Bookmap Global vs Global Plus 2024: What is the difference?

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Whether you’re a novice trader or seasoned in the markets –– Bookmap offers two robust packages that can drastically enhance your trading experience –– Bookmap Global and Bookmap Global Plus. The question is, which one is right for you? Let’s dive in to see the strengths and unique features of both.

Bookmap Global is Better for: Bookmap Global Plus is Better for:
Traders seeking a more affordable solution for tracking the evolution of the market in real-time.Traders who want the full suite of features, including advanced add-ons and API access.
Individuals who desire access to the basics of Bookmap’s heatmap, volume, and indicators.Those who prefer to explore all available trading strategies with access to real-time and historical market data.
Those who prefer simplicity and want to avoid the complexity of managing advanced add-ons and API access.Experienced traders who need advanced trading tools and indicators for a comprehensive market analysis.
Beginner traders who want to understand market trends and patterns before diving into advanced trading strategies.Investors who need advanced features like simulated trading and live trading via supported brokers.

Introducing the Platforms

Bookmap Global

Bookmap Global provides a unique blend of tools designed to enhance your trading capabilities. It allows you to visualize market liquidity and gain unprecedented insight into the order book. The platform’s heatmap offers a quick understanding of which price levels the market trusts, enabling you to respond swiftly to changes in sentiment. Its volume tools allow you to see traded volumes and identify who is in control.

Furthermore, Bookmap Global offers an array of indicators based on high-frequency trading expertise and user requests.

Bookmap Global Plus

Bookmap Global Plus includes all the features of the Global package but takes it a notch higher. It provides more advanced tools and features, including add-ons and API access –– catering to the needs of professional traders. With Global Plus, you can gain a deep understanding of market dynamics and discover hidden price patterns. This version also offers access to real-time and historical market data to aid in your trading decisions.

Learn more about the features of the Bookmap platform in our detailed review.

Bookmap Global Global Plus
Pricing (monthly) $49 $99
Pricing (yearly) $39/mo $79/mo
Heatmap Yes Yes
Volume Tools Yes Yes
Indicators Basic Advanced
Advanced Add-Ons No Yes
API Access No Yes
Current Promotion

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More Info

Modest Money Overall Rating
4.6 rating based on 5 ratings
4.6 rating based on 5 ratings
Bookmap Global
Pricing (monthly) $49
Pricing (yearly) $39/mo
Heatmap Yes
Volume Tools Yes
Indicators Basic
Advanced Add-Ons No
API Access No
Current Promotion

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Modest Money Overall Rating
4.6 rating based on 5 ratings
Global Plus
Pricing (monthly) $99
Pricing (yearly) $79/mo
Heatmap Yes
Volume Tools Yes
Indicators Advanced
Advanced Add-Ons Yes
API Access Yes
Current Promotion

More Info

Modest Money Overall Rating
4.6 rating based on 5 ratings

Factor 1: Pricing

Bookmap Global offers more affordable pricing

  • Bookmap Global Plus is priced higher, providing advanced features
  • Both versions provide value for their cost

The pricing structure is a crucial aspect of trading platforms that can greatly influence your potential return on investment.

Bookmap Global: More Affordable

Bookmap Global, while offering fewer features, is priced more affordably, which may appeal to traders who are looking for an economical solution. With access to Bookmap’s core features, Global is a cost-effective choice for those looking to understand market trends and patterns.

Bookmap Global Plus: Higher Pricing with Advanced Features

On the other hand, Bookmap Global Plus, while being priced higher, provides advanced tools, API access, and add-ons for serious traders. This premium version could be more appealing to experienced traders who need comprehensive tools for in-depth market analysis and who see the higher price as an investment in their trading success.

Factor 2: Features

Global Plus provides advanced add-ons and API access

  • Bookmap Global does not have additional add-ons or API Access
  • Both versions offer a heatmap, volume tools, and indicators

The set of features offered by each version can significantly impact a trader’s ability to analyze and react to market changes.

Bookmap Global: Essential Features

Bookmap Global offers the essential features of the platform including the heatmap, volume tools, and indicators. These functionalities can provide traders with a fundamental understanding of market liquidity and order flow, essential for making informed trading decisions.

Bookmap Global Plus: Additional Advanced Features

Conversely, Bookmap Global Plus includes additional advanced features such as more sophisticated add-ons and API access. These features are valuable for traders seeking to utilize advanced trading strategies and automate their trades –– thereby providing a more comprehensive market analysis experience.

Factor 3: Accessibility

Bookmap Global is priced more accessible for all traders

  • Global Plus caters to advanced traders with a higher price point
  • Bookmap Global, while not offering all the bells and whistles, allows easier access to traders of all levels.

The accessibility of a trading platform can significantly influence a trader’s ability to start trading and implement their strategies.

Bookmap Global: Accessible Price Point

Bookmap Global is more accessible due to its affordable price point –– catering to traders who are looking for cost-effective tools to understand market trends and patterns. Despite its lower cost, it provides the essential features of the platform, making it a practical choice for novice and intermediate traders.

Bookmap Global Plus: Catering to Advanced Traders

Conversely, Bookmap Global Plus caters to more advanced traders with its higher price point and advanced features. While it is priced higher, the range of sophisticated tools, add-ons, and API access it offers makes it an attractive choice for experienced traders who see the price as an investment in their trading success. This version is designed for individuals who require a complete set of features to execute complex strategies and automate their trades.

Factor 4: External Customer Reviews & Ratings

External Bookmap Reviews & Ratings

Trading Reviewers5
Warrior Trading4.7
Online Prop Trading4.7
Trustpilotbookmap trustpilot review

The Verdict: A Slight Edge to Bookmap Global

While both Bookmap Global and Global Plus offer compelling features for traders, Bookmap Global edges slightly ahead because of its affordability, which makes its powerful features more accessible to a broader audience. If you’re ready to leverage Bookmap Global’s capabilities, get started here.

However, if you’re an experienced trader looking for more advanced features, don’t hesitate to consider Bookmap Global Plus. Its comprehensive feature set is designed to provide you with all the tools necessary to take your trading to the next level. Ready to take the plunge? Begin with Bookmap Global Plus here.

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