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December 25, 2023December 25, 2023

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In this Option Strategies Insider review, I will explore a service aimed at demystifying the world of options trading. Option Strategies Insider offers trade recommendations and educational resources, promising to elevate your trading skills regardless of your experience level.

Led by finance expert Chris Douthit, the platform seeks to turn novices into informed investors through a step-by-step strategy. This review aims to evaluate the effectiveness of Option Strategies Insider in helping users become profitable options traders and considerations for getting the best price on Option Strategies Insider. Read on to find out more.
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Getting the Best Price on Option Strategies Insider

For those with the goal of getting the best price on Option Strategies Insider, I have good news. They are currently offering a $7 trial membership, then 20% off forever, for its highest membership tier. How much is the normal price and what’s included, you might be wondering, here is my breakdown:

  • Free Membership: Tailored for beginners, this level is easy to access and packed with educational material. It includes sequential video lessons followed by quizzes, a comprehensive options dictionary, various courses from beginner to intermediate, and additional resources like the thinkorswim Training Center and investing books library. It’s ideal for those just starting out or needing a refresher in options trading.
  • Executive Membership: Designed for more active traders or those ready to start trading, this membership provides trade ideas through the Executive Portfolio, offering 3-6 suggestions monthly with a historic success rate of about 90% over the past three years. Subscribers receive detailed research, instant trade alerts, access to a member forum, and a suite of tools and courses that include advanced strategies. It’s suited for traders confident in their skills but seeking researched trade opportunities and community support.
  • Ultra Membership: Aimed at traders looking to increase trade frequency and embrace higher risks for potentially higher rewards, the Ultra membership offers everything in the Executive level plus 1-2 additional “Ultra” monthly recommendations. These suggestions are based on comprehensive data analysis and often involve high-risk trading opportunities. Subscribers also get lifetime optional membership opportunities, which might be a cost-effective choice for long-term users. This level is best for experienced traders focused on maximizing returns and who are comfortable navigating the higher risk landscape.

Courses Offered By Option Strategies Insider

Option Strategies Insider is tailored to equip traders with a comprehensive suite of educational tools and resources, helping them navigate the complexities of options trading. At the heart of its educational offerings is the Option Strategies Training Center, which serves as a gateway to a wealth of knowledge.

The Beginning Options Course provides eight lessons focused on the fundamentals of options trading, including how to read options, understand pricing, and the intricacies of option “Greeks”.

For those looking to advance further, the Intermediate Options Course offers six lessons that dive into more nuanced aspects of options trading, including detailed tutorials on buying options and using the thinkorswim platform for applying these concepts in real-world scenarios.

For traders seeking to master complex trading techniques, the Advanced Options Strategies is available to paid members. This series of 11 lessons goes in-depth into multi-leg options trading and buy-write trading, deciphering popular strategies such as vertical spreads, iron condors, butterflies, calendars, straddles, and strangles.

In addition to structured courses, Option Strategies Insider provides an extensive library of eBooks. These eBooks cover a wide range of topics, from the basics of building a balanced stock portfolio to specific strategies like value investing, smarter dividend investing, and leveraging stocks for income. For those interested in more sophisticated strategies, there are guides on conquering the Iron Condor and mastering the Risk Reversal strategy, among others.

Trade alerts are a significant feature of Option Strategies Insider, particularly for premium service members. These alerts provide 3-6 new options trade ideas each month, backed by a reported 88% success rate and a 50% yearly return on capital. Members who opt for the Ultra membership receive even more options plays, aiming for higher risk and higher reward opportunities.

The platform also offers various trading tools to enhance the trading experience. Thinkorswim plugins, such as the IV rank chart and watchlist, provide advanced functionalities for market analysis. A short put calculator and customizable stock price alerts enable traders to make informed decisions based on potential returns and market movements.

Option Strategies Insider Benefits

Now that you know all about getting the best price on Option Strategies Insider and the educational course, I will explain the main benefits users experience with the platform. Here are the top advantages:

  • Substantial Free Access: The free membership provides access to almost 60% of the platform’s content, allowing users to learn and apply various trading strategies.
  • Track Record of Success: Known for a high percentage of winning trades, providing users with quality trade alerts and a reputation for reliability.
  • Extensive Educational Content: Ranging from beginner to advanced, the platform offers comprehensive resources to enhance trading knowledge and skills.
  • $7 Trial Membership: Offers a low-cost trial to explore the full range of services, allowing potential users to gauge the value of the platform without a substantial initial investment.

Option Strategies Insider Drawbacks

Like with all platforms, depending on your expectations, there are some limitations. Here are the potential drawbacks I uncovered with Options Strategies Insider:

  • Lack of Detailed Trade History: The service does not provide a comprehensive trade history, including dates, options, and strategies used for past trades. Members can only view details for active positions and new trades, limiting retrospective analysis and learning.
  • Focus on Options Trading Only: The service has a strict focus on options trading, which might limit users interested in a more diverse set of trading instruments or a comprehensive investment platform.
  • Third-Party IRA Management: The platform does not directly manage IRAs, which may be a drawback for investors who prefer a unified platform for all their investment needs, including retirement accounts.
  • Fluctuating Spot Prices: As with all options trading, the rapid change in spot prices can affect the timing and profitability of trades, adding an inherent risk to the strategy and requiring constant vigilance from traders.

Final Thoughts

In wrapping up my Option Strategies Insider review, it’s clear to me that the service stands as a comprehensive resource for those interested in mastering options trading. The platform’s extensive range of educational content, live trade alerts, and user-friendly tools are designed to enhance trading efficacy.

For individuals focused on getting the best price on Option Strategies Insider, it’s worth exploring the tiers of membership to match your trading needs and taking advantage of the $7 trial membership and 20% off forever. Ready to take your trading to the next level? Click Here to discover how Option Strategies Insider can be part of your trading success.
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