Best Funded Trader Programs

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May 20, 2024
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Best Funded Trading Programs

For traders seeking to catapult their trading careers, funded trader programs have emerged as a beacon of hope. These platforms help talented traders access significant capital without bearing the full brunt of financial risks.

Through a series of evaluations, traders prove their skills and earn the chance to manage vast sums. This article delves deep, exploring the best funded trader programs in the industry, their benefits, and what they entail.

Transitioning from a retail trader to a professional can seem daunting. With the vast sea of proprietary trading firms and their varied offerings, how does one choose? As we delve into the details of the top funded trader programs, we’ll shine a light on their unique attributes – helping traders make an informed choice.

For the dedicated, this is not just an opportunity for funding but a chance to join a thriving trading community. Ready to embark on this journey? Let's dive in.

The Best Funded Trader Programs in October 2024


4.6 stars
Cost From $165/month
Best For Variety of trading platforms
  • Access to a variety of trading platforms.
  • Established industry leader.
  • Comprehensive evaluation phases.
  • Generous profit splits.
  • Robust trader community.
  • Strong educational support.
  • Flexible trading strategies.
  • Futures and forex trading options.
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TopStep, renowned in the industry, offers traders a chance to show off their trading skills and earn coveted funded positions. Their unique approach to trading evaluations ensures only skilled traders advance, maintaining their high standards. With access to multiple popular forex trading platforms, traders have the tools they need.

Having a solid trader community means participants can share insights, learn, and grow collectively. Their educational content, tailored for all levels of traders, ensures that participants have the knowledge they need to succeed. Furthermore, their generous profit splits make the journey worthwhile.

Since its inception, TopStep has focused on identifying and nurturing trading talent. With an ethos centered on community, education, and opportunity, they have emerged as a favored choice for many looking to start their prop trading journey.

Funded Trading Plus

4.2 stars
Cost Varies
Best For Experienced traders
  • Diverse financial markets access.
  • Support for multiple trading styles.
  • Competitive evaluation program.
  • Swift payouts to profitable traders.
  • State-of-the-art trading platform.
  • Vast educational resources.
  • News trading friendly.
  • Prompt customer support.
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Funded Trading Plus offers a holistic environment for those serious about trading. With access to a plethora of financial markets, traders are not confined to any specific niche, promoting diverse trading strategies. Their evaluation program is designed to challenge and filter the best trading talents.

What distinguishes them is their emphasis on swift payouts. Profitable traders can expect their share without long waiting periods. The company's trading platform is powered by advanced technology, ensuring stability and speed. Additionally, traders can dive into their vast library of educational content, aiding in refining trading skills.

Funded Trading Plus, rooted in its dedication to fostering trader talent, is fast emerging as a significant player among prop firms. Understanding the challenges traders face, the company constantly refines its offerings, ensuring a conducive environment for success.

E8 Funding

4.4 stars
Cost Varies
Best For Simple evaluation
  • Flexible trading hours.
  • Wide range of financial assets.
  • No maximum drawdown limits.
  • Direct bank and debit card withdrawals.
  • One-step evaluation.
  • Transparent profit-sharing model.
  • Access to multiple trading platforms.
  • Support for both beginner and full-time traders.
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E8 Funding boasts a seamless experience tailored to both beginner traders and those looking to trade full-time. Their one-step evaluation process removes unnecessary hurdles, allowing traders to advance more efficiently. A standout feature is their approach to drawdowns, opting for no maximum limits, granting traders greater freedom.

With a broad spectrum of financial assets, traders have a vast playground to work within. E8 Funding ensures that profits reach their traders swiftly with direct bank and debit card withdrawal options. The company’s transparent profit-sharing model ensures that traders are rewarded fairly for their efforts.

Having established itself as a noteworthy prop firm, E8 Funding's ethos revolves around trust and trader empowerment. The team behind E8 Funding brings decades of trading experience, leveraging this to craft an environment conducive to trader growth and consistent profitability.


