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December 25, 2023December 25, 2023

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In this Oxford Communique review, I will be looking into a monthly publication renowned for its stock picks across various industries. The Oxford Communique, by the Oxford Club, is known not only for its quality content but also for being an affordable option in the investing newsletter landscape.

The Oxford Club’s offering doesn’t stop at monthly stock picks; it also provides weekly updates and special reports to keep subscribers well-informed. Available in both print (with digital access) and digital-only formats, it caters to different preferences for consuming financial insights and investment strategies.

As you consider this advisory service, it’s important to weigh both its strengths and weaknesses. This review aims to give a comprehensive view of the Oxford Communique, helping you decide if it aligns with your investment needs and goals.

Whether you’re new to investing or looking to diversify your portfolio, understanding what this newsletter offers is crucial in making an informed decision about its value for your financial growth.
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Getting the Best Price on Oxford Communique

For those looking into getting the best price on Oxford Communique, we have some exclusive offers for you. If you sign up using our link at the bottom of the article, you will receive a 365-day guarantee on your purchase, opposed to a 60-day guarantee for everyone else. Even better, you will receive a $30 discount on your first year of the basic subscription and $150 on the premium subscription!

How much is the normal subscription cost you wonder, I’ll get into that now. Here’s my breakdown:

  • Basic Subscription: Priced at $79 per year, with an introductory offer of $49 for the first year. This digital-only subscription provides access to the core newsletter content.
  • Deluxe Subscription: Available at $129 per year, this level includes both email and website services, offering a more integrated experience for subscribers.
  • Premium Subscription: The most comprehensive tier, priced at $249 annually with an introductory offer of $99 for the first year. Premium subscribers receive both digital and physical copies of the monthly investment newsletters, encompassing the full breadth of Oxford Communique’s insights and recommendations.

For those who find the Oxford Communique especially valuable, a lifetime membership is an option. It costs $395 upfront along with an annual maintenance fee of $15, considered very reasonable in the industry. This lifetime option is less expensive than many other services, and it includes access to several model portfolios, providing subscribers with a wider variety of stock picks.

In comparison to other entry-level newsletters, the Oxford Communique’s costs are slightly less expensive, making it an attractive option for individuals looking for quality investment advice without a hefty price tag.

What is Included in The Oxford Communique

Now that you know all about getting the best price on Oxford Communique, I will cover what is included with your membership. Here are the offerings you can expect:

  • Centerpiece Newsletter: Delivered monthly, this newsletter is a treasure trove of investment ideas and market insights from Alexander Green.
  • Model Portfolios: Subscribers have access to five distinct portfolios, each with a different focus and strategy, ranging from diversified assets aiming to beat market averages to specific themes like stocks with potential for tenfold growth or portfolios focused on wealth preservation and dividends.
  • Pillars of Wealth: This set of four principles underlines the Oxford philosophy of investment, guiding subscribers on portfolio management and risk handling.
  • Special Reports: These reports provide deeper dives into various cutting-edge topics, from gene sequencing to vertical farming, offering subscribers insights into potentially lucrative and low-risk investment opportunities.
  • The Single-Stock Retirement Plan: This feature offers a detailed guide into a specific $3 stock with significant potential, providing subscribers with an actionable investment opportunity.
  • The Multimillionaire’s Handbook & The 10% CD: These are deep dives into the strategies of the ultra-wealthy and a methodology for achieving over 10% returns in challenging markets.
  • New Membership Bonus Reports & Premium Bonus Reports: Additional resources, including books, video courses, and exclusive reports, cater to new members and premium subscribers, offering a comprehensive understanding of various investment strategies.
  • Member-Only Events: High net worth subscribers can enjoy exclusive luxurious trips and seminars, providing networking opportunities and insights from guest speakers.

Is The Oxford Communique A Scam?

When considering whether the Oxford Communique is a scam, it’s important to approach with a clear understanding of what it offers. The Oxford Communique is a legitimate stock-picking newsletter known for its consistent results over the years. While it’s crucial to acknowledge that not every stock pick will yield profits, diversifying investments based on its recommendations can improve your odds of success.

The service is based primarily on the insights and recommendations of a single investment advisor, and while an extremely experienced investor might occasionally outperform these recommendations, the Communique’s track record of offering various excellent stock picks speaks to its credibility and effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

It’s evident to me that this newsletter stands as a reputable resource in the investment advisories service industry. As part of the Oxford Club’s suite of offerings, the Communique brings together a wealth of financial knowledge, well-researched stock picks, and strategic insights aimed at empowering individual investors.

While it’s understood that not every recommendation will lead to profit, the consistent performance and variety of resources provided, including model portfolios and special reports, demonstrate its value as a component of a diversified investment approach.

For those interested in expanding their investment insights beyond stock picking, the Oxford Club also offers the Oxford Income Letter, focusing on strategies for generating consistent income. This can complement the growth-oriented picks of the Communique, providing a more rounded approach to portfolio building.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or just starting, the Oxford Communique, backed by the reputation and resources of the Oxford Club, offers a substantial service to consider. If you’re ready to explore the detailed analysis, expert stock picks, and strategic advice provided by the Oxford Communique and other Oxford Club offerings, Click Here to learn more and subscribe.
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