Getting The Best Price On The5ers – Applying My Discount And Choosing The Right Program

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December 28, 2023December 28, 2023

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The5ers, founded in 2016 by Gil Ben Hur, is a proprietary trading firm most famously known for creating the first instant trader funding program. This firm has consistently been a leader in innovation within the trading market.

My The5ers review will explore the range of funding programs and features the platform offers, and how it compares to its competitors in a highly competitive market. As a prop firm, The5ers aims to fund the top 5% of traders, offering substantial funding up to $4 million for trading forex, metals, and indices. Traders are required to prove their trading skills to access this funding.

Keep reading to find out if The5ers matches your trading needs and to understand the process of getting the best price on The5ers.
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Getting the Best Price on The5ers

If getting the best price on The5ers is what you are after, I can help. For starters, if you use my The5ers coupon, you can save 5% on your fees. The second way I can help is by making sure you choose the right plan for your needs, so you get the most out of your partnership with The5ers.

The5ers offers various pricing structures across its Bootcamp, Hyper Growth, and High Stakes programs to cater to traders at different levels. Here’s my best attempt at breaking down of what each program costs, in simple terms:

  • Bootcamp Program: For the Bootcamp Program, initial entry costs range from $95 for a $100K account to $225 for a $250K account. Once you pass the evaluation, a one-time fee ranging from $205 to $350 is required, but if you fail, you only lose the initial fee.
  • Hyper Growth Program: This program offers accounts ranging from $10K to $40K with one-time participation fees of $260, $450, and $850, respectively. It’s designed for traders seeking rapid account growth.
  • High Stakes Program: For traders looking for high rewards, this program offers accounts from $5K to $100K with one-time fees ranging from $39 to $495.

In general, The5ers offers entry-level accounts starting from as low as $95, appealing to beginners, while providing instant funding accounts for more seasoned traders. The firm operates with a one-time participation fee structure, meaning no recurring charges, which simplifies cost management for traders.

Benefits of The5ers

Now that you know about the coupon and how to choose the best plan for your circumstances, you should be on track for getting the best price on The5ers. Now I will get into the advantages of The5ers. Here are the features users will find most advantageous:

  • Instant Funding Accounts: Traders can quickly access funds and potentially trade up to $4,000,000 with competitive spreads, executions, and rules, enabling significant scaling of their operations.
  • Customized Trading Plans: Acknowledging the uniqueness of every trader, The5ers provides customized trading plans to accommodate different strategies, from aggressive to conservative approaches.
  • Valuable Resources & Support: The firm offers a wealth of trading resources and round-the-clock customer support, alongside a vibrant Discord community managed by a $1.2M funded trader.
  • Support for Various Strategies: With no restrictions on strategies, traders have the freedom to employ their preferred methods, be it technical analysis, fundamental trading, or other tactics.
  • Potential for 100% Profit Share with Salary: For some traders, The5ers offers an opportunity to reach a 100% profit share, including a possible salary component, making it a lucrative option for high-achieving traders.

The5ers Drawbacks

Although, in my opinion, the benefits of The5ers outweigh the disadvantages, there are still a few drawbacks you should be aware of before signing up. Here are the main ones I came across:

  • Limited Leverage Options: Leverage is capped at 1:6 for low-risk accounts and 1:30 for more aggressive accounts, which might restrict the trading potential for some traders.
  • Time Restrictions on Beginner Accounts: New traders face set time limits on beginner accounts, which can limit the flexibility and learning curve for those new to trading.
  • No Futures Trading: The5ers does not currently support futures trading, limiting the scope of trading instruments available to its users.
  • No Live Chat Support: The platform lacks immediate customer support via live chat, potentially delaying response times to urgent trader inquiries.

The5ers Alternatives

In order to perform proper due diligence, you should be aware of other prop trading firms. One of the other leading firms is FTMO. If you are a futures trader that values risk management and evaluation tools, FTMO might be worth a look. Although they do not have an instant funding program or potential to scale up to 100% profit like The5ers, they have been gaining popularity because of their Trader app that offers real-time monitoring on the go. If you want to go deeper and see how these prop firms stack up, my The5ers vs FTMO article will give you all the information you need.

Final Thoughts

In concluding my The5ers review, it’s clear that this proprietary trading firm offers unique opportunities for traders seeking to expand their capital and trading skills. With tailored trading plans, support for various strategies, and no strategy restrictions, The5ers provides a flexible and inclusive trading environment.

For those ready to maximize their trading potential, The5ers could be a valuable platform. If you’re interested in elevating your trading journey with The5ers, Click Here to explore your options and start trading.
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