Getting The Best Price On Humbled Trader – Is It Worth The Price Tag?

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December 23, 2023December 23, 2023

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Humbled Trader, founded in 2019 by Shay Huang, a notable YouTuber, is a platform focusing on day trading. In this article, I will explore the academy and its offerings, including a chatroom that traders can access through a subscription. Humbled Trader is dedicated to assisting day traders in achieving success by providing educational resources and fostering a trading community.

Unlike many day-trading tutorials that often promote a “get rich quick” mentality, Humbled Trader emphasizes achieving consistent day-trading profits. This approach, while less flashy, is grounded in realism and has been instrumental in helping numerous day traders since its inception. Shay’s brand is all about offering practical, effective strategies for day trading.

For those interested in getting the best price on Humbled Trader and seeing if its educational resources and community align with your trading goals, continue reading my Humbled Trader review to gain a thorough understanding of what Humbled Trader has to offer.
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Getting the Best Price on Humbled Trader

Lets jump right into the important stuff, the cost of Humbled Trader. Unfortunately, if you are looking at getting the best price on Humbled Trader, there are no coupon codes available at this time. In fact there isn’t any tiered pricing or free trials.

The price of Humbled Trader is $1870 per year, for everyone. Although there isn’t a free trial, there is a conditional 10-day refund. This refund is only honored if the user has not accessed course material after unit 2 and requests a refund in writing, via email, within the first 10 days of purchase.

Humbled Trader Benefits

Now that I broke the tough news about not being able to get a better price on Humbled Trader, here are the positives you have to look forward to with Humbled Trader:

  • Live Streams and Chat Rooms: These platforms offer real-time market insights and enable community interaction, crucial for learning and staying updated.
  • Weekly Mentorship Webinars and One-on-One Coaching: These sessions offer personalized guidance and are instrumental in enhancing trading skills.
  • Daily Stock Watchlist: It includes key price levels and market information, serving as a vital tool for daily trading activities.
  • Emphasis on Risk Management: Humbled Trader focuses heavily on teaching traders to understand and mitigate risks, reinforcing the importance of protecting capital alongside pursuing profits.
  • Supportive Community: The platform’s chat rooms and Discord channel foster a supportive environment for traders to share strategies and experiences.
  • Continuous Learning and Updated Content: The platform regularly updates its content, including live streams, to keep members informed about the latest market trends and strategies.
  • Trade Recordings and Commentary: Features commentary on trade executions by Humbled Trader and other experienced investors, demonstrating effective use of charting tools like Heiken Ashi.
  • Swing Trading Room: Offers research webinars, trading plans, and actionable trades for longer-term trading.
  • Pre-Market Live Stream: Includes daily trade planning, watchlist reviews, and insights into company earnings reports and SEC filings.
  • Exclusive Video Lessons: Over 50 hours of members-only content added weekly, covering topics from trade psychology to current market conditions.

Limitations of Humbled Trader

Now that I have covered the benefits of Humbled Trader, I will jump into the limitations. Here are the main drawbacks of Humbled Trader you will find:

  • Cost: One of the primary drawbacks of Humbled Trader is its cost. At nearly $1,900 per year, it ranks among the more expensive platforms. However, the depth of educational resources and the level of community support available may justify the expense for many traders.
  • Time Commitment: Engaging with Humbled Trader effectively requires a significant investment of time. Traders need to commit to not only learning but also applying the strategies and insights provided by the platform.
  • Smaller Community Size: Compared to more established trading services, the community size at Humbled Trader is relatively smaller. This might impact the diversity and range of insights and interactions available within the community.
  • Lack of Free Trial or Demo Subscription: Potential users don’t have the option to try out the platform through a free trial or demo subscription, which can be a hurdle for those who wish to evaluate the platform before committing financially.
  • No Mobile App: Currently, there is no mobile app available for Humbled Trader, limiting the ability to trade or monitor activities while on-the-go. This could be a drawback for traders who prefer mobile access for their educational and trading activities.

Final Thoughts

It’s clear to me that while the platform comes with a higher cost, the wealth of educational resources and community support it offers could make it a valuable investment for many traders. The comprehensive content, structured learning paths, and supportive environment are significant assets, but they do require a substantial time commitment and adaptability to a steep learning curve, especially for new traders.

Humbled Trader’s focus on realistic and grounded trading approaches could be highly beneficial for those looking to enhance their trading skills in a practical and supportive setting. For traders considering the platform and interested in getting the best price on Humbled Trader, it’s important to assess these factors carefully.

The platform’s cost needs to be evaluated in the context of the value it provides through its extensive educational resources and community support. If you’re looking to dive deeper into what Humbled Trader has to offer and determine if it aligns with your trading goals and preferences, Click Here for more information and insights.
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