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Mar 02, 2024
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GroundFloor Finance has made a significant impact in the realm of real estate crowdfunding, offering a unique platform that allows investors to fund loans for private developers. Its appeal lies in its accessibility to non-accredited investors and an average return of 12%, which is compelling in today's market.

However, as the landscape of real estate investing evolves, exploring alternatives that offer different features, investment styles, or risk profiles becomes essential for investors seeking diversification or different types of real estate exposure.

This article explores some of the best alternatives to GroundFloor Finance, including Fundrise, First National Realty Partners, and EquityMultiple, highlighting their unique offerings and potential benefits to investors.

GroundFloor Finance Overview

GroundFloor Finance is a standout real estate crowdfunding service that differs from traditional equity-buying in physical buildings. Instead, it allows investors to fund loans for private developers. GroundFloor conducts extensive due diligence on both the developer and the project, ensuring reliability and safety for its investors.

With over 800 loans repaid, the platform demonstrates a strong track record. GroundFloor is particularly attractive because it is open to non-accredited investors, offering a wide range of products for selection and good returns.

The platform manages the complexities of real estate investment while allowing individuals to delve into this lucrative market without the need for accreditation or large sums of capital. For a more comprehensive rundown, check out my GroundFloor Finance review.

Pros & Cons


● Open to non-accredited investors, broadening access to real estate investing.

● No fees charged to investors, enhancing investment returns.

● Offers a wide range of investment products for selection.

● Delivers good returns in comparison to the current market.

● Proven track record with over 800 loans repaid successfully.


● Inherent risk of bankruptcy or loan default, as with any investment.

● Investments are locked in until maturity or repayment.

● Limited liquidity compared to some real estate investment types.

Why Choose Other Options?

While GroundFloor Finance offers a unique platform for real estate crowdfunding, investors might seek alternatives for various reasons. Some may prefer investing directly in physical properties rather than funding loans, while others might look for platforms that cater exclusively to accredited investors for potentially higher returns.

Additionally, investors seeking different types of real estate investments, such as commercial properties or diversified real estate funds, may find alternatives more suitable. Exploring these alternatives can provide investors with options that align better with their investment goals, risk tolerance, and desired levels of involvement in real estate.

I have a longer article detailing the best real estate crowdfunding platforms.

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Quick Breakdown

Best Alternatives to GroundFloor Finance

  • Best for low minimum investment and a diverse range of real estate projects.

  • Ideal for accredited investors seeking investments in grocery-anchored commercial real estate.

  • Suitable for investors looking for a blend of crowdfunding and traditional real estate investing approaches.

Top Three GroundFloor Finance Competitors


4.6 stars
Account Minimum $10
Best For Diverse projects
  • Low minimum investment requirement makes it accessible.
  • Offers a diverse range of real estate projects.
  • Strong historical investment performance.
  • Provides options to invest in Fundrise's own IPO.
  • Features four different portfolio options for investment.
  • Imposes no account fees, making it cost-effective.
  • Transparent platform with easily accessible investment information.
  • Email and phone support for better customer assistance.
Fundrise revolutionizes real estate investing by making it more accessible to the average investor. It allows individuals to invest in commercial real estate through eREITs (real estate investment trusts) and eFunds, significantly lowering the barrier to entry with a minimal $10 investment requirement.

The platform stands out for its diverse investment options, offering four different portfolio types that include a mix of eREITs, eFunds, and the Interval Fund. Additionally, investors have the unique opportunity to invest in Fundrise itself through its "internet public offering."

The platform is known for its ease of use, transparency, and the ability to provide a steady source of income, making it a suitable option for new real estate investors, passive investors, and those looking to diversify their portfolios.

Founded with the goal of democratizing real estate investments, Fundrise emerged as a pioneering platform in the online real estate investment sector. It has opened doors for non-accredited investors to partake in real estate ventures that were once exclusive to high net worth individuals or institutional investors.

