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Jul 11, 2024
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Quick Breakdown

Best Net Worth Tracking

  • Comprehensive personal finance software.

  • Best for tracking spending habits.

  • Best for visualizing financial goals.

  • Best online tool for forecasting.

  • Best for automatic bank feeds

  • Best overall, and known for Google Sheet integration.

  • Excellent tool for monthly budgeting.

  • Best for financial professionals.

  • Top retirement planner.

  • Top for tracking precious metals and assets.
Understanding your net worth is essential for maintaining a clear picture of your financial health. It’s not only about knowing your total assets, but it also provides a snapshot of your current financial situation, helping you set and achieve personal finance goals.

This article aims to guide you through the top-rated net worth trackers available. Whether you're looking for a basic plan, an advanced tool with unlimited accounts, or a financial management tool integrated with Google Sheets, we've got you covered.

The Best Net Worth Trackers in 2024


4.8 stars
Cost Varies
Customer Service 24/7 support
Best For Overall personal finances
  • Veteran in personal finance software
  • Comprehensive budgeting and tracking
  • Connects to a wide range of financial institutions
  • Advanced features for investment tracking
  • Real-time data ensures up-to-date insights
  • Budget planning calendar for financial goals
  • Customer service with a long-standing reputation
  • Get risk-free 30-day trial!
Quicken stands out in the financial management sphere as a comprehensive solution, adeptly merging traditional personal finance techniques with modern technology. Originating as a personal budgeting tool, Quicken has expanded its capabilities beyond mere budgeting. It offers users the ability to integrate their bank accounts directly, ensuring effortless tracking of income and expenses against set budgets.

This streamlines the categorization and tagging of transactions. Beyond this, Quicken serves as a multifunctional platform, providing tools for expense monitoring, investment tracking, debt management, retirement strategizing, and even catering to the financial needs of small businesses or rental property owners.

The software's robust reporting features enable users to generate detailed financial reports, cementing Quicken's position as an invaluable asset for those aiming to simplify and optimize their financial lives.

In 1983, outside the Stanford University library, an incidental encounter between Scott Cook, a former Procter & Gamble marketing manager, and Tom Proulx, a computer science major, sparked the inception of what would become Quicken, the best-selling personal finance software.

Cook, inspired by watching his wife grapple with manual bill payments, envisioned a tool that could automate this arduous task, especially when personal home computing was just beginning to take root. As the pair discussed their shared vision, they found their values and aspirations aligned seamlessly. From casual conversations to fervent brainstorming in a dormitory courtyard, Quicken's journey began.

For over three decades, Quicken has been a godsend of financial clarity for over 20 million customers, enabling them not just to budget, but to prosper. Their mission transcends mere financial management; it's about empowering users to grow their wealth, secure their futures, and relish their accomplishments.

Quicken's evolution has seen it adapt to modern trends, with offerings like web platforms, mobile apps for both iOS and Android, and the 2020 launch of Simplifi by Quicken catering to the tech-savvy generation.

CEO Eric Dunn, who has been with the company since its infancy as the fourth employee of Intuit, Quicken's former parent company, underscores the company's commitment. He emphasizes Quicken's unwavering dedication to its users, aiding them in confidently steering their financial ship.


4.6 stars
Cost $8/month
Customer Service Spending habits
Best For Google Sheet integration
  • Real-time financial data
  • Excellent tool for tracking spending habits
  • Custom charts for easy visualization
  • Alerts for unpaid bills
  • Personal finance tools integration
  • Budgeting tools
  • Advisory services for investment goals
  • Get 14-day free trial!
Empower, as the name suggests, is designed to empower users to take control of their personal finances. With real-time data feeds, tracking spending habits becomes a breeze. It also offers custom charts, giving users a clear visual representation of their financial habits. Plus, with its alerts for unpaid bills, you're always on top of your finances. The inclusion of advisory services makes it a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to enhance their financial management.
Empower has rapidly grown in popularity, thanks to its user-friendly interface and robust features. Committed to providing top-notch services, the company continually updates its features to cater to the dynamic needs of its users.

Monarch Money

4.5 stars
Cost $14.99/month or $99/year
Customer Service Reliable
Best For Financial goals
  • Comprehensive financial tools
  • Visualizes financial goals
  • Integrated budget planning calendar
  • Tracks for retirement
  • Real budget insights
  • Top-rated mobile app
  • Connects with multiple bank accounts
  • Get 7-day free trial!
Monarch Money is all about visualizing your financial journey. The platform provides users with tools to craft a clear path towards their financial goals, be it retirement plans, savings goals, or investment accounts. With its integrated budget planning calendar, users can forecast their finances effectively. The real budget insights ensure users are always informed about their spending patterns and can make informed financial choices.
In 2019, Monarch Money was founded in the Greater Los Angeles Area by Val Agostino, with the collaboration of Jonathan Sutherland and Osman Ahmed Osman. Val, having faced challenges in managing his finances, wanted to create a platform that emphasized overall financial growth rather than just expense tracking.

