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Jun 22, 2024
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Quick Breakdown

Quick Breakdown

  • The go-to for seasoned traders, offering a rigorous yet rewarding environment.

  • Ideal for those seeking in-depth educational support alongside trading opportunities.

  • Known for its straightforward route to funding for traders.

  • Stands out for a generous profit share and adaptable trading settings.
Investing in futures contracts presents a unique blend of opportunities and challenges. These contracts, essential agreements to buy or sell assets at future dates, serve as both speculative instruments and hedges against market volatility. However, the capital-intensive nature of futures trading often places it beyond the reach of individual traders.

Futures prop trading firms bridge this gap by providing traders with the capital to trade, thus democratizing access to futures markets. These firms share in the profits but also absorb some of the risks, making them pivotal in nurturing trading talent. This article details the offerings of leading futures prop trading firms with funded account options, highlighting their unique propositions.

The Best Futures Funded Accounts in 2024


4.5 stars
Tradeable Assets Futures and Forex
Best For Best overall
  • Competitive environment fostering growth
  • Freedom in trading approach
  • Continuous trading, round the clock
  • Dual trading options in futures and forex
  • Lucrative profit split reaching 80%
  • Regular trading combines for evaluation
  • Simulated real-time trading evaluations
  • Funded accounts for standout combine performers
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TopStep stands as a beacon for traders aiming to delve into the futures market with its distinct funded account program. Catering especially to those proficient in navigating the futures and forex landscape, TopStep challenges traders through rigorous evaluations, rewarding the most skilled with access to substantial trading capital. Its dynamic and competitive environment is designed to simulate real-market pressures, preparing traders for the realities of futures trading.
Founded by Michael Patak, a futures trading expert, TopStep is rooted in Chicago's rich trading heritage. The company's ethos revolves around identifying and nurturing trading talent, offering a platform where skill and discipline are rewarded with funded trading opportunities.

TopStep has established itself as a leader in the industry, with a transparent operational model that emphasizes community, education, and the potential for traders to scale their careers within the futures market.


4.5 stars
Tradeable Assets Futures
Best For Comprehensive Education
  • Platform centered around learning
  • Comprehensive educational programs
  • Tailored for both novice and advanced futures traders
  • Unique evaluation process
  • Funded accounts for successful participants
  • Emphasis on skill development for long-term trading success
Earn2Trade distinguishes itself with a strong educational foundation, making it a haven for traders looking to deepen their understanding of futures trading while aspiring for a funded account.

The platform's unique Gauntlet evaluation process assesses traders' skills, offering successful participants the opportunity to manage substantial capital. This focus on education and skill-building makes Earn2Trade an ideal stepping stone for traders on their path to professional futures trading.

Earn2Trade, with its inception rooted in the U.S., extends its offerings to a global audience of aspiring traders. The firm is celebrated for its commitment to trader education and development, underpinned by a transparent and professional ethos. Earn2Trade's innovative educational programs, coupled with its generous profit split, reflect its dedication to fostering a new generation of skilled futures traders.


4.5 stars
Tradeable Assets Forex and Futures
Refundable Registration Fee Higher profit split
  • Prop trading opportunities in the dynamic cryptocurrency market
  • Low entry barriers
  • Relatively lenient trading conditions
  • Ideal for high-risk strategy traders
Bulenox opens up new vistas in futures trading with its unique proposition of funded accounts, extending beyond traditional assets to include the dynamic cryptocurrency market. This flexibility, coupled with a higher profit split and relaxed trading conditions, provides a fertile ground for traders employing diverse strategies. Bulenox's model is particularly appealing to those looking to exploit the lucrative opportunities in crypto futures trading.
Bulenox stands out in the prop trading world with its unconventional approach, welcoming traders to the volatile yet potentially rewarding crypto futures market. The firm's global outreach, flexible trading conditions, and supportive ecosystem cater to a diverse community of traders.

Bulenox's commitment to offering a higher profit split and embracing the unpredictability of the crypto market underscores its innovative stance in the prop trading landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Futures Trading?

Futures trading involves buying and selling contracts that obligate the purchase or sale of an asset at a future date, allowing traders to speculate on the price movement of commodities, financial instruments, or other assets.

What are Futures Prop Firms?

Futures prop firms provide traders with the capital to trade futures contracts, sharing in the profits while mitigating some of the risks involved. They often offer educational resources, technology, and support to help traders succeed.

What are Funded Accounts?

Funded accounts are trading accounts provided by prop firms to traders, allowing them to trade with the firm's capital instead of their own. Traders typically undergo evaluation processes to qualify for these accounts.

How do Futures Funded Accounts Work?

Traders are evaluated based on their trading performance, usually through a demo or simulated trading program offered by the prop firm. Successful traders are then given access to the firm's capital, with specific trading limits and risk management rules in place. Profits are shared between the trader and the firm, typically with the trader receiving a significant percentage of the profits generated.

What Advantages do Futures Funded Accounts Offer?

Futures funded accounts offer traders the ability to trade with significant capital without requiring a large personal investment. This can amplify potential profits, provide access to professional trading platforms and resources, and allow traders to learn and grow in a risk-managed environment.

Are There Risks Associated with Futures Funded Accounts?

While futures funded accounts mitigate some risks by using the firm's capital, traders still face market risks. Poor trading decisions can lead to losses, and not adhering to the firm's risk management rules can result in the termination of the funded account agreement.

How Can I Qualify for a Futures Funded Account?

Qualification typically involves passing an evaluation process set by the prop firm. This may include meeting profit targets while adhering to specific risk management rules within a simulated trading environment over a set period.
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