4.2 stars
Cost Range from €155 to €1080
Best For Various trading strategies
  • Renowned industry leader.
  • Comprehensive trader evaluation.
  • Generous funding for successful candidates.
  • Top-notch trading tools and resources.
  • Clear path to trading career growth.
  • Attractive profit splits.
  • Support for forex trading.
  • Extensive trader community for networking.
FTMO, a name synonymous with funded trading, has firmly established itself as an industry leader. Their comprehensive trader evaluation ensures that they house some of the best trading talents. Once through the evaluation, successful candidates are rewarded with generous funding to kickstart or elevate their trading careers.

A hallmark of FTMO is the range of top-tier trading tools and resources available to their traders. This, coupled with clear pathways for career growth and attractive profit splits, makes it a sought-after destination for many traders. The extensive community of traders under FTMO's wing fosters a healthy exchange of strategies and insights.

FTMO's journey is one of dedication to excellence and trader success. The founders, having been traders themselves, envisioned a platform where budding talents could be nurtured and given the right opportunities. Today, FTMO stands as a testament to that vision, having helped thousands of traders in their trading journeys.


4.2 stars
Cost $49 - $999 depending on account type
Best For Swing traders
  • Competitive profit target offerings.
  • Transparent one-time fee structure.
  • Access to popular forex trading platforms.
  • Diverse range of financial assets.
  • Encouraging environment for seasoned traders.
  • Adaptive evaluation stages.
  • Active trading community.
  • Comprehensive educational content.
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FundedNext emerges as a compelling choice for traders who desire a straightforward pathway to success. By setting competitive profit targets and having a transparent one-time fee structure, they remove any ambiguity from the process. The company also provides access to some of the most popular forex trading platforms, ensuring that traders feel right at home.

The trading assets on offer are diverse, catering to a broad spectrum of trading interests. Experienced traders will appreciate the environment that challenges yet supports their growth. Moreover, FundedNext's adaptive evaluation stages make it more accommodating. An active trading community and comprehensive educational resources complete their robust offering.

In the realm of prop trading firms, FundedNext strives to simplify the journey for traders. With an emphasis on transparency and fostering skills, the company has quickly built a reputation. Behind this initiative is a team passionate about trading, constantly evolving to meet the dynamic needs of today’s trader.


4.4 stars
Cost Structure $150-$550
Best For Educational resources
  • Offers an extensive educational suite.
  • Simplified evaluation process.
  • Variety of trading platforms available.
  • Competitive profit splits.
  • Futures trading focus.
  • Periodic promotional offers.
  • Access to seasoned trader community.
  • One-time fee structures.
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Earn2Trade, as the name suggests, places significant emphasis on education. They believe in nurturing traders - providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Their extensive educational suite covers everything from basics to advanced trading strategies.

Their evaluation process is straightforward, ensuring that skilled traders can get to the funded accounts faster. With a focus on futures trading, they offer traders access to this lucrative market segment. The community of seasoned traders associated with Earn2Trade allows for knowledge exchange and networking, further enhancing the trader's experience.

Earn2Trade was founded with the vision of creating a platform where traders could learn, grow, and eventually trade successfully. Recognizing the gap in quality education in the trading world, the company aimed to fill this void, making sure their traders are well-equipped to handle the market's challenges.


4.5 stars
Cost €99 - €5,998 (with add-ons)
Best For Multi-stage evaluations
  • Multi-stage evaluation process.
  • Competitive profit target goals.
  • Access to diverse financial markets.
  • Tailored trading strategies.
  • Support for various trading styles.
  • Rigorous training for novice traders.
  • Chances for increased trading capital.
  • Emphasis on risk management.
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Fidelcrest stands out with its multi-stage evaluation, ensuring only the cream of the trader crop gets through. Their profit target goals are competitive, ensuring that successful trader efforts are adequately rewarded. Offering access to a wide variety of financial markets, they cater to various trading styles and strategies.

