BlackBerry (BBRY) Stock: Why It's Time to Buy!

BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ: BBRY)

BlackBerry is having an incredible day in the market today, and while the company has struggled over the years, I believe that we’re seeing the beginning of an incredible company. Today, we’ll talk about why the company’s stock has fallen so far and 2 big reasons that it’s worthwhile to be a bull on BBRY.

Why BBRY Has Had Such A Rough Time

At one point in time, years ago, BBRY was on top of the world. It’s arguable that the company was the driving force of innovation in the smartphone industry. In fact, when BlackBerry smartphones first came out, it seemed as though everyone wanted to get their hands on them. In fact, they were a must for business professionals and students alike. However, as the smartphone industry evolved, BBRY started to lose its edge. Soon enough, Android, and iOS proved to be the smartphone operating systems that consumers loved. Unfortunately, BBRY was left in the dust. Soon, the company’s marketshare in the smartphone industry would fall to under 1%. Nonetheless, BlackBerry is likely headed back up. Here’s why…

Reason #1 The BlackBerry Is Likely To Climb!

There’s no denying the fact that BlackBerry’s QNX operating system failed miserably in the smartphone industry. However, the company is using the OS to carve a niche out just for itself. The niche is one that neither Apple nor Alphabet have a leg to stand on within and will likely prove to be incredibly popular. So, what is the niche? It’s the internet of things! BlackBerry has been landing big deals that will allow it to be the primary operating system for the Internet of Things. So, how is the QNX OS being used? Here’s a few ways…

  • Car Infotainment Systems – One of the biggest ways the BBRY QNX operating system is being used is in automobile infotainment systems. In fact, BBRY has already landed contracts with companies like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, and Audi!
  • Traffic Signals – It may be surprising to hear, but BlackBerry’s QNX operating system also runs traffic systems thanks to a deal it has with SWARCO Worldwide!
  • The Medical Industry – Another area where BBRY QNX OS is being used is in medical systems. Through the operating system, there is a Bluetooth solution for for industrial automated machines and medical equipment.

So, while BBRY may have failed miserably when it comes to cell phone operating systems, the company is taking the lead with regard to operating systems for the internet of things.

Reason #2 To Be Bullish On BBRY

Another factor that’s likely to send BlackBerry up in a big way is the fact that the company has swallowed a bitter pill and released a new line of phones. Instead of using its own operating system, the new line of BBRY phones are powered by Android. Because of the popularity of Android, this is leading to massive increases in the sales of BBRY smartphones.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that while BBRY has had a rough time as of late, the company is going to climb in a big way from here. Things are finally starting to come together for both its smartphone business and its QNX OS. While the two may not be being used together, they are becoming popular in their own ways, and that will lead to big profits in the long run!

What Do You Think?

Where do you think BBRY is headed moving forward? Let us know your opinion in the comments below!