Getting The Best Price On Percent – Understanding Fees On Various Investment Options

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December 25, 2023December 25, 2023

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In this Percent review, I will explore an emerging opportunity in the realm of private credit, an asset class traditionally favored by institutional investors for its high yields, short-term durations, and low default rates. Private credit is a massive $7 trillion market that has become more accessible to individual investors, especially with recent changes in SEC regulations. Percent stands at the forefront of this shift, offering a platform that allows individual investors to engage in private credit investment.

As investors increasingly seek alternative assets that aren’t correlated to traditional stocks or bonds, platforms like Percent are gaining attention. Peer-to-peer lending, the core of Percent’s offerings, provides a unique diversification option.

My review looks into how Percent operates, its pricing structure, and the advantages and disadvantages of using the platform. Understanding these elements is crucial for getting the best price on Percent and making informed investment decisions.

Whether you’re an experienced investor looking for new avenues to explore or someone new to the private credit market, understanding Percent’s role and potential in your investment strategy is key.
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Getting the Best Price on Percent

For those looking at getting the best price on Percent, unfortunately there aren’t any discount or coupon codes available at this time. The good news is that Percent does not charge investors much at all. In fact, for single note offerings, Percent offers a fee-free investment experience. If you choose to invest in their blended notes, Percent charges a very low 1% management fee, in addition to a percentage of the yield.

If you aren’t sure what the single notes and blended notes offered by Percent are all about, read on.

Percent Investment Types

The types of investments offered to accredited investors, by Percent, can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Corporate Loans: Percent provides opportunities to invest in debt securities used by high-growth companies to fund operations, expansion, or bridge funding gaps. These investments are typically in companies that are in their growth phase and offer potentially higher yields due to the increased risk.
  • Asset-Based Notes: These are secured loans backed by collateral, including consumer loans backed by assets like vehicles or jewelry, trade receivables, and SMB leases. These investments provide a level of security as the assets can be seized if borrowers default.
  • Trade Receivables: These investments involve purchasing a business’s accounts receivables at a discounted rate, which then yields a return upon maturity.
  • Consumer Loans: Including installment loans and vehicle loans, these are often backed by collateral such as homes or vehicles.
  • SMB Loans and Leases: These investments are aimed at small-and-medium-sized business activities, some with personal guarantees from business owners, and are backed by assets like property or equipment.
  • SMB Cash Advances: Based on the future receipts of a business, this investment is distinct from invoice factoring as repayments are determined by future sales.
  • Blended Notes: Offering a diversified investment approach, these notes combine multiple assets into a single investment managed by Percent’s team. They offer monthly interest for the first year followed by combined interest and principal payments.

Benefits of Investing With Percent

Here are the unique benefits I found offered by Percent:

  • Largest Selection of Private Credit Investments: Percent features a wide variety of investment opportunities, including asset-based notes, trade receivables, consumer loans, SMB loans, leases, and cash advances, allowing for comprehensive diversification in private credit.
  • High Average Returns: The platform boasts high average returns, often exceeding 13%, making it an attractive option for investors seeking above-average yields.
  • Short-term Durations: Many of Percent’s investment opportunities are short-term, offering investors quicker returns compared to traditional long-term investments.
  • Diversification Outside of Public Markets: Investing in private credit through Percent provides a diversification avenue outside of traditional public market investments, potentially reducing overall portfolio risk.
  • Low, Transparent Fees: Percent is committed to transparency, offering low fees that are clearly stated, ensuring investors understand the cost implications of their investments.
  • Low Minimum Investment: With investment thresholds starting as low as $500, Percent makes private credit investing more accessible to a wider audience of accredited investors.
  • Transparent Investment Details: Each investment opportunity is accompanied by comprehensive details, including expected returns, collateral types, and borrower track records, empowering investors to make well-informed decisions.
  • Rigorous Due Diligence: Percent employs a stringent vetting process for each deal and originator, presenting only quality investment opportunities and enhancing investor confidence in the platform.

Final Thoughts

Concluding this Percent review, it’s clear to me that the platform offers a unique and valuable entry into the world of private credit investments. With its extensive selection of investment options, high average returns, and short-term durations, Percent provides a compelling opportunity for diversification and potentially higher yields outside of traditional public markets.

The blend of asset-based notes, SMB loans, and venture debt opportunities caters to various investment strategies and risk preferences. Whether you’re looking for steady income or higher-risk, higher-reward opportunities, Percent offers a structured and informed approach to private credit investing.

If you’re considering entering the private credit market and are focused on getting the best price on Percent, exploring the platform’s offerings and understanding how they align with your investment goals is crucial. With the potential for diversified and robust returns, Percent presents an attractive option for savvy investors looking to enhance their portfolios.

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