Monarch Money offers users a clear overview of their finances, aids in setting personalized budgets, and supports them in defining and achieving their financial goals. This approach makes Monarch Money stand out in the crowded financial tool market.


4.4 stars
Cost $9.95/month - $19.95/month
Customer Service Quick response
Best For Forecasting
  • In-depth financial forecasting tools
  • Real-time data tracking
  • Connects with multiple bank accounts
  • User-friendly budgeting software
  • Tracks spending habits efficiently
  • Premium plan with added features
  • Supports international banks
  • Save 50% on the first 2 months!
PocketSmith offers an online tool that stands out for its forecasting capabilities. With its user-friendly interface, PocketSmith allows users to peek into their financial future, helping them make adjustments as needed.

Their real-time data ensures that you're always up-to-date with your spending and saving patterns. Plus, its compatibility with international banks makes it an excellent tool for expats or those with offshore accounts.

PocketSmith has established itself as a top-tier personal finance software, catering to a global user base. Their commitment to innovation and user satisfaction is evident through their continuous updates and feature enhancements.


4.2 stars
Cost $65 (one-time)
Customer Service Rapid response
Best For Automatic bank feeds
  • Advanced financial forecasting tools
  • Supports automatic bank feeds
  • Comprehensive financial management platform
  • Custom rules for budgeting
  • Tracks spending habits efficiently
  • Compatible with multiple financial accounts
  • Encrypted data for enhanced security
  • Save 25% with Coupon Code MODESTMONEY
Launched initially for Mac enthusiasts, Moneydance has broadened its reach, now catering to Windows and Linux users as well. Recognized for its comprehensive features combined with an accessible interface, Moneydance serves as an efficient financial management software.

While new users might initially find its layout a tad daunting, most quickly realize its intuitiveness, making navigation and learning smooth. What sets Moneydance apart is its one-time fee of $60, providing a cost-effective alternative to other software with recurring charges.

The software's versatility shines through its multi-currency transaction capabilities, direct bill payment functions, and the convenience of consolidating banking and investment details across multiple devices. For those seeking a holistic financial tracking solution, Moneydance offers a balanced blend of utility and value.

Moneydance has cemented its place as a reliable personal finance software option for many. Their continuous innovations, combined with a user-centric approach, have made them a favorite among those seeking an efficient and secure financial management tool.


4.4 stars
Cost $79/month
Customer Service Excellent
Best For Google Sheet integration
  • Seamless Google Sheet integration
  • Customizable budgets
  • Automatic bank feeds
  • Advanced financial reports
  • Tiller Money Feeds
  • Single platform access
  • Real-time data
  • Get 30-day free trial!
Tiller is revolutionizing how individuals manage their finances by integrating seamlessly with Google Sheets. Not only does this allow users to harness the power of custom rules in Google Sheets, but Tiller Money Feeds ensures all financial data is up-to-date. The platform offers a wide range of tools, from bank feeds to advanced financial reports. It stands out as an excellent product for those comfortable with Google Sheets and looking for a high level of customization in their financial tracking.
Peter Polson, an alumnus of The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, embarked on a diverse career journey. Beginning in 1995, he worked as an Analyst in Technology Mergers and Acquisitions at JP Morgan, leading financial analysis and due diligence for tech-based clientele. However, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish Tiller in 2014, situated in Seattle, Washington. Originally aligning with Google Sheets, Tiller soon expanded its compatibility to Microsoft Excel. The platform's appeal lies in its simplicity.

YNAB (You Need A Budget)

4.5 stars
Cost $14.99/month or $99/year
Customer Service Excellent
Best For Monthly budgeting
  • Robust monthly budgeting tool
  • Real-time data feeds
  • Credit card debt tracking
  • Comprehensive budgeting software
  • Customer service excellence
  • Premium version with enhanced features
  • Connects to various financial institutions
You Need A Budget, commonly referred to as YNAB, shines as a monthly budgeting tool. It offers users the power to track every dime, ensuring they stay within their budget. With its real-time data, users get insights into their spending habits – making it easier to manage credit card debts and other financial obligations. YNAB's budgeting software is comprehensive and caters to both beginners and seasoned budgeters.
In 2004, while pursuing his master's degree in accounting, Jesse Mecham developed a unique budgeting spreadsheet called "You Need A Budget" or YNAB. Disturbed by the uniformity in other budgeting tools, Jesse designed YNAB to be dynamic, breaking away from the static budgeting mold.

