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December 17, 2023December 17, 2023

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My Bookmap review looks into the platform’s capabilities and functionalities, particularly for active traders seeking an enhanced overview of various assets. Bookmap distinguishes itself from standard stock charts by providing a wealth of indicators and visual tools, aimed at delivering deeper market insights. The platform is particularly suited for day traders, offering real-time market data visualization that includes volume dots and price levels. These features are designed to assist traders in comprehending market liquidity and trends.

Bookmap excels in offering one-click trading and the ability to view the full depth of the limit order book. This functionality enables traders to quickly identify and respond to trading opportunities. As part of getting the best price on Bookmap, this review aims to dissect each feature and offering of the platform, helping traders decide if it aligns with their trading needs and strategies. Whether these tools are seen as gimmicks or essential instruments will largely depend on individual trading styles and requirements. Read on to see if it is right for you.
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Getting the Best Price on Bookmap

Let’s start off with the important aspects, like pricing. In order to make sure you are getting the best price on Bookmap, you want to make sure to use my Bookmap coupon code. This coupon code usually grants you a 20% discount on your membership fees. Here are the normal pricing levels on Bookmap:

  • Digital: This basic plan is free and includes access to delayed market data, volume dots, and price levels. It’s a great starting point for those new to Bookmap, allowing users to test several of the platform’s unique features.
  • Digital Plus: Priced at $19 per month, this plan builds upon the Digital plan by adding access to additional market data providers, customization of the interface, one-click crypto trading, the Record/Replay feature, access to the consolidated order book (multibook), and the ability to track more simultaneous trading symbols.
  • Global: At $49 per month, the Global plan includes all features of the Digital Plus plan and expands further by offering access to almost all of Bookmap’s features. It increases the number of trackable trading symbols to 10 and is the cheapest tier that provides real-time data for futures and stocks. There’s also an option for lifelong access to this tier for $990, which includes a one-year access to the free add-on package.
  • Global Plus: The most comprehensive plan, Global Plus, costs $99 per month. It encompasses all features of the Global plan, along with advanced market data analysis tools and personalized training sessions. This tier is ideal for the most serious and experienced traders looking to fully leverage Bookmap’s capabilities.

For a more in-depth comparison on the Bookmap Global vs Global Plus pricing tiers, click the link.

Bookmap Benefits website

Here are some of the most important benefits you can expect with Bookmap:

  • Order Flow Visualization: Bookmap refreshes its data 40 times per second, providing near-instant insight into market activity. This feature is vital for understanding real-time order flow.
  • Heatmaps and Volume Bubbles: The platform’s heatmaps display asset liquidity at different price levels in real-time, using color coding for easy interpretation. Volume Bubbles, on the other hand, visually represent trading volume, with different colors indicating buying or selling pressure.
  • Customizable Charts: Bookmap supports traditional charts like candlestick, line, and bar charts, all customizable with various indicators. The platform also boasts a unique zoom capability down to the nanosecond level, crucial for high-frequency traders.
  • Current Order Book (COB): This feature graphically represents current pending orders, helping traders identify support and resistance levels and market participant activities.
  • Best Bid and Offer Display: Bookmap displays real-time best bid and offer data, aiding in tracking liquidity and potential market movements.
  • Record/Replay Function: Traders can record market action and replay it, which is beneficial for analysis and paper trading.
  • Nanosecond Zoom: This functionality allows traders to observe and react to even the smallest market changes at an impressive speed of 40 frames per second.
  • Multi-Asset Coverage: Bookmap covers a wide range of assets, including stocks, ETFs, futures, and cryptocurrencies, though options and bonds are not available.
  • Unique Analytical Indicators: Bookmap’s unique indicators like Imbalance Trackers, Strength Level Indicator, Large Lot Tracker, and Stops & Icebergs Tracker provide a deeper analysis of market trends and participant behaviors.
  • Algorithmic Trading Integration: The platform offers excellent integration for algorithmic trading, including an API for custom indicator development and algorithmic strategy implementation.
  • Technical Indicators: While focusing more on market liquidity data, Bookmap still offers essential technical indicators for a comprehensive market analysis.
  • Market Replay: This feature allows for recording and playback of market action, useful for back-testing and validating trading models.

Bookmap Competitors

If after learning how to get the best price on Bookmap, it still doesn’t sound appealing to you, there are other options out there. If you value a fully customizable platform that has a focus on technical analysis, Sierra Chart is worth a look. My Bookmap vs Sierra Chart article will tell you all you need to know to accurately assess which tool is best for your trading needs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, my review of Bookmap highlights it as a powerful tool for traders seeking a deeper and more dynamic understanding of market movements. With features like real-time order flow visualization, heatmaps, volume bubbles, and customizable charts, Bookmap offers an enhanced trading experience that goes beyond traditional platforms. Its unique analytical indicators and the ability to zoom down to the nanosecond level cater to both day traders and those involved in high-frequency trading.

Overall, Bookmap stands out as a sophisticated trading platform offering an array of features that can significantly benefit active traders. Its ability to provide real-time, detailed market analysis makes it a worthwhile consideration for anyone looking to gain an edge in the dynamic world of trading. To explore these features and ensure you’re getting the best price on Bookmap, Click Here for more information.

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