BoostUp Your Savings

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Saving money is an important practice.  Almost everyone can agree with that, but few of us actually do it as much as we should.  The fact of the matter is plain and simple; life is expensive and sometimes we all just need a boost.

Introducing BoostUp. BoostUp

BoostUp is a social savings platform that allows users to create accounts to save, crowd fund, and instantly double their savings with top brand BOOSTS (dollar-for-dollar monetary matches or incentives) to reach their financial goals for some of life’s biggest purchases – a car, home, wedding, or trip.  Its purpose is to provide an easy, fun, and rewarding way to save money, something that has never really been done before.

Creating a BoostUp account is completely free and extremely simple to do in just 3 steps:

Users are able to create a free account with their email address, Facebook account or Google+ account.


Then are asked to fill in some general information about themselves followed by setting their savings goal.


Once a user’s account has been set up they can track their goal on their Dashboard.


The Dashboard not only displays the user’s progress – but it is also where a user will be able to edit their account, edit the terms of their goal, add to their goal, access the social sharing tools with their public profile link, and see all available BOOSTS to add to their goal.

Users can build their savings goal in the following ways:

  1. One-time or recurring transfers from their savings and/or checking accounts – automatic payments are very easy to set up and are essential for big savings, simply dedicate a set amount per week and reach your goal before you know it without even noticing the money being saved
  2. Contributions from family & friends – using the social media tools as well as their public profile link available on their Dashboard users can spread the word about their BoostUp account and gain contributions toward their goal (great idea for holidays, birthdays, wedding showers, etc.)
  3. Partner BOOSTS – the biggest benefit for using BoostUp is the monetary matches/incentives that their partner brands provide.  Once an account has been created a user will find all available BOOSTS associated with the goal they have chosen on their Dashboard ready to be added to their total savings

BoostUp provides a creative way to emphasize the importance of saving and saving early for life’s biggest purchases.  They truly embody their motto of Life’s Expensive. Get a Boost.