Recognizing the potential of his distinct approach, he partnered with a software developer to bring YNAB to a wider audience. By 2013, the software had matured to the point that YNAB itself started using it for its financial management. This journey began during Jesse's college days when he and his wife faced financial constraints, which underscores the practical origins of the software.


4.2 stars
Cost $29/month
Customer Service Prompt
Best For Financial professionals
  • Designed for financial professionals
  • Advanced investment tracking features
  • Comprehensive financial management tool
  • Custom charts and tools for analysis
  • Connects to multiple investment accounts
  • Real-time data for accurate tracking
  • Tools tailored for investment institutions
Playbook, commonly known as Hello Playbook, is a groundbreaking financial planning platform designed to bolster tax advantages and accelerate users' paths to financial security. By looking at a range of financial accounts, from banks to brokerages, the app pinpoints areas to leverage tax benefits, even adjusting for elements like self-employment income and specific income thresholds.

Particularly tailored for high-income earners, Playbook's distinctive approach hinges on its advanced automation engine, which guides users in channeling funds into the most tax-efficient accounts available. The platform also offers assistance in managing retirement portfolios, further distinguishing itself in the realm of financial planning tools.

Founded by David Hegarty in 2021 and nurtured under the venture-capital firm Atomic, Playbook quickly positioned itself as a formidable financial-planning platform. Hegarty, envisioning a tool to ease the common financial burdens of daily life, pioneered Playbook with the belief that "wealth is freedom."

His goal was straightforward: provide users with a path to financial autonomy by minimizing taxes legally and ensuring money funnels into the right channels. This concept resonated with many, and as Hegarty often mentioned, "Money stuff can feel hard, but we’re here to help you along the way."

Bolstered by a team of experienced entrepreneurs who, combined, have established over ten companies with a cumulative value surpassing $15 billion, Playbook leveraged modern marketing strategies, utilizing platforms like TikTok and Instagram to spread its message and philosophy.


5 stars
Cost Varies
Customer Service Expert advisory
Best For Retirement planning
  • Comprehensive retirement planner
  • Tracks retirement age and savings
  • Wealth management advisory services
  • Real-time data for retirement accounts
  • Custom rules for retirement planning
  • Advanced features for retirement forecasting
  • Connects to multiple retirement accounts
  • Get 14-day free trial!
NewRetirement stands as a comprehensive solution for individuals looking to take charge of their retirement planning. With a primary focus on offering more than just budgeting and investment tools, this platform comprehensively considers taxes, real estate, income, medical expenses, goals, and numerous other factors to provide users a holistic view of their retirement stance.

Over 200,000 members rely on NewRetirement's user-friendly tools to maintain or set their retirement goals. Users can experiment with various calculators and analytics to simulate different scenarios, giving them a thorough understanding of potential outcomes. Additionally, those seeking deeper insights can upgrade to PlannerPlus or PlannerPlus Academy for an enriched experience.

Recognized with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, the platform's credibility is underpinned by its commitment to quality and transparency. For those with questions or seeking guidance, NewRetirement offers access to certified financial experts, ensuring that users always have the resources they need for informed retirement planning.

In 2005, NewRetirement was established by brothers Stephen and Tim Chen. The inspiration for this venture came from Stephen's personal experience when he noticed the lack of affordable retirement planning tools available for his mother. Recognizing that traditional financial advisors might not be the right or affordable solution for everyone, the Chens decided to fill this gap.

Over time, NewRetirement has grown into a platform dedicated to delivering trustworthy retirement resources at an affordable price. Today, besides its foundational tools, it offers valuable educational content and fosters a community where individuals striving for financial security can learn and collaborate. This initiative has made it possible for countless individuals to approach retirement with confidence and informed choices.


4.2 stars
Cost $12.50/month or $150/year
Customer Service Efficient
Best For Precious metals & assets
  • Asset tracking across categories
  • Supports precious metals and real estate
  • Comprehensive financial reports
  • Bank-level security ensures data protection
  • Connects with international and local banks
  • Real-time updates for various assets
  • Designed for diverse asset classes
Kubera, self-titled as "the world’s most modern wealth tracker," has quickly amassed a substantial user base, currently overseeing more than $20 billion on its platform. Designed with a clear, spreadsheet-style layout, it offers users a holistic view of their assets and liabilities.

