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December 23, 2023December 23, 2023

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Maverick Trading, established in 1997 and headquartered in Utah, stands as one of the oldest trader education and proprietary trading firms in operation. My Maverick Trading review explores how the firm has sustained its presence in the market through its unique trading methodologies and comprehensive support systems.

Maverick Trading has developed a market-neutral trading approach that allows traders to profit in both rising and falling markets, with a preference for options trading due to its leverage and limited downside. The firm discourages high-frequency trading and focuses instead on swing and short-term trading, with holding times that can range from a few hours to several months.

This approach has proven effective over time, contributing to the firm’s longevity in the industry.

One of the primary challenges for traders, especially retail traders, is the lack of access to substantial capital, which is necessary for generating regular returns and pursuing trading full-time. Maverick Trading addresses this challenge by offering significant funding to traders, positioning itself as a viable solution for those seeking access to larger trading capital.

The firm is also known for its high retention rate, with most traders staying for around three years. This success is attributed to Maverick’s extensive training, mentoring, risk management, and support provided throughout the trading and training lifecycle.

For traders interested in getting the best price on Maverick Trading, understanding the firm’s approach to trading, its focus on education, and its support structure is key. Maverick Trading’s commitment to these areas makes it a solid option for those looking to develop and enhance their trading skills within a supportive proprietary trading environment.
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Getting the Best Price on Maverick Trading

Understanding the cost structure of Maverick Trading is an essential aspect for those considering the platform. Unfortunately, for those who are interested in getting the best price on Maverick Trading, there currently aren’t any discount or coupon codes offered. That being said, it’s important to note the various fees and account options offered by the firm. Here’s my breakdown:

  • Lifetime Membership Fee: Initially, traders are required to pay a $4,000 lifetime membership fee.
  • Monthly Desk Fee: Starting from the second month, there is a $199 monthly desk fee.
  • Risk Capital Deposit: For live trading, a deposit of $2,000 in risk capital is necessary.
  • Performance Bonus: A performance bonus system is in place, starting at $3,000 profit splits with the firm.
  • Top-Tier Account Opportunities: For ambitious traders, the top-tier account offers up to $300,000, managing positions up to $15 million in FX. Maverick Trading supports this with over 100 hours of intensive FX instruction, structured coaching, and supervision.
  • Brokerage Rates with Interactive Brokers: Maverick Trading partners with one of the most respected brokerage firms, Interactive Brokers, ensuring their traders are charged competitive rates. These include $0.005 per share and $0.50 per options contract per side ($1.00 round trip), with no ticket fees.

Benefits of Maverick Trading

Now that we have covered the financials associated with Maverick Trading, Let’s get into the benefits. Here are the main advantages I found with Maverick Trading:

  • Professional Trading Program: This program is ideal for experienced traders, offering access to Maverick Trading’s proprietary system and capital. It includes training, technology, support, and the opportunity for traders to earn a share of the profits they generate.
  • Forex and Options Programs: Tailored programs for forex and options trading, allowing traders to trade these markets using Maverick Trading’s capital and share the profits.
  • Trade Simulator: A risk-free environment for sharpening chart-reading skills before moving to live trading, with journaled trades in a demo account.
  • Maverick FX Fund: An opportunity for both individual traders and institutional investors to participate in a hedge fund managed by Maverick Trading.
  • Structured Video Training: Over 250 hours of detailed video instructions, covering essential insights for profitability in both Stock/Options and FX Divisions.
  • Personality Analysis and Customized Trading Plan: Maverick Trading conducts a personality test for new traders, helping them identify strengths and potential pitfalls. This analysis is used to create a customized trading plan, focusing on market conditions, risk management, capital allocation, and specific strategies.
  • Demo Account with Feedback: Traders’ activities on demo accounts are closely monitored, with feedback provided to refine trading plans and improve risk management.
  • Membership Fee Refund Policy: Maverick Trading refunds the membership fee once a trader earns an equivalent amount for the company.
  • Partnership with Interactive Brokers: Traders benefit from competitive rates, with no markup commissions charged by Maverick Trading.
  • Trading Alerts Chatroom: A platform for trading alerts, ideas, and camaraderie, essential for remote traders to stay connected and informed.
  • Comprehensive Trader Support: Maverick provides thorough support, with mentors who are approachable and experienced, enhancing the training experience.

Maverick Trading Limitations

Now that we know what traders like about Maverick Trading, let’s look at some potential drawbacks:

  • Program Fees: The fees for Maverick Trading’s programs can be relatively high, potentially making it a less accessible option for some traders.
  • Risk Deposit Requirements: There is a requirement for a risk deposit, which could be a hurdle for traders’ advancement, particularly for those with limited capital. To begin trading, a risk deposit of $4,000 is required.
  • Time-Consuming Entry Process: The process to enter Maverick Trading is known to be lengthy and might deter those looking for quicker access.
  • Selective Acceptance Rate: Maverick Trading has a selective acceptance policy, with only about 3%-4% of applicants being approved. This selectivity indicates a focus on quality and experienced traders.
  • Limited Information Accessibility: Detailed information on trading terms is only available to clients who have successfully passed the interview process.

Final Thoughts

In concluding my article on Maverick Trading, it’s clear to me that this firm stands out for its specialized programs in forex, options, and proprietary trading, tailored for experienced traders. While considering Maverick Trading, it’s crucial to assess factors such as the high program fees, risk deposit requirements, and its selective acceptance criteria in relation to your trading experience.

Maverick Trading is particularly well-suited for traders who have a solid foundation in trading and can meet the program’s financial commitments. It offers a comprehensive educational framework and a supportive trading community, which are invaluable for traders focused on advancing their skills and strategies.

For experienced traders interested in getting the best price on Maverick Trading and eager to learn more about the unique opportunities it provides, Click Here to explore further and take advantage of the resources Maverick Trading has to offer.

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