Blog Advertising on Modest Money

Currently has very limited advertising options. We only offer affiliate promotion for very relevant offers. We are not accepting paid blog posts, banner ads, text link inserts, email blasts, social media ads or CPC ads. We also do not accept any guest posts. If you feel you have an affiliate program which would be a great fit please contact us here. If you’re looking for paid posts, read on below.

Advertising on Finance Blogs

We likely can’t help you with advertising on but we might be able to help you with advertising on other websites. While running Modest Money since 2012 we’ve developed many contacts and established publishing agreements with many blogs and websites.

Specifically we can offer paid blog posts (aka sponsored blog posts) on many quality sites. These would be regular blog posts with a dofollow link to your website or your client’s website. This helps generate direct traffic and more importantly helps improve your Google rankings. Most advertisers buying paid posts are focused on SEO benefits because that can drive long-term traffic.

Advertising on Other Blogs

We can also help with sponsored posts on blogs in other niches. In 2014 we started expanding our network to include contacts in all kinds of niches…business, sports, real estate, tech, lifestyle, news, parenting and more. Now we offer paid posts on 3000+ quality sites. This number would be much higher but we remove sites from our list when they become less beneficial for advertisers.

We’ve been helping many clients with paid posts over the years. This includes SEO marketing agencies, PR companies and in-house marketing teams. Some companies use our services for all of their link building while others use it to supplement their own efforts and expand their reach.

A lot of advertisers find it much easier to not deal with so many contacts themselves. It can be a lot of work to manage ongoing outreach, negotiations, chasing publishers and dealing with multiple payment methods. Plus there’s peace of mind when someone else has already vetted the sites for issues that could limit benefits. For example, some publishers try to hide paid posts which takes away all benefits. Because we have long-term relationships with publishers they’re a lot likely to deliver full benefits to keep receiving posts.

Our Background

ModestMoney was founded by Jeremy Biberdorf after working in the Search Engine Optimization industry for over 10 years. During that time he bought countless sponsored blog posts for clients to bump up their rankings. He gained a ton of experience both with effectively working with publishers and with finding the best blogs to advertise on. Back then it was more about Google PageRank but the same principles applied as that shifted to focusing on Moz Domain Authority and Ahrefs Domain Rating. Then there’s all the other factors such as spam scores, traffic levels, geotargeting, etc.

As Jeremy started building up ModestMoney he started helping close blogger friends with advertising. Soon he was helping more and more bloggers and also helping more and more advertisers. It has now evolved into a major part of his online business.

Advertising Inquiries

To inquire about paid post advertising opportunities please contact us here.