Whether it's investments, from cryptocurrency to stocks, or tangible assets like homes and cars, Kubera captures it all. Its versatility doesn't stop there; it also tracks DeFi assets across different blockchains, global currencies, precious metals, and even values of URLs and private equities.

The platform's strength lies in its intuitive dashboard combined with its comprehensive back-end connection tools, catering to all major investment classes and ensuring that users have a complete picture of their wealth.

Kubera has evolved as a trusted name in the world of personal finance tools. Their emphasis on diversifying asset tracking and their continuous commitment to security and precision has garnered a loyal user base around the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a net worth tracker?

Net worth trackers provide a holistic view of an individual's financial health by calculating the difference between total assets and liabilities. By understanding one's net worth, individuals can make informed financial choices, prioritize debt repayment, and set meaningful savings goals.

Moreover, tracking changes in net worth over time can be both motivating and enlightening, showcasing the effects of financial decisions and life events.

How secure are these net worth trackers?

Most modern net worth trackers prioritize security, employing bank-level encryption to protect user data. They typically operate using a read-only access mode, which means they can view your financial information but cannot initiate transactions.

Always ensure you choose a tracker with a strong reputation for security and regular software updates to stay ahead of potential threats.

Do net worth trackers link to international banks?

Many net worth trackers, like Kubera, have the capability to connect with both local and international banks. This feature is especially useful for expats or those with financial interests in multiple countries. However, the range of banks supported varies between trackers, so it's essential to check their specific offerings

Is real-time data updating essential?

Real-time data updating ensures that the information you see reflects the most current state of your finances. Especially when dealing with volatile assets or frequently changing bank balances, real-time updates can provide clarity. It's particularly valuable for those actively involved in trading or those who closely monitor their finances.

Can these tools help with budgeting?

Absolutely! Many of these tools, like Quicken and Moneydance, come equipped with advanced budgeting features. They allow users to set spending limits, categorize expenses, and track spending habits over time. By providing insights into where money is going, these tools empower users to make informed adjustments to their spending habits.

How do net worth trackers differ from regular budgeting apps?

While there's some overlap, net worth trackers provide a broader perspective on finances, considering all assets and liabilities. In contrast, budgeting apps primarily focus on income and expenses over a specified period.

A net worth tracker offers a snapshot of your overall financial health, whereas a budgeting app dives deep into your spending habits.

Do I need a separate tool for retirement planning?

Some net worth trackers, like NewRetirement, offer advanced retirement planning features. They consider various income sources, like social security, and forecast expenses to provide a comprehensive retirement plan. While specialized retirement planning tools may offer more detailed features, many net worth trackers provide sufficient insights for the average user.

How do free versions of these trackers compare to premium plans?

Free versions usually offer basic tracking and budgeting features. Premium plans, on the other hand, tend to include advanced features like investment tracking, automatic bank feeds, and more detailed reports. If you're serious about managing your finances, investing in a premium plan often provides significant value.

Can I track investments with these tools?

Yes, many net worth trackers cater to investors by offering features like investment portfolio overviews, real-time data on stock prices, and even asset allocation insights. Tools like Quicken and Moneydance are particularly popular among investors for these features.

Are these tools suitable for businesses or just individuals?

While primarily designed for individual use, some of these tools can be adapted for small business use, especially when it comes to tracking assets, liabilities, and cash flows. However, businesses might benefit more from dedicated accounting or business finance software.

How do these tools handle debts and loans?

Most net worth trackers allow users to input various types of liabilities, from credit card debt to mortgages. They often provide insights into how these debts impact overall net worth and may offer features that help prioritize debt repayment.

Do I need any financial knowledge to use these trackers?

While some financial knowledge can be beneficial, many of these tools are designed for users of all levels. They often come equipped with educational resources, user-friendly interfaces, and customer service to guide newcomers.

How often should I check my net worth?

While these tools provide real-time data, it's not necessary to check your net worth daily. Monthly or quarterly reviews can offer insights into your financial progression, allowing for adjustments as needed.

Can these trackers forecast future net worth?

Some tools, especially those with advanced features, offer forecasting tools based on current assets, liabilities, and spending habits. They can project future net worth based on various scenarios, helping users plan for the long term.

Are mobile apps available for these trackers?

Many of these net worth trackers offer mobile apps, providing users with the convenience of checking their finances on the go. Features might vary between desktop and mobile versions, so it's worth checking the specific offerings of each tool.
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