Beginner traders can take solace in the rigorous training and support provided. This prop firm places a significant emphasis on risk management, ensuring that their traders are well-prepared to tackle the volatile markets. Their approach ensures a win-win situation for both the trader and the firm.

Founded by a team of experienced traders, Fidelcrest understands the needs and challenges faced by traders. Their mission has always been to offer genuine opportunities to talented traders worldwide, allowing them to prove their mettle and achieve consistent profitability.

City Traders Imperium

4.5 stars
Cost £109 to £3,099 per program
Best For Forex trading
  • Specializes in forex trading.
  • Offers advanced trading tools.
  • Multiple evaluation stages.
  • Dynamic profit share structure.
  • Provides comprehensive educational content.
  • Support for various trading styles.
  • Generous trading capital upon passing.
  • 24/7 customer support.
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City Traders Imperium is a haven for forex trading enthusiasts. Tailored to cater to the specific nuances of the foreign exchange market, they offer advanced tools and support to their traders. The multi-level evaluation process they've instituted ensures that only the most diligent and skilled traders advance.

The company stands out with its dynamic profit share structure, making sure traders are rewarded as per their performance. Their vast repository of educational content ensures that traders, regardless of their level, have resources to refine their skills. With generous trading capital for those who pass their evaluations and 24/7 customer support, CTI offers a comprehensive package.

City Traders Imperium's foundation is built upon the vast experiences of its founders in the forex market. The company was birthed from a desire to provide genuine trading opportunities and support to traders globally. Today, CTI stands as a testimony to what dedication, support, and genuine opportunity can achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a funded trader program?

A funded trader program offers traders the opportunity to manage proprietary firm capital in exchange for meeting certain criteria. Successful candidates, after passing evaluations, receive a trading account with a significant fund amount. This allows traders to trade without risking personal capital while sharing profits with the prop firm.

How do evaluation phases work?

Evaluation phases are designed to assess a trader's skills, discipline, and strategy. Traders are given demo accounts with specific rules such as daily drawdown limits, target profits, and trading days. Successful completion leads to funded accounts and profit-sharing opportunities.

Why choose a funded trading program?

Opting for a funded trading program allows traders to trade with more substantial capital than they might have personally. This amplifies potential profits. Moreover, it offers a risk-free environment since traders aren’t using their own money. These programs also provide a structured path, resources, and community for enhanced trading growth.

Are these programs suitable for beginner traders?

While funded trading programs are open to traders of all skill levels, they do demand a certain level of expertise. However, many programs offer educational content and resources to help beginners enhance their trading skills before entering evaluations.

How is the profit split determined?

Profit splits vary among prop firms. Typically, traders receive a percentage of the profits they generate, with the remainder going to the firm. The exact split ratio (e.g., 50/50, 60/40) is often defined beforehand and may also change as the trader progresses.

Can I engage in both forex and futures trading?

Yes, many prop firms offer both forex and futures trading opportunities. However, the evaluation criteria, funding amounts, and other specifics might differ between the two. It's advisable to review the program details or consult the firm directly.

Are there daily loss limits in these programs?

Most funded trader programs implement daily loss limits to safeguard the capital. If a trader breaches this limit, it might result in the termination of their evaluation or even their funded account. It’s essential to be aware of and adhere to these limits.

How quickly can I expect payouts from profits?

Payout timelines vary among firms. Some offer swift payouts, often within a week, while others might have monthly schedules. It’s crucial to understand the payout structure of the chosen prop firm before committing.

Is there a time limit for passing evaluations?

Many prop firms set a time limit or a minimum trading days requirement for their evaluations. Traders must achieve the set targets within this timeframe. The specifics depend on the firm’s structure and the program’s rules.

Are there any hidden fees in these programs?

While many firms pride themselves on transparency, traders should always scrutinize the fee structure. Besides the one-time fee or evaluation fee, ensure there aren’t hidden charges or recurring costs that might eat into profits.
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