familiar with the withdrawal process to ensure smooth and timely access to one's earnings.

Is news trading allowed with funded accounts?

News trading policies vary. Some firms might restrict trading during significant news events due to the volatility, while others might allow it with certain conditions.

Traders should ensure they are well-informed about the firm's stance on news trading to avoid potential pitfalls.

What if a trader fails the evaluation phase?

If a trader doesn't pass the evaluation, some firms might offer a second chance or a discounted re-evaluation. Traders can also take this as a learning experience, refine their strategies, and try again.

Persistence and learning from one's mistakes are often the keys to eventually succeeding in the funded trading world.

Do prop firms support global traders?

While many prop firms cater to a global audience, certain regional restrictions might apply due to regulatory constraints or operational choices. Before signing up, traders should verify if the firm operates in their country. Some firms might also offer localized support, tutorials, and resources based on the trader's location, making it even more essential to choose a firm that aligns with one's geographical context.

Can traders use automated trading systems?

The acceptance of automated trading systems varies among firms. Some might welcome algorithmic strategies, while others may restrict or regulate their use.

It's essential to check the firm's policy on this. If they do allow automated systems, traders should ensure their chosen platform supports their specific algorithm or bot.

How do prop firms handle volatile market conditions?

During highly volatile market phases, prop firms might implement additional safeguards to protect their capital. This could include reducing the buying power, altering the daily loss limits, or even temporarily halting trading.

It's important for traders to stay updated with any communication from the firm during such times and adjust their trading strategies accordingly.

What kind of customer support do prop firms offer?

Most reputable prop firms provide robust customer support to assist traders with any platform-related issues, trading queries, or administrative concerns. This could be through email, phone, live chat, or a combination of these.

A responsive support team can be invaluable, especially during critical trading moments or when facing technical difficulties.

Are there any long-term commitments with funded accounts?

Generally, traders are not bound by long-term contracts with prop firms. They can stop trading or switch firms if they feel it's not the right fit. However, any outstanding fees or costs should be settled.

Before starting, it's beneficial to understand the terms of engagement, ensuring there are no surprises if one decides to discontinue trading with a particular firm.

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