Budgeting & Decision Making – Maintaining A Healthy Financial Life


Setting financial goals can help you achieve the dream of living a debt free and stress free life. If you would really want to stop living paycheck to paycheck, you will have to think and plan wisely. You will not simply be required to think more seriously about budgeting but also about newer strategies that may help you lead a debt free life.

Debt free life perhaps is more of a relative term. How much of debt is actually considered to be bad and stressful debt? Depending on the affordability and the financial situation of a person, the amount is supposed to vary. It also depends on the credit rating of the person.

Jason Cabler from Celebrating Financial Freedom says “Once you make the effort to get your mind and thought processes moving in the right direction, you have to decide you’re done struggling financially. It’s time to decide you’re going to change your financial situation no matter what it takes.”

Taking The Right Decisions And Budgeting

So that you can take the right decision towards saving money and securing your financial future, it is important for you to be aware of all of the details of savings, investments, the financial stability of the place you are in and the terms of your affordability. In addition, it can also prove to be beneficial if you can discuss the financial strategies to be followed; with a financial expert.

However, while going to a financial expert for gaining the required financial knowledge, you will have to make sure that this person offers authentic help. In the process of taking the right financial decisions with the help of a financial expert, it is not at all commendable to fall prey to a scam.

The other right decisions that you may be required to take are:

1. Devise your own frugal ways – Frugal living has now become one of the most popular ways through which you can lower the level of your expenditure. But again, there are some people who are so much so obsessed with being frugal that they actually over-do it. Thus, if you are thinking of practicing frugal budget and living, try to devise your own strategies that are tailored to your needs – so that you don’t overdo this and become either a mean miser or a show off simply trying out the most in-thing (frugality).

2. Try out couponing – Couponing is an important strategy that helps in lowering the amount you spend mostly on grocery. Couponing helps you buy the same thing of same amount for less the price. However, overdoing this can also lead to over-expenditure.

3. Take inventory and analyze at the end – It is important for you to take inventory of your actual income and the expenditure that you make. Depending on this, you will be required to analyze if you are actually spending money as per your affordability.

4. Try to boost income and cut down expenditures – If required, you should try to boost the income and also bring down the expenditure as much as possible. This is going to help you not only to pay down the debts you have, but also to save more for a secure future.

5. Keep an eye on balance transfer offers and refinance offers – Check your email on a regular basis to find if there are any good balance transfer offers and refinance offers. If there are any such good offers and if you have too many credit cards, and a mortgage with high interest rate, take the necessary action. Refinance and consolidate to save money on debt payments, this also helps to render the debt pay off process a new zing – as a result you may be able to pay it off faster.

So, these are the different things that you are required to follow in order to take the right decision towards budgeting and living a debt free life. In this process, you may not only be able to free yourself of the debts but also become a disciplined person with a different and more stable outlook towards your personal finance. Start budgeting and have a healthy financial life now!

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  1. Avatar for Paul @ The Frugal Toad

    Good point about making the budget fit your lifestyle. You are more likely to stick with a budget if it doesn’t drastically alter your lifestyle. It’s all about setting priorities and it can be different for everyone.

    1. Avatar for Jeremy

      Yep there’s not much point in making a budget if you can’t actually stick with it. So it really needs to fit your personal lifestyle and not just based on someone else’s mold.

  2. Avatar for Thad P @ thadthoughts.com
    Thad P @ thadthoughts.com

    About once a quarter I take a look at things we have subscribed to. Subscriptions are great, but just because we felt something was needed or enjoyable 18 months ago, doesn’t mean it is still needed or enjoyable.

    1. Avatar for Jeremy

      Good point about subscriptions. Some people just automatically renew them, but regardless what the subscription is, you should take some time to decide if you still truly want or need it.

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