Blue Guardian Coupon Code: An Affordable Path to Trading Excellence

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August 7, 2023August 7, 2023

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One company stands out in the bustling world of finance and trading: Blue Guardian. This innovative proprietary trading firm aims to find skilled and disciplined traders and provide sufficient funding to help them excel. They acknowledge that a winning edge in the finance market requires more than a well-developed strategy. It also necessitates substantial capital.

And to help you access these services, we have a unique opportunity through our Blue Guardian discount. This exclusive deal is not just a key – it’s an affordable gateway for traders on the journey toward financial freedom. This code gives traders access to the superior suite of services Blue Guardian offers, acting as a bridge between ambitious traders and their desired success.

By utilizing the Blue Guardian coupon code ‘Unlimited’, traders can save 10% and enjoy a generous 150% refund on their evaluation fee. Alternatively, the Blue Guardian coupon code ‘STANDARD’ allows traders to save 7.5% and receive a 120% refund. The firm’s compelling services and features are now even more affordable with these time-limited discount codes. They can be a game-changing advantage for those seeking to enhance their trading journey.

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Origins and Leadership of Blue Guardian 

Blue Guardian’s journey is one of evolution and adaptation to the changing needs of traders worldwide. Established in June 2019, Blue Guardian started as a Forex Signal provider and education institution, primarily offering services for Forex trading.

As the company grew, it began to reshape its identity and objectives. July 2020 marked a pivotal moment in the firm’s history, as the co-founder and CEO Sean Bainton met his current team. Together, they developed trading systems leveraging machine learning and quantitative analysis, offering them to Forex tech companies. With years of trading experience, Sean has played an instrumental role in creating the company’s vision and mission. His extensive trading services knowledge, including signal provision, machine learning, and quantitative analysis, has contributed significantly to Blue Guardian’s successful journey.

Alongside Sean, co-founder and CCO Eric Gairns provide critical support to the Blue Guardian team. With a strong background in statistics and finance, Eric is a trusted source of industry expertise. He leads the Blue Guardian support team with a firm commitment to customer service excellence and prompt resolution of issues.

The leadership duo’s vast trading experience and dedication to customer service played a significant role in the firm’s shift toward becoming a proprietary trading firm in June 2021. Since then, Blue Guardian has continued to evolve, striving to provide traders with a fair chance at securing a funded account and supporting them in their journey toward financial freedom.

The Unique Vision and Mission of Blue Guardian 

Blue Guardian is defined by its unique mission and vision, which set it apart from other companies in the proprietary trading industry. The firm has an unambiguous goal: to find skilled, disciplined, and experienced traders and to fund them adequately. Unlike other companies offering trading platforms or investment opportunities, Blue Guardian looks to partner with its traders, providing them with the resources necessary to maximize their trading potential.

Blue Guardian understands successful trading requires a harmonious blend of sufficient capital and a well-devised strategy. They create a mutually beneficial partnership by providing financial backing to experienced traders. The firm’s leadership, composed of former traders, believes that ultra-high returns are unrealistic to maintain in the long term. Instead, they focus on realistic and sustainable results, allowing for a more stable trading environment.

This vision to back smart traders rather than chase high profits showcases the firm’s understanding of the financial market’s realities and uncertainties. It demonstrates their commitment to providing their traders with a realistic chance at financial success.

Exceptional Services and Features

Blue Guardian’s exceptional services and features stand out in the proprietary trading industry.

The firm prides itself on its distinctive model and realistic targets. Unlike other companies that set incredibly high-profit targets, Blue Guardian ensures their targets are attainable. With profit targets set at 8% and 4%, the lowest in the industry, traders are given a fair shot at becoming funded traders and progressing in their trading journey.

One of the hallmarks of Blue Guardian is its philosophy of unrestricted trading. When they say ‘no restrictions,’ they genuinely mean it. Traders can use Expert Advisors (EAs), trade copiers, trade upon news releases, and even hold trades over the weekend. The firm does not restrict lot size limits or martingale/hedging, allowing for maximum flexibility and control for its traders.

Moreover, Blue Guardian introduces an industry-first feature, the Guardian Protector. This built-in equity protector prevents traders from hitting their maximum daily loss, offering a valuable risk management tool within the trader’s dashboard.

Additionally, Blue Guardian provides a very attractive profit split. The company offers a profit share of 85% for its funded traders, surpassing the industry standard of 80%. They also provide refundable fees and boast some of the most competitive evaluation parameters in the market. And by using our Blue Guardian coupon code  ‘Unlimited’, you can save 10% and get a 150% refund on your evaluation fee. You can also use Blue Guardian discount code ‘STANDARD’ to save 7.5% and get a 120% refund.

Finally, the firm understands the importance of cash flow for its traders. Blue Guardian offers bi-weekly payouts, meaning traders can access their profits every 14 days, significantly reducing the waiting time compared to a traditional 30-day trading cycle. This feature brings the first withdrawal and refunds a lot sooner, adding another layer of convenience for the traders.

Why Choose Blue Guardian? 

The answer lies in their uniquely competitive, fair approach and commitment to elevating traders’ success. Blue Guardian sets itself apart with its distinctive services ensuring traders reach their full potential.

In sum, choosing Blue Guardian equates to selecting a reliable trading partner. This firm empowers traders by offering innovative tools, competitive terms, and an overall approach emphasizing fairness, transparency, and success.

Also, every edge matters in the trading world, and this is where our Blue Guardian coupons come into play. This discount code is more than just a ticket to savings; it’s a passport to a world of opportunities in the trading industry.

The beauty of our Blue Guardian coupons lies in their potential to make trading more accessible and make you money. By reducing the financial entry barrier and refunding the evaluation fee, Blue Guardian’s high-quality services are within reach for many aspiring traders. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who might have been hesitant about the financial commitment. This increased accessibility not only aids in democratizing the trading landscape but also fuels the growth of a diverse pool of skilled traders.


Blue Guardian distinguishes itself through a unique and trader-friendly approach in proprietary trading firms’ vast and competitive landscape. The firm’s mission is to identify skilled, disciplined traders and provide them with the financial backing they need.

Aided by the experienced leadership of Sean Bainton and Eric Gairns, Blue Guardian provides excellent customer service and ensures a secure and transparent trading environment. Furthermore, our Blue Guardian discount’s fantastic time-limited opportunity elevates the firm’s value.

To wrap up, Blue Guardian is an excellent choice for traders seeking to progress on their trading journey. Whether you’re an experienced trader or an ambitious newcomer, Blue Guardian’s offerings could be a powerful tool in your trading arsenal.

Visit Blue Guardian and discover how to take your trading to new heights. Remember, the key to achieving financial freedom is only a click away.

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