Budgeting on Household Products To Save Money

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It’s not always possible to budget for every eventuality. When a financial emergency occurs, many people are consistently looking for a quick fix solution that just isn’t there. Families could use to help them out in a financial emergency should one occur, but short term loans should never be used for everyday expenses.

If you’re able to save some money for a rainy day you’ll find yourself in a much more favourable position when something unexpected happens. There are ways to reduce everyday expenses that can help people to avoid getting into debt; from simple things like turning off the light when you leave the room, to taking another look at things you buy on a regular basis, and considering some of the cheaper alternatives. For example:

Dish Soap

There are advertisements on TV all the time about how much more effective one brand of dish soap is at cleaning the pots and pans than all the others – really though, it’s just soap. Your grandparents didn’t have scientifically formulated washing up liquid to get their pans clean (they didn’t have non-stick pans either, so think about how easy you’ve got it) – they just put a bit more work into the scrubbing. Supermarket’s own brand washing up liquid, washing powder and so on is not that much worse that you’d notice anyway.

Shaving Razors

If the companies selling the razors had their way, the cost of a shave would be astronomical. A cream to prepare your skin; a cream or gel to shave with; a balm to sooth your skin afterwards…not to mention vibrating razors with eight blades. It’s just not necessary to have a good shave. A disposable razor with a sensible number of blades does just as good a job, and can save you hundreds of dollars each year just by staying away from the branded versions.


The medical industry is one of the biggest in North America; what the drug giants don’t tell you is that there really aren’t that many ways to make aspirin. The little white tablets that come in the branded packets look very similar to the ones bearing the supermarket’s own name; even if they’re marked as “value” or “best buy” etc., and the reason for this is because they are literally the same product. Ironically, medication and painkillers are products that people aren’t usually prepared to cut costs with, despite the fact that they are just as safe as the branded versions, because they’re made in the same way; with the same formula; and more often than not they’re even made in the same lab. The only difference is that they cost cents rather than dollars.

What are some other ways you save on household products?

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