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December 15, 2023December 15, 2023

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Apex Trader Funding, founded in 2021 by Darrell Martin, has quickly ascended to a leading position among Funded Futures Traders firms. Its recent surge in growth has positioned it above all other similar programs in terms of accounts funded. The impressive development and enhancements at Apex are, therefore, not unexpected.

In a market crowded with competitors, Apex Trader Funding stands out by offering fewer restrictions and the unique capability of trading across multiple accounts through its trading copier tool. The firm provides eight different account sizes, catering to a diverse range of trader needs.

This variety ensures that traders getting the best price on Apex Trader Funding can find an option that aligns with their trading style and budget. This flexibility extends to the trading platforms as well, with options including Tradovate, Rithmic, and NinjaTrader, allowing traders to operate on the platform they are most comfortable with. Continue reading my Apex Trader Funding review to learn all you need to know to determine if Apex Trader Funding is right for you.
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Getting the Best Price on Apex Trader Funding

Apex Trader Funding offers a diverse range of plans tailored to different capital levels, with up to eight distinct programs available. These plans vary primarily based on the trading capital they provide.

Starting with the $25K Full Plan, traders get $25,000 in capital with a ten-day profit target of $1,500 and a similar trailing drawdown threshold, for a monthly fee of $147. The $50K Full Plan increases the stakes with $50,000 in capital, a $3,000 profit target, and a $2,500 daily drawdown, for a monthly fee of $167.

For those seeking more, the $75K Full Plan offers $75,000 to trade, setting a profit goal of $4,250 and a drawdown of $2,750, at a monthly cost of $187. The $100K Full Plan raises the bar further with a $6,000 profit goal and a $3,000 drawdown for a $207 monthly fee.

An alternative is the $100K Static Plan, which differs mainly in its reduced drawdown of $625, for a monthly fee of $137.

The higher-tier plans include the $150K Full Plan, offering $150,000 in capital with a $9,000 profit target and a $5,000 drawdown, at $297 monthly.

The $250K Full Plan sets a $15,000 profit target with a $6,500 drawdown and a $517 monthly fee. The pinnacle is the $300K Full Plan, providing $300,000 in capital, a $20,000 profit target, and a $7,500 drawdown for $657 monthly.

Notably, Apex Trader Funding has recently reduced the evaluation period from 10 to 7 days, enhancing its appeal. This change applies to existing accounts too, allowing traders to complete their objectives and access a PA account faster.

A significant policy at Apex is that traders receive 100% of the first $25,000 in profits per funded account. Unlike other firms that aggregate profits across multiple accounts, Apex applies this benefit to each individual account. With a policy allowing up to 20 PA accounts, the potential for profit is substantial.

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Apex Trader Funding Benefits

apex trader funding benefits

Now that you can get the best price on Apex Trader Funding, let’s get into the benefits. Here is my overview of their powerful tools:

  • Wide Range of Contract Sizes: Offers contracts from $25,000 to $300,000, allowing traders to choose an account size that suits their trading goals and risk tolerance.
  • Simple Rules: Apex prides itself on easy-to-understand rules, facilitating the evaluation process for traders.
  • Acceptance of Various Trading Strategies: Open to a wide range of trading methods, including News trading, offering traders flexibility in achieving their profit targets.
  • Competitive Profit Split: Traders enjoy a significant share of their trading profits, with favorable split terms.
  • Trade Copier Software: Provides a tool for automating trades, particularly useful for those using automated trading systems.
  • Advanced Trading Platforms: Features platforms like Rithmic and Tradovate, which are user-friendly and allow for executing trades across multiple accounts efficiently.
  • Educational Resources and Mobility: Offers a 30-day free educational course, one-on-one mentorship, and a mobile app for trading flexibility.
  • Responsive Customer Service: Quick live chat responses and an online form for queries, backed by a comprehensive FAQ and high Trustpilot rating.
  • Fast-Track Trading Evaluation: Only requires 7 days for evaluation, with options for lifetime Price Action (PA) accounts and up to 20 PA accounts managed at once.
  • Attractive Payouts: Offers 100% profit split for the first $25,000, then adjusts to a 90/10 split in favor of the trader.
  • Free License to NinjaTrader Platform: Provides NinjaTrader platform access at no extra cost, enhancing the trading experience.

Is Apex Trader Funding a Scam? website

No, Apex Trader Funding is not a scam. It has established itself as a legitimate and trustworthy prop trading firm, evidenced by its impressive 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. This rating is based on feedback from more than 4,000 users, with an outstanding 93% of these reviews being 5-star. Such high ratings and the sheer volume of positive feedback reflect the firm’s dedication to quality service and providing reliable trading opportunities.

Apex Trader Funding’s reputation for transparency, clear rules, and a straightforward evaluation process further cements its legitimacy. The success stories and positive experiences shared by a diverse group of traders highlight the firm’s effectiveness and reliability.

Founded by the recognized figure Darrell Martin, Apex Trader Funding’s operations are transparent, contributing to its legitimacy. The company is known for delivering payments punctually and providing effective customer service. All these factors collectively affirm that Apex Trader Funding is considered a credible and trustworthy entity in the trading community.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Apex Trader Funding stands out as one of the best futures prop trading firms, offering a range of benefits that cater to both novice and experienced traders. Its flexible account sizes, competitive profit splits, and acceptance of various trading strategies make it a top choice in the industry.

The firm’s commitment to transparency, security, and trader education further improves its appeal. For those seeking a reliable and efficient platform to amplify their trading journey, Apex Trader Funding is certainly worth considering. For more information and to start your trading journey with Apex Trader Funding, Click Here.

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