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Mar 01, 2024
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In today's digital era, managing personal finances efficiently is more important than ever. While Simplifi by Quicken has established itself as a robust personal finance app, it's not the only contender in the realm of financial management.

For various reasons, individuals may seek alternatives that align more closely with their specific financial goals and preferences. This article delves into some of the best Simplifi alternatives, exploring their unique offerings, features, and company backgrounds, to help you decide which tool could be the best fit for your financial journey.

What is Simplifi?

Simplifi by Quicken represents a paradigm shift in personal finance management, blending traditional budgeting with modern technology. It offers an extensive overview of one's financial health by integrating various accounts, from banks to investments.

Simplifi's strength lies in its budgeting and spending tracking capabilities, empowering users with insights into their financial habits and aiding in creating effective savings strategies. However, despite its comprehensive features, some users might find it lacking in certain areas, like advanced investment tools or credit score monitoring, leading them to explore other options.

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Simplifi Pros & Cons


● Comprehensive financial overview with multiple account integration.

● Advanced budgeting tools and spending trackers.

● Customizable savings goals for personalized financial planning.

● Intuitive mobile experience for on-the-go finance management.


● Limited in-depth investment tracking features.

● Restricted capabilities in credit score monitoring and management.

● May not fully meet the needs of users seeking advanced financial planning tools.

Why Seek Alternatives to Simplifi?

Simplifi offers a solid foundation for managing personal finances, but users might seek alternatives for several reasons. Some might look for more intricate investment tracking tools or platforms that focus on different budgeting methodologies, such as envelope or zero-based budgeting.

Others might be interested in software that offers a broader range of financial services, including credit score monitoring or more detailed financial advice. Additionally, pricing and the user experience also play significant roles in seeking alternatives that provide better value or a more tailored user interface.

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Quick Breakdown

Best Alternatives to Simplifi

  • Ideal for users seeking a comprehensive financial management tool with strong investment and property management features.

  • Best for those who prefer visually-driven financial goal setting and tracking.

  • Suitable for users looking for a secure, one-time purchase financial management tool with encryption features.

Top Three Simplifi Alternatives


4.2 stars
Fees Varies
Best For Overall personal finances
  • Long-standing reputation in personal finance software.
  • Extensive budgeting and financial tracking capabilities.
  • Ability to connect with a wide range of financial institutions.
  • Advanced features for detailed investment and property tracking.
  • Real-time data for current financial insights.
  • Budget planning calendar to help plan and achieve financial goals.
  • Established customer service with a long history.
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Quicken, a pioneer in personal finance software, offers a comprehensive suite of features for detailed financial management. From simple budgeting to complex investment and property tracking, Quicken covers a wide spectrum of financial needs. The platform’s strength lies in its ability to provide real-time insights across various accounts, making it a one-stop-shop for managing personal and business finances.
Quicken’s journey began in 1983 with a vision to simplify household financial management. Over the years, it has evolved, incorporating advanced features like mobile app integration and cloud syncing. Under the leadership of CEO Eric Dunn, Quicken continues to innovate, adapting to the changing needs of its diverse user base.

Monarch Money

4.5 stars
Fees $14.99/month or $99/year
Best For Financial goals
  • Comprehensive set of financial tools for budgeting and tracking.
  • Visual representation of financial goals and progress.
  • Integrated budget planning and retirement tracking features.
  • Insights into spending habits with detailed trend analysis.
  • User-friendly interface and highly-rated mobile application.
  • Compatibility with various bank and financial accounts.
  • Emphasis on setting and tracking personal financial goals.
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Monarch Money stands out with its focus on visualizing financial goals and progress. It equips users with tools to set, track, and achieve financial objectives, making it an excellent choice for goal-oriented individuals. The platform is also lauded for its user-friendly interface, making financial planning both accessible and engaging.
Founded in 2019 in Los Angeles, Monarch Money was born out of a need for a more intuitive approach to personal finance. The company’s founder, Val Agostino, leveraged his own financial management challenges to create a platform that emphasizes overall financial growth and simplification.


4.5 stars
Fees $65 (one-time)
Best For Automatic bank feeds
  • Advanced financial forecasting and budgeting tools.
  • Automatic bank feeds for real-time financial tracking.
  • Encrypted data security for enhanced user privacy.
  • Customizable budgeting and tracking features.
  • Multi-account support for comprehensive financial overview.
  • One-time purchase model with no recurring fees.
  • User-friendly interface suitable for all user levels.
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Moneydance distinguishes itself with its focus on security and privacy, providing robust encryption for user data. The platform offers a comprehensive range of features, from budgeting and investment tracking to automatic transaction updates, all within a secure environment. Its one-time purchase model makes it a cost-effective alternative for long-term financial management.
Originating as a solution primarily for Mac users, Moneydance has expanded to cater to a broader audience, including Windows and Linux users. The software has consistently focused on delivering a secure and efficient financial management experience, making it a preferred choice for privacy-conscious users.

Final Thoughts

When considering a financial management tool, it's essential to weigh factors like feature set, security, user experience, and cost. After all things considered, if Simplifi seems like the right platform for you – click here.

For those seeking a comprehensive tool with advanced capabilities, Quicken is a robust choice. Monarch Money and Moneydance offer unique features such as visual financial tracking and data encryption, catering to different user needs.

Whether you prioritize comprehensive financial management, visual goal setting, or privacy and security, there's an alternative to Simplifi that can meet your personal finance needs.

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