Getting The Best Price On Oxford Income Letter – Taking Advantage Of The First Year Discounts

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December 25, 2023December 25, 2023

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In this Oxford Income Letter review, I will dive into what the subscription offers for those interested in bolstering their investment strategy with a focus on income and dividend-paying stocks and bonds. As a product of The Oxford Club and helmed by Marc Lichtenfeld, a recognized biotech expert and seasoned fund manager, the Oxford Income Letter provides monthly insights and stock picks aimed at generating sustainable income and potentially robust annual returns.

The newsletter is known for its affordability and is particularly centered around high-yield dividend stocks. By employing four model portfolios and leveraging expert analysis, it guides subscribers towards strategic stock selections. These picks are designed not just for immediate income but for long-term financial growth, appealing to a range of investors from the conservative to the more aggressive.

For those considering the newsletter and interested in getting the best price on Oxford Income Letter, it’s important to weigh the potential benefits against personal financial goals. The service’s focus on dividend and income-generating investments may align well with those looking for steady, long-term returns.

As with any financial advisory service, understanding its approach and analyzing its track record are key steps in determining its suitability for your investment strategy. Read on to find out all you need to know.
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Getting the Best Price on Oxford Income Letter

If you are interested in getting the best price on Oxford Income Letter, the guys over at the Oxford Club have some promotions. First of all, all subscriptions come with a 365 day money back guarantee, which is a longer duration than most other investment newsletters offer. Also, they offer discounts on the first year of memberships for 2 of their subscription tiers. Here is my breakdown of the normal pricing and discounted pricing:

  • Standard Subscription: Priced at $79 per year, this option provides a digital subscription to the Income Letter. For new subscribers, the first year is available at a discounted rate of $49, after which it renews at the standard rate. This tier is digital-only, offering access to the monthly newsletter in electronic format.
  • Deluxe Subscription: Available for $129 per year, the Deluxe plan includes a digital subscription with both email and website access. It’s a step up from the Standard subscription, providing more ways to access the content.
  • Premium Subscription: This top-tier plan is available for $249 annually after the first year’s promotional price of $79. It’s the most comprehensive option, including both a physical copy of the Income Letter delivered to your residence and digital access. Premium subscribers gain access to the four individual model portfolios and a variety of additional perks, such as two special reports, a hard copy of “Get Rich with Dividends,” and a digital copy of “101 Ways to Grow and Protect Your Retirement Savings.” The special reports vary based on the timing of your subscription but aim to provide value-added insights and strategies.

What is Included With Oxford Income Letter

Now that you know all about getting the best price on Oxford Income Letter, I will cover what is included in your membership. Here are the main offerings gained by members:

  • Monthly Newsletter: Delivers a new stock pick each month, including detailed analysis, portfolio allocation advice, risk management strategies, and tax placement suggestions. It also provides updates on market shifts and answers to reader queries.
  • Model Portfolios: Four unique portfolios cater to different investment strategies:
  • Compound Income Portfolio: Focuses on companies with consistent dividend growth.
  • Instant Income Portfolio: Targets quick dividend accumulation.
  • High Yield Portfolio: Comprises companies offering substantial and sustainable dividends.
  • Fixed Income Portfolio: Presents opportunities in corporate and alternative bonds.
  • Special Reports: Deep dives into recent recommendations, providing extensive research to enhance subscribers’ investment strategies.
  • Tax Optimization: Offers insights into achieving optimal tax benefits from dividend income.
  • Oxford Income Blasts: Provides urgent trading insights for timely decision-making.
  • Pillar One Advisors Access: Allows members to seek expert opinions on specific market segments.
  • Bonus Reports for New Members: Includes insights into opportunities in sectors like oil, gas, and gold.
  • “Get Rich with Dividends” Book: A complimentary copy of Marc Lichtenfeld’s book for new subscribers, focusing on dividend-rich companies.
  • “Dividend Riches” Video Series: A six-part series by Marc Lichtenfeld detailing strategies for maximizing passive income.

Is the Oxford Club a Scam?

Some people have asked if the Oxford Club is a scam. The Oxford Club is the company that produces the Oxford Income Letter. They have been in business since 1989, which is proof they are not a scam, as they would have been shut down by the authorities long ago if they were. If you want to read more about them, you can check out my Oxford Club review.

Final Thoughts

My review highlights the Oxford Income Letter as a comprehensive resource for those interested in income and dividend-focused investing. With its array of model portfolios, detailed monthly newsletters, and additional resources like special reports and tax optimization advice, the Oxford Income Letter equips subscribers with the tools needed to build a profitable dividend portfolio.

The consistent quality of content and strategic advice are beneficial for anyone looking to enhance their income-generating investments. For those focused on getting the best price on Oxford Income Letter, exploring the different subscription options and considering the long-term value of the information provided will be key.

There is a broader scope of resources available through The Oxford Club. For those looking for a more well rounded approach to investing, the Oxford Communique is a nice compliment to the Oxford Income Letter. My Oxford Communique review will get into the details of their offerings.

If you’re ready to get into income investing with expert guidance and comprehensive support, Click Here to learn more and subscribe to the Oxford Income Letter.
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