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December 29, 2023December 29, 2023

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TickTick Trader, a proprietary trading firm, has been making waves in the trading community, offering funded accounts to traders who successfully pass an initial qualification phase. My TickTick Trader review will dive into what TickTick Trader provides, its founding journey, and how it stands out in the bustling world of proprietary trading firms.

Established in February 2022, TickTick Trader aims to empower traders towards financial independence with a platform that is straightforward, logical, and user-friendly. The founders, with over 20 years of experience and a shared journey through Brussels’ trading rooms and proprietary firms, have crafted a firm with minimal restrictions, emphasizing transparency and simple rules.

TickTick Trader prioritizes rapid and secure payouts and round-the-clock support to ensure traders can focus solely on trading. With a commitment to a community-driven approach, TickTick Trader seeks to provide a nurturing environment, avoiding the exploitation prevalent in the industry, and ensuring traders have the best tools and support to succeed.

If you’re considering prop trading, understanding the nuances of TickTick Trader and getting the best price on TickTick Trader are essential for making an informed decision about your trading journey. Read on to find out more.
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Getting the Best Price on TickTick Trader

If you are like me, you like finding discounts. Luckily for you, I have a TickTick Trader discount code that can save you up to 50% off fees! Using this discount code will ensure you are getting the best price on TickTick Trader, but what are the normal fees? Here is my break down:

  • Starter Plan ($145/month): This plan is for those managing an account size of $25,000 with a profit target of $1,500. It allows up to 4 max positions, a daily loss limit of $500, and a drawdown of $1,500. There are no minimum trading days, and after 3 months, traders earn 90% of profits. A reset fee of $85 applies.
  • Advanced Plan ($160/month): Suitable for a $50,000 account with a $3,000 target. This plan allows up to 10 max positions, a daily loss limit of $1,250, and a drawdown of $2,500. Similar to the Starter, there’s a 90% profit share after 3 months and a reset fee of $85.
  • Express Plan ($99 for 15 days): This is designed for a $100,000 account aiming for a $6,000 target, offering up to 14 max positions and a unique feature of no daily loss limits. The drawdown stands at $3,500, and there are no reset fees. After 3 months, 90% of profits go to the trader.
  • Professional Plan ($285/month): Also tailored for a $100,000 account with the same $6,000 target and 14 max positions. This plan sets a daily loss limit of $2,500 and a drawdown of $3,500. Like others, it offers a 90% profit share after the initial 3 months and includes a reset fee of $85.

TickTick Trader Benefits

Not that you are well versed in the costs associated with TickTick Trader and how to get the best price, I will get into the beneficial features that users like. Here are the positive features I think you should be aware of:

  • Simple Rules: The platform has easy-to-understand trading rules, making it accessible for traders of all levels.
  • Transparent Fees: You’ll know exactly what you’re paying with their clear fee structure.
  • TickTickArcade Community: Elevate your trading skills by becoming part of the TickTickArcade elite network. Engage with a growing group of exceptional traders in a vibrant trading room, where members exchange innovative ideas, strategies, and market insights.
  • TickTickContest Competitions: Participate in exciting trading contests at TickTickContest. Compete against traders of all levels for attractive prizes. Showcase your trading prowess and join a community where everyone, from novices to experts, is encouraged to demonstrate their skills.
  • Diverse Account Options: Choose from evaluation, express, or direct accounts, each with tailored rules to fit different trading strategies.
  • Scaling Plan: Increase your contract limit as your account grows, offering potential for expansion.
  • Fast Payouts: Experience quick and secure access to your earnings.
  • No Minimum Trading Days: Start trading immediately without any mandatory trading day requirements.
  • 24/7 Multi-language Support: Get assistance anytime in various languages.
  • Free Trading Tools: Enjoy complimentary access to tools like Jigsaw Trader and Bookmap.
  • Platform Diversity: Trade across futures, forex, stocks, and crypto with accounts up to $200k.
  • Drawdown Protection: Safeguard your initial balance with their drawdown protection feature.
  • TickTickDrawdown: Daily evaluations provide a clear picture of your trading performance.
  • Flexible Loss Limits and Position Size: Benefit from a larger daily loss limit and position size for more trading opportunities.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, TickTick Trader offers a comprehensive trading platform that caters to a range of traders with its user-friendly rules, diverse account types, and robust support system. With the opportunity to trade on a variety of markets and the potential for significant account growth, it’s a compelling choice for those looking to enhance their trading journey.

Remember to use my TickTick Trader coupon code for up to 50% off your fees, making your trading experience not only rewarding but also more cost-effective. Click Here to get started today.
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