Is Buying Land A Good Investment?

Jeremy BiberdorfBy: Jeremy Biberdorf

August 2, 2022August 2, 2022

The short answer is Yes. Land investment can be a smart move. The key is going into the project with knowledge and a strategy.

According to conventional wisdom, real estate typically increases in value over time.  Due to the economic growth problems over the years, consumers now know firsthand how volatile land and real estate markets can be, making them doubt conventional advice.

Before we fully delve into the subject, if you are considering a land investment, Fundrise is a good place to start looking. With as little as $10, you can start building your asset portfolio.

Now, to why buying land is a good investment or not.

Why Buying Land Is A Good Investment

Yes, there are misconceptions surrounding the advantages of investing in land. Any drawbacks to land investment are negligible compared to the numerous benefits. If you’re wondering what these benefits might be, this article is for you.

The following are a few reasons land investment is a very worthwhile investment.

It Gives Peace of Mind

The benefits of owning land are best experienced rather than read about in an article. Among the many benefits landowners enjoy, peace of mind and financial security tops the list.

Experts advise investing in raw land and purchasing land for future use, such as housing or construction. No maintenance is required, and you can resell your land for a higher price in the future.

Land is Tangible

We all know what happens in the stock market today. You can wake up and find your assets in red. With the high volatility of the world’s economy and currency values, there is little stability, or should we say tangibility.

An investment in a piece of undeveloped land is considerably less risky than investing in stocks. It cannot suddenly vanish or become worthless. In a worst-case scenario, there will be no stability of monetary values, but regardless of the state of the global economy, the value of land continually appreciates.

Demand for Land is Higher Than the Supply

Land is a resource that is getting more expensive and scarcer with time. We are unable to create more land. We have a limited amount of land, and as the population grows, so does the demand for it and its price.

Low Competition

Most investors with capital want to benefit from developments, condo structures, and house flipping. High competition is typically the main concern when people consider real estate investing. It’s very different when we specifically talk about land investments. There is little competition in this area, so you can purchase a few acres of land in a good location without breaking the bank.

Little or No Management Fees

What does it cost to maintain land? Compared to roof repairs or replacements, mortgages, utility bills, etc., that come with owning a real estate asset, land requires very little to maintain.

Things To Consider Before Buying Land


When looking for new investment options, location is one of the most vital factors. The land you decide to invest in should reflect its purpose. By this, we mean if your potential customers for your land are commercial users, then your land should be situated strategically where traders, business people, or commercial clients can easily find it.

Access to Road

What use is purchasing land cut off from social amenities, making it unfit for a living? This is why you need to consider the land’s accessibility to roads. This is a likely issue in rural areas. Ensure the land is not cut off from major roads.


Depending on where you are and the regulations, you may have to keep some cash aside while preparing to purchase land. The key is to spend wisely. In some regions, title insurance, land survey, etc., may be required in the cause of the purchase. Know that these requirements are very beneficial for the safety of your land and yourself.


Why is Land a Good Investment?

Purchasing land offers numerous ways to make money. You can still earn a sizable sum of money by selecting tiny land parcels. Possession of land increases your earning potential and financial opportunities. You have the option of developing a rental property, keeping animals, growing crops, or growing vegetables and fruits.

What Is The Best Way To Buy A Piece Of Land?

Paying cash is one of the best options because lenders charge more to finance vacant land because they see it as a riskier investment than a home that has already been finished. Budget for the land and other costs like utility installation and property taxes if you intend to pay cash.

Is It Better To Buy Land Or A House For Investment?

You must commit more time and effort while purchasing land because it involves more research than purchasing a home.

The Best Land Investment Online Platform

When we talk about investing in raw, undeveloped land, such as farmland, one name always rings a bell, AcreTrader, and rightfully so.

AcreTrader is a crowdfunded investing platform that allows you to acquire farmland shares and profit from the land’s appreciation or rents earned by those who use the land. The online platform allows investors to buy farmland shares instead of commercial or residential real estate. The platform has proven very safe as it uses a registered broker, North Capital Private Securities Corporation, as an escrow.

If you are an accredited land investor and would love to try something new, AcreTrader is well worth it.


Although there are several ways to invest and grow your wealth, land investment remains a good choice, especially because of its return interests.

It is important to state that the success of your investments depends solely on your knowledge and strategies. If you’re purchasing land for rental purposes, make sure it contains features or structures that will entice tenants. Buyers who wish to earn a living through farming, on the other hand, must select productive land in a good location.

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