Based on the principle of making real estate investment more inclusive and accessible, Fundrise has evolved to provide a user-friendly platform offering diversified real estate opportunities. Their commitment to offering transparent investment options and easy access to information through their website has helped them build a reputation as a trustworthy and reliable platform in the real estate investment community.

First National Realty Partners

4.9 stars
Minimum Deposit $50,000
Best For Accredited investors
  • Offers investments in nationally-branded, high-performing real estate.
  • Provides annual cash flow to investors.
  • Utilizes K-1 for tax depreciation benefits.
  • Features a real estate fund for alternative investment.
  • Investments valued below replacement cost for strategic exits.
  • Quarterly distributions and capital appreciation opportunities.
  • Investment focus on retail commercial properties with anchor tenants.
  • Guaranteed placement in offerings through the Opportunity Fund.
First National Realty Partners specializes in offering fractional investment opportunities in commercial real estate, primarily focusing on properties anchored by nationally recognized brands like Walmart and Aldi. The platform is designed for accredited investors, offering the chance to receive positive cash flow and annual distributions.

Each property under their portfolio is selected for its potential to create exit strategies, including sales or refinancing within a 3 to 5-year period. This approach aims at providing investors with both quarterly distributions and capital appreciation.

First National Realty Partners also offers the alternative of investing in their real estate fund, the Opportunity Fund, which requires a $50K minimum investment but guarantees placement in the company's real estate offerings.

First National Realty Partners emerged as an innovative alternative investment platform focusing on retail commercial property investment. Their approach centers around creating value through well-chosen properties, each anchored by top-tier retail brands. The company emphasizes acquiring properties below replacement cost, allowing for strategic exit planning and value creation for investors.

Their tenant-centric model and focus on institutional-quality offerings have made them a distinguished name in the field of real estate investment, catering to a niche market of accredited investors seeking a balance of regular income and capital appreciation.


4.5 stars
Minimum Deposit $5,000 for notes $10,000 for direct investment $20,000 for pools
Best For Crowdfunding and traditional real estate
  • Offers investments with a low correlation to stocks and bonds.
  • Provides attractive historical risk-adjusted returns.
  • Multiple investment styles available on the platform.
  • Backed by reputable Mission Capital Advisors.
  • Low cost-of-entry for high-yielding investments.
  • Provides options for pooled investments and individual property investment.
  • Flexible investment choices for diversified portfolios.
  • Offers investments in real estate notes.
EquityMultiple stands out in the real estate crowdfunding sphere by combining traditional real estate investing approaches with modern crowdfunding methodologies. With a minimum investment as low as $5,000, it offers accredited investors the flexibility to choose between pooled investment, individual commercial property investment, or investment in real estate notes.

EquityMultiple's platform is backed by Mission Capital Advisors, adding a layer of credibility and expertise. It is particularly appealing to investors seeking diversification in their portfolios and those interested in low-cost entry points for higher-yielding investments. The platform offers a balanced mix of investment styles, catering to a broad range of investor preferences and risk appetites.

EquityMultiple emerged as a response to the growing demand for accessible, yet sophisticated real estate investment opportunities. By leveraging crowdfunding technology, it has created a platform where accredited investors can participate in a variety of real estate investment types, from pooled funds to individual properties and notes.

The company's partnership with Mission Capital Advisors underscores its commitment to providing well-vetted, high-quality investment opportunities. EquityMultiple's platform is designed for investors looking for flexibility in their real estate investments, offering a blend of traditional and innovative investment methods to suit a range of investment strategies and goals.

Final Thoughts

GroundFloor Finance is an excellent choice for non-accredited investors looking to break into real estate investing with low minimum investments and no fees. Click here if you are ready to explore GroundFloor further.

However, for investors seeking different types of real estate exposure, platforms like Fundrise, First National Realty Partners, and EquityMultiple offer compelling alternatives.

Each platform caters to specific investor needs, whether it's low-entry investment, commercial property focus, or a blend of crowdfunding and traditional investment approaches. Understanding the unique offerings of each alternative allows investors to choose a platform that aligns best with their investment strategy, risk profile, and financial goals.

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