Getting The Best Price On SurgeTrader – Take Advantage Of The Discount Code And Free Trial

Jeremy BiberdorfBy: Jeremy Biberdorf

December 28, 2023December 28, 2023

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In exploring the world of proprietary trading firms, SurgeTrader stands out as a solid option. In this SurgeTrader review I will peer into the platform’s offerings and its commitment to fewer restrictions, potentially making it an ideal choice for those with unique trading strategies or those dissatisfied with the constraints of other firms.

With a one-stage evaluation process and no minimum trading days required, SurgeTrader emphasizes efficiency and trader autonomy. Additionally, it caters to a wide range of traders, including those interested in cryptocurrencies, offering more options in this field than many competitors. As you consider the right prop firm for your trading journey, remember the importance of getting the best price on SurgeTrader to maximize your trading capital and potential returns.
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Getting the Best Price on SurgeTrader

If you are looking at getting the best price on SurgeTrader, look no further. Not only does SurgeTrader offer a 30-day free trial, you can also save 10% with my SurgeTrader coupon code. As for the normal pricing, SurgeTrader doesn’t offer overly complicated pricing options. Here’s my break down of their simple pricing structure:

  • $25,000 funding level: $250 per audition
  • $50,000 funding level: $400 per audition
  • $100,000 funding level: $700 per audition
  • $250,000 funding level: $1,800 per audition
  • $500,000 funding level: $3,500 per audition
  • $1 million funding level: $6,500 per audition

SurgeTrader also offers customizable options for those seeking a tailored trading experience. Traders can enhance their SurgeTrader payout to 90% for an additional 20% of the regular price, double their leverage on most assets for an extra 25%, or eliminate mandatory stop losses for another 10%. For those looking to combine all three enhancements, a bundled add-on is available at 40% of the prices.

SurgeTrader Benefits

Now that you are equipped with the know-how to get the best price on SurgeTrader, you are probably wondering what the platform offers. Here are the main benefits that users like about SurgeTrader:

  • Reliability: Backed by an international venture fund and operates through affiliate broker EightCap, which is licensed by the Australian regulator ASIC (391441), ensuring a secure trading environment.
  • Strategy Flexibility: Allows the application of any trading strategy, including algorithmic trading, hedging, scalping, and Martingale, giving traders the freedom to trade as they prefer.
  • High Trader Income: Traders keep 75% of the profits they earn, offering a high reward potential.
  • Wide Range of Assets: Offers access to more than 100 trading instruments, including cryptocurrencies, catering to a diverse range of trading interests.
  • No Risk Coverage: SurgeTrader covers losses if trading stays within the company’s specified maximum loss and drawdown requirements, reducing financial risk.
  • Transparency and Loyalty: Legal documents and trading conditions are publicly available on the website.

SurgeTrader Limitations

Even if you are getting the best price of SurgeTrader by using my SurgeTrader discount code, there are still some limitations you should be aware of. Here are the main drawbacks I came across:

  • Leverage Restrictions: The platform offers varying leverage limits depending on the asset class. Forex, metals, oils, and indices are capped at 10:1, shares at 5:1, and crypto at a lower 2:1, potentially limiting aggressive trading strategies.
  • Earnings Announcement Rule for Equities: SurgeTrader stipulates that open positions cannot be held through earnings announcements. Non-compliance with this rule can result in account termination, adding a layer of strategy consideration for equity traders.
  • Lack of Futures and Options: The platform does not support trading in futures or options, which may be a significant limitation for traders who specialize or prefer these instruments.
  • Profit Payout: The default profit payout stands at 75%, meaning traders only take home three-quarters of the profits earned, which might be less attractive compared to other platforms offering higher percentages.

SurgeTrader Alternatives

If you aren’t sold on the benefits of SurgeTrader, there are other quality alternatives in the forex prop trading game. One popular choice of forex traders looking for a prop trading partner is FTMO. If you like the guidance offered by more stringent trading rules, FTMO could be a viable option. If you can deal with complex trading rules, FTMO is advantageous for non-English speaking traders, as they offer customer support in 17 languages. My SurgeTrader vs FTMO article will break down the pros and cons of each platform.

Final Thoughts

SurgeTrader offers a unique opportunity for traders seeking to leverage their skills with enhanced capital and minimal restrictions.. While the platform does impose certain limitations, such as leverage restrictions and specific rules around withdrawals and earnings announcements, these are balanced by the potential for high rewards and a broad range of tradable assets.

Whether you’re looking to scale your trading strategies or explore new markets, SurgeTrader provides a structured yet flexible environment to grow. Interested in taking your trading to the next level with SurgeTrader? Click Here to get started!
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